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858 · Dec 2017
What are people?
EMD Dec 2017
Shining stars
And beautiful scars
That’s all we are
798 · Jul 2018
Falling in love
EMD Jul 2018
I’m falling i                     n love again
With those blue              eyes full of lust
You think I would h         ave learned by now
That in them I will neve  r find anything to trust
But when you give me that look I feel like I’m going
To fall apart in your arms and we kiss & I combust
I crumble when we touch, and it’s almost too m
uch. I burst into flames at the thought so
desperate to have you with me I th
ink I might die for you con
sume my every thought
with your tantiliz
ing blue eyes
full of
567 · Dec 2017
Blue eyes
EMD Dec 2017
I used to think that blue eyes were over rated
And then I fell in love
Every time
He looked at me
It was like the ocean of his soul cleansed
The filth and dirt from my mind
And all I have wanted since
Was to see those eyes forever
Like glacier ice
They freeze me in my tracks
Keeping me from marking myself
Thinking of how sad they would look if he knew
Like flame
They burn me up inside
Turning my stomach to butterflies and ice
With all his understanding kindness
I see they sky reflected in him
With its storms
And the sun
And, my god, I see the stars.
I know it sounds cliche and stupid but hey...
451 · Feb 2018
The Color of a Wish
EMD Feb 2018
What color is a wish?
is it the deep purple
at the bottom of a well?
is it the vibrant green
of a new beginning?
the brightest yellow
of an opening flower?
is it the red of the blood
from which it came?
is it the soft pink
of a morning’s sunrise clouds?
is it the quiet orange
of an evening’s death?
is it the darkest blue
of a midnight star?
is it the black of the pen
that wrote it all out?
the color of a wish
is the color of the soul that made it.
428 · Feb 2018
Dear Hunter
EMD Feb 2018
Dear, gentle Hunter
You cried when you killed me
Your desperation I see,
Battling the kindness in your eyes.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You lay your hand on me
Softening my fear with your touch
Your need was greater than mine.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You pulled the arrow from my side
To passify my pain
Your love of the world showing plain.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You looked for a fawn before you shot
Thinking of the children of your own
The winter would take them if not for me

Dear, gentle Hunter
You took everything you could,
Nothing would be wasted
Your gratitude obvious

Dear, gentle Hunter
I willingly give you myself
Let me give you the peace of knowing
I have the serenity of my worth
422 · Feb 17
Sunday snowdays
EMD Feb 17
On Sunday evenings
When it was too snowy to get out
If we couldn’t make it to church
While the dog slept at our feet
My father gave the
Evening service in his slippers
386 · Mar 2018
The art of you
EMD Mar 2018
I don’t deserve to be with you
Like a broken statue doesn’t serve to be
In the home of some prestigious collector
Like the work of some amateur doesn’t
Belong beside the Mona Lisa
Like cheap tarnished tin doesn’t belong
With shining gold and rubies

But the thing is,
No one else sees it
Because you’re not
A shining jewel
A priceless painting
Or some beautiful sculpture
You’re a misfit
A diamond in the rough
Unpolished ore
A da Vinci hidden under paint
Something of beautiful worth
That no one yet knows about
306 · Dec 2017
Master carver
EMD Dec 2017
Master carver
Master carver
Carve me a smile
Carve me a lie
That I might be happy

Master carver
Master carver
Carve me a frown
Carve me a truth
That I may die alive
294 · Dec 2018
A garden of love
EMD Dec 2018
**** me with roses
And bury me with lilies

Kiss me with orchids
And drown me in daisies

Worship with geraniums
And dance with cosmos

Dress me with asters
And adorn me with anemones

Do not plant me red petunias
For the splendor of puprle tulips

Let us live with peonies
And sleep with plum blossoms
270 · Jan 2018
The meal
EMD Jan 2018
Blood is sweet
Like vinegar and honey
Skin is bitter
Like coffee and wine
Eyes are elegant
Like sugar and mint
Lips are subtle
Like basil and thyme
Bones are strong
Like meat during lent
The soul is beautiful
Like candlelight and buttercream

The perfect finish to anything
Coauthored by my bestie
EMD Aug 8
Today I talked about
And didn’t cry
I missed you
But we laughed
I mourned that
Weren’t there
But we laughed
And said your
And my heart opened
I didn’t cry
I missed you
But it was
It wasn’t good, but
EMD Feb 2018
I am tired of my race being degraded
Because others have bought into their stereotypes
Because you know what
I know a ditsy Asian cheerleader,
I also know an Asian ******* the Science team
One part Times at a Chinese restaurant
The other at the local grocery
I know a black man who is kind and caring
And he works at a bank
I know a black man who thinks he’s entitled to my body
With no job, because two hundred years ago
My ancestor hit his with a whip
I know a Mexican girl who was an anchor baby
Her parents came here illegally and made a life for her
They got their cards a little late, she rides horses on the side
I also know a boy’s who’s parents went through all the right channels
Both are jobless and he’s failing every class
I know white kids who are dumber than a box of rocks
Who think they’ll make a living off of video games and ball
I know white kids who try so hard to rise above
The ignorance of the past
So stop degrading me for your ignorance
Do not define me for the stereotype of my race
And I will not define you for the stereotype of yours
Race is not a definition
Nor does it entitle you to a thing

So none of this “reverse racism” crap
Racism is racism
No matter who it comes from
So let me say again
Race is not your definition
Nor does it entitle you to anything
I don’t care what anyone thinks of me for this, it needed to be said.
EMD Jul 2018
“What is it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the young lady
The lady stooped, to look in her eyes
“It is like falling into a box of poisoned chocolates,
Sweet at first, but it will leave you bitter.”

“Whats it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the quiet gentleman
He cocked his head, to ponder a moment
“It is like listening to a symphony on the other side of a door,
Beautiful for sure, but the melody just out of reach.”

“What is it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the honest woman
She stopped her work, to find her courage
“It’s a bit like hearing a wolf howl in the dark of the wood,
Frightening just then, but it may mean you no harm.”

“What is it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the poor man’s son
The ragged man thought, to speak the truth
“It is not for from finding a mountain of fairy’s gold,
An exciting thrill, but gone in a snap of fingers.”

“What is it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the queen
She paused, to pray before she spoke
“It shouldn’t come to me I suppose,
As it’s awful hard, with a heart full of stones.”

“What’s it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the prince
He bowed, to show her his grace
“It seems to me like drinking fine ale
Tender and light the first taste, but heavy and strong by the dregs.”

“What is it like to fall in love?”
Asked the little girl of the elderly pair
He scratched his chin, to consider his choices
She smoothed her hair, to conceal with great care
“It appears to me,” said he, “like a bird with broken wings,
Gentle and small, but with care it should grow and soar.”
“It comes to me,” said she, “as an infant,
Perfect and pure, with a little luck it stays that way.”
235 · Feb 2018
EMD Feb 2018
I feel empty today
Watching the snow
I feel as blank as the flakes,
With nothing left to sing
I have nothing left to give
So take what you will
I think I must leave
I stare at the stars on the ground
And the ones up in the sky
My feet will not move
Fixed like lights in the heaven
From where I am,
In this tree
I see the snow blanket
Cold and ironic
Like blank canvas,
Covered in lies
When I see printless snow
I cannot but help to think of children
With their perfect little ands and angelic smiles
With their strange desire to tear up the smoothe snow
I toss the thought aside
These are not thoughts for a being of my stature
For now I shall let Father Winter hold me in his icy embrace
228 · May 2018
EMD May 2018
Like the beating of a broken drum
Pulsing gently, gently throbbing
Quiet cold, the ache grows dimmer
Wind grows warm as in summer
Not done but I can’t think of anything else to write.
227 · Sep 2018
Save the bees
EMD Sep 2018
Do you ever wonder if the bees get drunk?
And make themselves a poison honey,
From the sickly sweet nectar
Of the nightshade flower
In the midnight field
Bumbling about
Buzzzing here
And there
223 · Feb 2018
EMD Feb 2018
I miss you so much
And that is what hurts the most
Because every ******* time
Someone says your name
That stupid hope
Lights back up

I still think of you as mine
I talk about you like we never ended
Because as much as you hurt me
I still wish we hadn’t
Because you were my sun
And now I live in darkness
208 · Dec 2017
EMD Dec 2017
sometime  i loVe
like a brokeN feather
Sometimes i love
like old leather
soft onE moment
jagged and bitter the next
because thAt’s all i know
that is aLl i can do
i was neveR taught how
so i will learn nOw
with You
196 · Mar 2018
A Snow Storm of Letters
EMD Mar 2018
A Snow Storm of letters
Huddled in mounds
Blurring my eyes

A Snow Storm of letters
An incoherent mess
Clinging to my soul

A Snow Storm of letters
Black on a white sky
Inking up my skin

A Snow Storm of letters
A muddle of words
Fogging my mind

A Snow Storm of letters
Gently, quietly falling
Blinding my heart

A Snow Storm of letters
Harsh and cold
Obliterating my senses
192 · Jan 3
EMD Jan 3
Where does one go
When their rock turns into sand?
My mountain has crumbled and
I am swept off my feet
          And adrift
                    In a sea
That I know nothing about
185 · May 30
The Dark Heart of June
EMD May 30
The sunflower blooms
Beneath a cold heartless moon
On a deep summers eve
In the middle of june
When the nightsong sweetly swoons
The lark from the bough softly croons
On a deep summers eve
In the dark heart of june
The crow flowers true
In the deep dark and blue
On a deep summers eve
In the hot black of june
180 · Mar 2018
My farewell
EMD Mar 2018
I think I’m done writing for a while
I’m all used up inside
Like an inkwell that’s run dry
There’s quite a lot to deal with
Like the world is in my shoulders
I no longer sleep at night
Nothing in my life is near alright
I need to remember that the world is there
And that I need to live in it
So goodbye my friends
And keep on writing
I’ll be reading what you say
So farewell, my fellow inkwell-hearts!
If not in this life then the next
Let the universe guide you on
Farewell my friends.
I do think of all of you as my friends, strangers though you are. Live good and long and love hard and hate passionately. You’re all amazing and I love you, but I’m not in a good place and I need to forget technology for a while.
176 · Feb 2018
windows to the soul
EMD Feb 2018
some people say
the eyes are the window
to the soul
i have seen windows
with the shades drawn tight
like they’re hiding something inside
i have seen windows
with cracks running both ways
like many stones have been thrown
i have seen windows
deep into haunted houses
like there’s only a ghost of what was
i have seen windows
that belong to ancient homes
like stories untold
i have seen windows
with boxes full of blooms
i have seen windows
that glow gold in the sun
i have seen windows
that belong on a boat
i have seen windows
like stained glass in a church
some people say
that the eyes are the windows to the
Boxes full of blooms are green, glow gold in the sun is brown, belong on boats are blue, stained glass are hazel/color changing
EMD Sep 2018
Sometimes I wish I was made of paper
To be one and the same as the trees
My perfume would be of printers ink
My face would be traced with lines of quils
So that one day when I step out on mars
The sun burning with volcanos’ rage
My skin might burst into flames
Fahrenheit: 451 degrees
167 · Feb 19
Letters: my vow
EMD Feb 19
I miss you
and that is true.
I know and I’m sor
ry, because I haven’t c
ome to see you. I know
you’ll forgive the fact that
I’m a coward. I’m so sorry,
and I owe you so much. Ele
ven years of friendship, but I
haven’t seen you in four month
s. I will come. However, a vi
sit means accepting good-
bye. So I will be there
in my own time.

I promise, I’ll bring lavender when I come.
155 · Dec 2017
EMD Dec 2017
Snow is beautiful
My favorite part of winter
Pure and white
By doubt
Like a reflection of the sky
And something that we all long to be
149 · Oct 2018
What are you?
EMD Oct 2018
Perhaps your like the snow
On a soft winter’s day
Or the first leaf to turn
Crimson in autumn
The first blossom in spring
The last rain in summer
A fish drowning
In the salty sea
A lonely bird
Falling through the sky
The first drop of rain
To hit the earth
Or maybe the last to drip down
The first bubbly sip
Or the last dregs from the can
Salty and sweet
And everything in between
139 · Sep 2018
EMD Sep 2018
Even the sky looks tired
Breathing fog against the trees
Sighing mist into the fields
Dark clouds like eye circles
Heavy lashes dripping raindrop tears
The grey cast of sleeplessness
Or at least, so it seems to me
That even he can’t dream
This one feels incomplete
129 · Mar 31
The cashier
EMD Mar 31
There’s this girl you see....
She works at the store down the road
And she has big brown eyes
And the softest smile
And a way about her that makes me think
That no one’s ever written about her
But I hope someday someone
Writes her an epic
That wipes the emptiness
From her fairy-like frame
To jack
128 · Mar 2018
My tribute to Johnny Cash
EMD Mar 2018
Oh, Mr. Cash,
I’ve got the Sunday morning blues
That Line is all blurred over
Everyone’s on the left or right
I don’t see Redemption anywhere near
There’s Hurt everywhere
Our Heads are Hung in shame
And every one has the ******* Blues
I feel the pain of the Devil’s Right Hand
Too many people have Big Irons
Too few Hearts are made of Gold
And too many Boys called Sue
You warned us about our Guns in Town
But we didn’t listen
The water’s Five Feet Higher than it ought to be
People focus too much on Flesh and not enough on Blood
God will Cut us Down
But until he does, I wear Black with you
To mourn your unheard warnings
122 · Jul 2018
Independence Day
EMD Jul 2018
Glimmers of light
Flash in the night
Turning the dark to day
When I close my eyes
I see the colors dance
Outlining the tree line
Against my lids
Smoke hangs in the air
The music sounds
Rumbles and pops
We hold fire in our hands
And within our hearts
A summer joy
And the subtle pride
For all that we are
116 · Jan 2018
EMD Jan 2018
That’s what’s wrong with this country:
We fidget.
We fidget with our hands
With our politicians
With our plans
We fidget in an unending cycle
Because we don’t know what to do with ourselves
So do not fidget
Give yourself a purpose
Be still, be steady
A rock in a ceaselessly moving current of people.
112 · Jul 2018
EMD Jul 2018
Wishing that the sun were green
So that maybe it wouldn’t
Burn so bright and give your eyes that sheen

Wishing that the sky weren’t blue
So that everyime I see it
I wouldn’t think of you

Wishing that the grass was grey
So that maybe- just maybe-
I could forget that day

Wishing that the moon weren’t white
So that I should hope
To see you in a different light
112 · Jun 2018
Cotton wood trail
EMD Jun 2018
Cotton wood floats lazily in the air
Like the first snow in summer
The wooden rail of the bridge is sunwarmed
The breeze is cool and gentle
Blowing ripples in the river
The green stained glass water glides smoothely
Fish and turtles play here
Walking along the bank
The little clearings dappled with sun
Walking with nature, his hand in mine
Hand in hand with nature
Chatting with time
Watching the roses bloom
Sometime in the heat of June
While the bunnies play
In the cool of the shade
Cotton wood floats lazily in the air
Like the first snow in summer
107 · May 2018
The book mender
EMD May 2018
A heart that is twisted
Beyond all recognition
A torn up novel with a ruined cover

Tonight’s the night,
And in the dark
He’ll somehow fix her bleeding heart

Gilded pages,
A glued up binding,
In a soft new jacket

Pretty words and delicate pictures
Color and dark black ink
The adventure of a story
“Every life is a story to be told”-unknown
107 · Dec 2017
EMD Dec 2017
Why don’t we give flowers to boys?
Is it not masculine for them to enjoy
The delicate curve of petals,
So very like lips?
Why don’t they get Teddy bears
And soft stuffed things
To cuddle like a lover,
So very like girls do?
Why don’t we give them
Mushy little love notes,
Just like we expect?
Things go both way my friends.
I fully believe society hurts our boys too
EMD Mar 2018
You have coffe brown eyes
That glow like embers in the sun
You have one of those rare and wonderful smiles
That light up the room
You have the most wonderful heart
You are good
And you are enough
So don’t tell me that
“It would just be easier”
You have a life to live
So go live it
104 · Feb 2018
Book smell
EMD Feb 2018
Do you know that smell that some books have?
The smell that takes you straight into the world in the ink?
Something between smoke and wood chips?
The smell of what music would smell like?
That smell the one of the farthest back shelf in the library?
The one where it smells like the hands of those who’ve loved it?
Do you know that smell that some books have?
The one that can take you anywhere in the world?
Any time, anyplace, with any person, of any race?
The smell of fresh printers ink and ancient paper?
Do you know that smell?
104 · May 2018
Untamed Fire
EMD May 2018
Something burned between them
Like an un-ignited spark
The shadow of a flame
That was never lit
104 · Jun 2018
Carry me home
EMD Jun 2018
I let my self fall open
I bare my soul to you
I let you become everything
I hand you my heart

An angel in every sense
A word full of light
Full of wonder and beauty
A creature of pain and love

With white wings
Golden soft love
Carry me home
In your protecting arms
103 · Dec 2017
Your love
EMD Dec 2017
Your love is like
An ancient sword
Dull on one side
Enough to think that
Maybe just maybe
It’s not dangerous
But the other side is a stinging blade
With angry words and desperate silences

Your love is like
The wind in autumn
Gentle enough one moment
To even be called sweet
To think summer is not yet gone
Playful and warm
But the next moment it is harsh
Enough to remind me that winter is coming
101 · Aug 2018
EMD Aug 2018
The satellite carves a path through the stars
As the silent universe streams on
101 · Mar 2018
EMD Mar 2018
“If I washed your feet with my tears
And dried them with my hair,
Would you forgive me then?”

“Never, my love.”

”If I fell to my knees,
Clung to your robe, and begged,
Would you for give me then?”

“Never, my love.”

“If I offered you tithes,
Gave you everything I have,
Would you forgive me the?”

“Never, my love.”

“What, then, must I do,
To earn forgiveness, tell me and I will,
Would you forgive me then?”

“All you must do is ask, my love.”
100 · Dec 2017
EMD Dec 2017
How can love be so selfish an emotion
Yet so selfless simultaneously?
Where’s the sense?
97 · Feb 2018
Richard Cory
EMD Feb 2018

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich—yes, richer than a king—
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.
A beautiful reminder that we do not know what goes on in people’s heads
EMD Feb 17
It’s the fact that you know
And it changed nothing

It’s the fact that your eyes
Will hold mine for just too long

It’s the fact that I am so in love
And all we will ever be is friends

It’s the fact that you see me for the fraud I am
And know that the apathy is only pretense

It’s the fact that I am alone
And I see you in togetherness

And I am alone
96 · Mar 2018
EMD Mar 2018
You can see see it in the sun rise
You can see it in the stars
You can see it when the moon
Lines up with mars

You can see it in the shadows,
In the dark and in the light
You can see it in the beauty
And in the existential might

You can see it when the rain falls,
When the ground is soft with snow
You can see it by the ocean
And in the undertow

You can see in in the earth
In the gentle brown soil
You can see it in the plants
In the sun where they toil

What is it to you?
This thing that makes the sky so blue
What is it to you?
This thing that lifts birds wings, if they flew
96 · Jan 2018
The fool’s song
EMD Jan 2018
With a voice as sweet as sugared coffee
The fool sings at last, hurrah!
The play is made with honey like tones
Bitter sweet words, hurrah, hurrah!
The fat lady’s cry shrivels to nothing,
The fool’s beautiful song, hurrah!
The day is done and the sun is the sun,
Moon fall and star rise, hurrah, hurrah!

But what is this? The fool-
His voice has died, boo that!
The song is ended with a sigh,
“More!” Comes the cry, boo, boo!
“Alas,” says the fool, “no more words have I.”
Here comes the plays end, boo- and hurrah!
94 · Jan 2018
EMD Jan 2018
I fall in Love a little bit everyday
With someone new,
But it’s usually you
In the front of my mind

I fall in love with her lips
With his thousand watt teeth,
That make my knees go weak
With the shades of pink running
through her blonde
With the long wavy blackness
that reaches to his hips
With his soft grey’s warmth
With her slanted noir yeux
With his olive tan
With her rich coffee brown

I fall in Love a little bit everyday
With someone new
But usually it You
In the front of my mind

I fall in love with your smile
With the sun in your mouth
I fall in love with the way
That your hair parts funny in the back
With the stubble along your chin
With your perfect cream skin
I fall in love when you are kind
And when you are a ****
I fall in Love every time
That your soft brown eyes meet mine
And my stomach turns to butterflies

I fall in Love a little bit everyday
With someone new,
But usually it’s you
In the front of my mind
The random capitols are a glitch in my autocorrect, but I kinda like the way they look.
94 · Jan 2018
Who he was
EMD Jan 2018
Eyes as blue as poison
And lips as soft as a lie
Skin as gentle as a ****
Heart as warm and soft as ice
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