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Elle Brookes Oct 2019
Autumn, when you kiss me goodnight, please don't invite the monsters into my closet. Tell the cool breeze, "Careful not to knock her off her feet when you ruffle her hair."  
Please don't burn my tongue with cider.  
When the leaves begin to turn, remind me not to blink.
Please love me as the summer days do.  I want to love you back.
I will admire your colors and make a poet of myself on your dark days.  I will bid farewell my plans in flowery meadows and bask in your moonlight, dancing like a witch.
Bathe me in cinnamon.  I will be a spirit dwelling in the orchards.  Just please, please.  
When you kiss me goodnight,
don't forget to close the shutters so my heart isn't frosted in the morning.
Elle Brookes Nov 2015
There once was a girl
Who lived in the woods.
She liked to explore
Far more than she should.
For once she found a cave far down south.
But to her surprise,
It was naught but a mouth.
Elle Brookes Nov 2015
There is a boy
Who believes he's a ghost.
But really he is just paler than most.
His only friend is his mother
They talk in his head.
"You," she tries to tell him, "are not the one dead."

— The End —