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1.2k · Nov 2018
She was
Emily Nov 2018
She was beautiful and so full of life
She was as bright as the sun
She brought a smile to anyone she met and to anyone that she saw
She was brave
She was fearless..or was thought to be anyway
She was unforgettable until they forgot her
She was like a flame until they put her out
She was like a lion until the poachers came
She was like a wild flower until they picked her
She was like a tree.. oh so full of happiness until they cut her happiness down.
She was everything until they made her nothing
She was kind
She was.
I don't know what to say about this one honestly.. What do you think?
999 · Dec 2018
I wish I could
Emily Dec 2018
I wish I could love like they do
I wish I could understand like they do
I wish  I didn't feel trapped or enclosed
I wish I didn't have to feel different  
I wish I could control myself
I wish I could be anything he wanted
I wish I wasn't so awkward
I wish I could be more brave
I wish I wasn’t so afraid  
I wish I could… just….
I wish I could…
923 · Nov 2018
My Mothers "Love"
Emily Nov 2018
My mothers love was different.
Instead of kisses she gave me bruises.
Instead of hugs she gave me cuts.
On holidays she would just sleep.
On birthdays she would forget unless you where "important".
She was an addict they would say.
She was always mad at me.
She would always say the meanest of things.
She would often say things that burned you inside...
Things that ate at you.
Depression was a gift she gave to me.
I was the mom...That's what others would say...
I was the big sister so I was supposed to make sure the kids went to the doctors or ate or went to school.
But... It was okay.
the bruises not yet healed.
its okay.
The cuts now scars.
that's okay.
Me having to take care of everything.
Its okay.
The birthdays forgotten.
Its fine
the gift of depression you gave to me...
I loved it mom... Thank you.
The never ending words that eat you inside out.
Those words can stay if they'd like.
the cold feeling of loneliness.
Its fine.
All I ever truly wanted was to hear you voice.
for you just to say "I love you" and to mean it every step of the way.
I just wanted a hug.
But its okay.
Now I see you looking afraid and lost... Do you need a hug?
Do you need a kiss?
Would you care for a talk to let those negative emotions out?
I'm here for you even if you leave me?
I forgive you just say you'll forgive me to....
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you I loved you.
I couldn't tell you I loved you and meant it.
But that's okay I hope?
Is that okay?
My mother loved me.
She just showed it in different ways...
My Mothers "Love".
852 · Dec 2019
He doesn't
Emily Dec 2019
He doesn't want you, he's got someone new
He doesn't love you, he loves someone new
He doesn't need you, he's has someone new

He doesn't want you.

But that doesn't mean no one else does
He doesn't want you but another will
He doesn't love you but another will
He doesn't need you but another will
He'll go away but another will stay
he doesn't deserve you anyway
  He doesn't.
746 · Dec 2018
Emily Dec 2018
Hungry for more
Hungry for beginnings
Hungry for endings
Hungry for love
Hungry for happiness
Hungry for a life
So hungry that you do not realize you have this all.
705 · Jan 2020
sadness fallows
Emily Jan 2020
me to the happiest of places and steals my smile
she comes on birthdays and holidays
she comes on regular days
I say i'm alone but sadness is there
she's the only thing that hasn't left
she's stubborn
and strong
loneliness is sadness brother and stays the nights and days
he's there when i'm in a crowd full of others
he's there at parties
and at family gatherings
he's there even during the happiest of times
depression is their mother and leads her ducklings to my heart
where they rest and live there days and nights
sadness fallows, and her family joins.
inner thoughts and emotions
697 · Apr 2019
do you
Emily Apr 2019
Do you see the sadness behind my smile
the hurt behind my love
the pain behind my laugh
the tears behind my eyes
the broken behind the fixed
my heart behind the flesh
the screams under the tongue
the fear under the bravery
do you see me...the real me
664 · May 2021
your love
Emily May 2021
is what saves me from


625 · Nov 2018
Emily Nov 2018
Why not me?
Why not me?

She forgot about "we".
She forgot about "us"
She forgot about "they"
She was to trapped in the word "me" that she was to blind to see
She forgot about "we"
People tend to get self centered and forget that the world isn't all about them.People tend to want want want bur never truly give.
601 · Sep 2019
Emily Sep 2019
like the sun into the night you where gone
like a bird taking flight you where gone
like the moon in the light you where gone
only because I didn't open the doors for you
because I refused to give you the key
because I was scared
scared you'd do this to me.
590 · Apr 2020
I remember
Emily Apr 2020
your smile
your laugh
your hugs
your voice
I remember
our jokes
our time
our moments
and I miss them so much
I miss you
568 · Apr 2019
funny faces
Emily Apr 2019
smiles                                  and laughter

                                (inside)                       ­            (and out)
                                |    O   |                                    |     O    |
                               (feeling)                                   (as if the)  
                                                            |   ­  |
                                                   (world is mine )

                                     \emptiness                     now gone/                          
                                                    \and a joy fills/
                                                      ||  |­|
                                                funny faces all day

making you want to fly away as joy hold you hands and sets you free growing wings of happiness soaring through the sky of life.
Honestly I was hanging out with some friends and family and we all made funny faces and this happened due to my boredom the next day :)
568 · Feb 2020
Emily Feb 2020
she's as beautiful as day and as mysterious as night
her feelings change as does her leaves during fall
the changing colors and emotions
a great oak tree now feeling cold by winters embrace with no colorful leaves but instead branches that show her majestic story of pain, sorrow, and love
she's a worrier, a soldier in this battle of life
and then when the war of society and sin is over in spring she dances and rejoices with the winds and rain and sings the song of new begging that yet to come
then finally she joins the sun and the clouds
sharing her life with others during the days of summer
she's a home for creatures big and small
shes a shield of protection
a mother caring for her child
a bride preparing for her wedding day
565 · Nov 2019
unwanted list
Emily Nov 2019
I don't want to be trapped any longer
will I ever be freed from this cage?
will I fly with the heavenly skies?
or will I fall into the dark abyss that waits for me below?
emotions as still as cloud now turn into blades
cutting my wings making me plummet down
to the unwanted list of abandoned children
unable to be better
unable to breath
unable to see or hear
unable to fly once more
will another come to save us or will the blades cut their wings
the angeles are afraid to fall
and so they leave us, the children of abandonment to be stuck
on the unwanted list.
545 · Nov 2018
One day
Emily Nov 2018
One day if I work hard enough i'll find myself.
One day I will no longer be lost at sea.
One day I will truly believe.
One day when life stops I will truly see.
One day.
One day just One day.
I will learn to truly love.
I will learn to Understand the non understandable.
One day.
Just One day.
One day.
536 · Sep 2019
Emily Sep 2019
something so filled with love and light
terns into the night
dark and hallow
you just stare at the stars waiting for one to shoot you a wish
you stare blankly at me no emotion
emptiness covers your eyes and mouth keeping you
unable to breath, unable to see, unable to speak
the saddest truth is you let it take control
you lost the battle because to you, there never was one
there was never a fight because you gave up in the vary beginning
and now you stare blankly into the night hoping one day a star will shoot you a wish
no star will come, no day will shine, no moon will glow for someone who couldn't even fight for it and now you sit blankly and stare hoping they will fight for you....
530 · Apr 2019
his name
Emily Apr 2019
his name makes my heart flutter
talking to him makes me stutter
his cologne scent drives me crazy
with him my thoughts get hazy
is this love?
do you see any doves?
then reality hits
and me and him do not fit
were to different
to worlds never to be touched
to souls never to love
but for now... reality is gone
and me thinking of you isn't so wrong
for now let me dream
and imagine us together, the perfect team
his name makes me smile uncontrollably
his name makes me laugh
his name makes me blush
but his name... is just another name...
516 · Dec 2018
Emily Dec 2018
You told me you loved me even when you didn't
just to keep me satisfied.
you told me I was your world even when I wasn't
just to keep me satisfied.
you told me that I was your everything even when I was nothing
just to keep me satisfied.
you said it was the truth even when it wasn't
just to keep me satisfied.
you told me you wanted me even though you didn't
just to keep me satisfied.
you told me every heart warming thing even though I knew...
it was all just to keep me satisfied.
But I wasn't.
I never was satisfied.
I wasn't satisfied with your lies.
I wasn't satisfied knowing the truth not told by you.
I wasn't satisfied with you.
I never was.
another poem... lately things have been hard....could you tell? any way pls comment what you think....And I don't think anyone is ever truly satisfied even when they say they are.
496 · Apr 2019
A rose for a rose
Emily Apr 2019
my     love
to you               I give a rose.
A                                      pedal
for a                                 wish
that you                           will be mine
for it is                        you I pick.
   A rose             for a rose.
        A love      for
          A rose
470 · Apr 2021
Emily Apr 2021
shut off the thoughts
forget the feelings
ignore the hurt

be better
465 · Jan 2019
Today I want to be
Emily Jan 2019
Today I want to be a star.
I want to shine.
I want to feel as if the world is below me as I sore.
Today I want to be beautiful.
I want to dazzle over the rest.
It may sound silly or it may seem as if i'm conceited but just imagine all the wonders I can do today.
Today I want to be loved.
As if the world and god himself would rap me in there arms.
Today I want to be special.
Today I want to be meaningful.
Today I want to be me.
Oh well its to late... guess i'll be all the things I want to be tomorrow.
To all those that "want to be" you are blind by all your wants, cant you see? Open your eyes and see the world of you. You are everything you want to be. Don't try, Do.
465 · Dec 2019
Emily Dec 2019
finding more
learning more
seeing more
hearing more
loving more

fall slowly
for a person
who just wanted
to play
a game
429 · Jun 2019
Emily Jun 2019
cover her body from left to right
from top to bottom
bruises that name her
memories that make her
past lovers that attempted to brake her
bruises of life and love
wounds that cover her soul
scars show shes a fighter
eyes that tell her story
hands that hold her
legs that keep her up
a soul that flies with the angles
bruises cover her
they tell her story
and hold her battles
they make her stronger
with every pain that goes her way
she stands straight and strong with her bruises
as her trophy showing her beauty.
417 · Nov 2019
Emily Nov 2019
Unable to breath.
Drowning in thoughts, lies, and life itself.
Unable to escape.
408 · Feb 2019
If only you knew
Emily Feb 2019
if only you knew my love.
For as a shooting star shines
I pray one day you will be called mine.
Its as if you make the sun glisten in your name
yet you play me like a game.
I know you cannot see your world in my eyes
neither can you hear the sadness in my sighs.
If only I could understand and control my teenage heart
but you play such a good part
in this play called life
I know you lie when you say I will one day be your wife.
If only you knew all the things I never told you.
If only you knew.
sorry for not making a poem sooner but my time was occupied here's one from my world of thoughts. Thank you for reading.
406 · Nov 2018
life cycle
Emily Nov 2018
A life cycle moving and changing as time passes by
A life cycle cycling till the days and nights die
A life cycle waiting to start again once it ends
A life cycle Cycling threw time and space threw the passing days
A life cycle growing, changing, learning
Death passes by
A life cycle starts again cycling its cycle till the end of time.
397 · Jan 2020
Emily Jan 2020
hi hi its my birthdayyyyyy
384 · Dec 2019
Emily Dec 2019
in a corner
under the bed
asking questions about the dead
how to brake something fix
and how to fix something broke.
in a corner
in a room
with nothing else left to do
wondering thought wounder away
when will the day be that you'll go away
when will that corner expand
to a new land far away
until then
brake whats fixed
and fix whats broke
until that corner turns to another ghost
or what use to be.
366 · Feb 2020
Valentines day
Emily Feb 2020
and yet i'm still alone.
357 · Dec 2018
Can you see me ?
Emily Dec 2018
Can you see my struggle?
Can you see my pain?
Can you see my past?
Can you see my family?
Can you see my rage?
Can you see my depression?
Can you see my faith?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear my struggle?
Can you hear my pain?
Can you hear my screams?
Can you hear my depression?
Can you hear my voice, who I really am?
Can you see me? can you hear me?
Because you never really tried and you never will.
I find that people love to judge others yet don't love to be judged, I wrote this for the people who has been judged with out others knowing who they really are, without others knowing what they've been threw or how they feel. for those who want to be heard but cant find there voice.
345 · Dec 2019
just leave already
Emily Dec 2019
I already know you will.

I never wanted you to stay anyway.

I enjoy the sleepless nights and breathless days.

so just leave already.

before you stay and hurt me more making me care for you.

I'll just say to myself that I don't need you.
335 · Sep 2021
Emily Sep 2021
I miss you.

your words still stain my memory
I hope it forever does.
all I have of you are in my memories
even if that may be the only place they can rest
I still have you,
even when they all said to let go
I'll always love you.
forever and ever. 01-23-21
331 · Jan 2021
too cute
Emily Jan 2021
your too cute for me
maybe even too cute for this ugly society

if I take your hand
will you let me hold it?

if I kiss your lips
will you kiss mine back?

when sadness calls me
will you lend me your smile?

sometimes I think your to sweet
other times your just too cute
302 · Mar 2020
you again
Emily Mar 2020
butterflies storm around me as i try to shoo them away
embarrassed and hoped you didn't see them trying to go your way
its been a while since we've talked.
but these feelings haven't left
they all came back, these unchanged feeling. all when i seen-
you again
285 · Jun 2019
Emily Jun 2019
if only I could hold you close
If only you would stay
If only time would obey

we fell in love
we where one
time brought us together...
and tour us apart
I just wish I had more time with you...
267 · Oct 2020
Another time
Emily Oct 2020
I wished for happiness once
I wished for the truth
for love
and for freedom
and I've sang the songs of sadness to the stars
and yelled the words of anger to the sun
and shed my tears with the moon
they kept my secrets, my prayers, my life story
and they kept my wishes
they told me I could have them come true
another time
266 · Sep 2019
Emily Sep 2019
        shining bright
                worlds collide
                         love fills the inside
          in the fields of darkness where nightmares play
                          flowers grow there everyday
                                        from darkness grows a light
                                                  brightly shining in the night
                                                   as if a star was born on the grown
                                                                flowers grow in town to town
253 · Jun 2019
Emily Jun 2019
he walks, never alone
for the darkness fallows
he sighs, as heavy has winds
he glances, with eyes darker then the soul
he laughs, as darkness spills
he speaks, lies swim in the ears of his listeners
he lives., slowly dying inside
he runs, trying to escape the darkness he let in
hes dead, he was never alive to begin with.
246 · Jul 2019
hi there
242 · Oct 2019
Emily Oct 2019
run away
for you are just another prey
run away
lives are lost and found all day
for the animals come out to play
238 · Oct 2019
Emily Oct 2019
by my side
let me hold on to you tight
let love take us away
to a far away land away from all the pain
let me squeeze you tight and remind you that you are loved
let our heart beat to the same rhythm and our minds sing the same song
stay with me for moments longer
and I shall stay with you
because this feeling of love is all so new
but the pain that stays when you go away is all to friendly
all to familiar in its own kind of way
so please just stay
and don't go away
224 · Dec 2019
Emily Dec 2019
now I lay my head to sleep
and try to count the sheep
but in my mind I scream and fight
battles and wars keep me occupied
the truth hurts but at least its not a lie
you keep me from being free when you lie to me
you add another chain to the ground and keep me from spreading my wings
you cut my hope into pieces and let it die
you bruise my body and watch me cry
you leave me to die with every lie
why not free me from this world of lies with the truth
why chain me to this prison of dying hope and dying dreams
preventing me from souring free.
222 · Oct 2020
Emily Oct 2020
I've never felt it so strongly till now
I'm envious of her
I don't understand why I feel this way
I don't understand feelings much
I typically block them out
is this normal?
why does it hurt to know that she fell for you?
I never cared before
so why now?
why does it hurt to know I might lose you?
I never cared before
why am I so jealous of someone I don't know much about.
just some random stuff
221 · Jan 2020
Emily Jan 2020
thoughts rush
adrenaline kicks
heart beats
heart sinks
       until your stuck in the thoughts that couldn't be
why mother?
          why leave me?
I though I was your doll.
I though I was your happiness.
instead i'm trapped.
no where left to go.
what do I do with life now.
what do I do with no love,
no hope.
217 · Nov 2018
Why not us?
Emily Nov 2018
You picked them.
You picked her.
You picked him.
Why not us?
You loved them.
You loved the taste.
You loved the smells.
You loved the sights.
You loved her.
You loved him.
Why not us?
You admired them.
You admired her.
You admired him.
Why not us?
You never left them.
You never left her.
You never left him.
Why leave us?
A bit more anger for the world to take in I suppose, I wish I could give the world more love...
211 · Dec 2019
anyone else
Emily Dec 2019
everyone leaves.
everyone lies.
everyone hurts.
everyone dislikes.
everyone loves.
but no one loves me like you do.
everyone lies to me but you speak the truth.
everyone hurts but you heal the deepest bruise.
everyone dislikes me, everyone but you.
everyone leaves, everyone but you.
so I'll hate, hurt, dislike, leave, and lie to anyone else.
anyone else but you.
and I'll love nobody else but you.
ment for a special someone
193 · Dec 2018
Emily Dec 2018
"You should be more happy"
"Okay" she replies
"You should eat more"
"Okay" she replies
"You should believe more"
"Okay" she replies
"No one likes you"
"Okay" she replies
"You should just die"
"Okay...." she hesitates to replies
Then a long silent pause
Children scream to see a sight...
An awful sight of a girl who has jumped off the roof of the school
With an awful painting on the floor that she splat upon...
Splats of red and the letters "OK" lay beside her
186 · Nov 2018
Love For Me?
Emily Nov 2018
Love for me is it even a thing?
Will I be held by another?
Will I truly be loved?
May I let go of all that worry me and hope you wont brake me?
Will I ever be free?
Love for me?
Is it even a thing?
Can it happen?
Is it true?
I've been feeling as if love is just a word that people tend to say in order to get what they desire and/or want, The word love use to have so much meaning... I remember as a kid people would only say"I love you" to the people they truly loved but now people could say it to anyone..Why is that?
186 · Jun 2019
Emily Jun 2019
turning red
pale turning pink
sadness and anger mix
feelings unfold
turning pink
turning pale
heart rate goes back to normal
calmness showers down
breathing still
185 · Nov 2019
Emily Nov 2019
I'm a victim of words
I'm a victim of hate
all theses lairs speak the same
telling me they love me
saying they'll stay
saying they'll never go away

I'm a victim of words
I'm a victim of hate
all theses lairs speak the same
telling me their love is different
telling me their love ain't the same
then playing me like a game
their words be playing with my mind
telling me all the time
one minute you love me the next you change
telling me you hate me
saying you don't want me

why don't you still want me
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