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Emily Apr 2021
shut off the thoughts
forget the feelings
ignore the hurt

be better
  Apr 2021 Emily
A poet in Paradise
We talked about history earlier today...
And I just realized history does not exist when I talk to you...
Or when I think of you...
Or when I see you...
For time stops...
And my world comes to a standstill...
And I just want to stay there...
Submerged in the melody of your voice...
Or trapped in the sweetness of your eyes...
I fell for you...
The rest...
The rest is history...
Emily Apr 2021
I drown in her
Emily Mar 2021
Im supposed to be happy

so why aren't I?
Emily Feb 2021
I've been wondering a lot lately
I have yet to figure out what for

the views are lovely
as I walk on this road
making stops on the way
to an unknown place

I'm on an unknown journey
I wonder where it'll take me
Emily Feb 2021
yet you stayed awake with me
I wish to know the feeling of your warmth
or to hear your voice
I want to make you smile
or comfort you when you cry
I wish to know how your hand will feel when holding mine
or to laugh with you in the sun
I want to take in your fragrance
or to admire every detail of you

we're miles apart but it feels like your right here
I miss you
When we meet, I promise to love and adore you
I'll give you all my love
and admire everything about you
add it to a list
so when we're miles apart
I can tell you what I love about you each day
Emily Jan 2021
your too cute for me
maybe even too cute for this ugly society

if I take your hand
will you let me hold it?

if I kiss your lips
will you kiss mine back?

when sadness calls me
will you lend me your smile?

sometimes I think your to sweet
other times your just too cute
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