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Emily Veith Nov 2018
Crash! Goes the thunder

Dark skies accompany me as I walk home

Raindrops going down my face like tears

I step into a puddle

The water soaking my shoes

I feel the rain dropping on my back

Like someone tapping on my shoulder

To see if I’m alright

I’m not, but

At the end of every storm

There’s a rainbow

           I just need to make it that far.
I have to get through the storm.
Emily Veith Nov 2018
Your grin makes my day

Your smile makes me smile

It lights up my world

And your blue eyes seem to glow

Making every day seem bright
Anyone with a great smile is probably a great person.
Emily Veith Nov 2018
Sundays are meant for relaxation

But yet we still have the stress of Monday

Sundays are when you're supposed to be rested

But we're all exhausted

Even though Sunday is terrible

We always have a cup of coffee to help get us through
If anyone has to work or go to school Monday through Friday, you will understand the struggles of Monday.

— The End —