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Sep 3 · 35
EMD Sep 3
My heart hurts
With a love I do not know
And my chest bursts with flowers
I watered with my tears
An unplanted garden
That blooms in autumn
And sheds in the sun
Sep 3 · 20
EMD Sep 3
I am full of love to overflowing
but there is
                 no one
EMD Aug 8
Today I talked about
And didn’t cry
I missed you
But we laughed
I mourned that
Weren’t there
But we laughed
And said your
And my heart opened
I didn’t cry
I missed you
But it was
It wasn’t good, but
EMD Aug 8
If he read the things I wrote for him
Would he think I’d lost my mind?

Every time I think of him
I’m reminded of his scars.

Yet all I see are stars
And the glory that is him.

If I fell up into the stars
Would time be wasted there?
EMD Jul 22
Everyday I miss you
But tonight I miss you more
For in the morning you should smile
But tonight the sky’s tears pour
And tonight I miss you more

Everyday gets easier
But tonight is hard
For lavender rain falls
Where wild laughter should flow
And tonight I miss you more

Everyday we spend a part
But tonight I feel you near
This time should be spent together
But “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore’”
And tonight I miss you more
Jul 4 · 32
EMD Jul 4
She looked at him
And he glowed
He put the sun
Back inside her
And he glowed
She knew his name
And all the while
Loved him still
And he glowed
His name she
Whispered soft
His name she still
And he glows
Lucifer means bringer of light
Even Satan was once and angel
Jun 17 · 30
EMD Jun 17
My heart is full to bursting
And joy has filled my soul
I am loved and I love
And joy has filled my soul
May 30 · 185
The Dark Heart of June
EMD May 30
The sunflower blooms
Beneath a cold heartless moon
On a deep summers eve
In the middle of june
When the nightsong sweetly swoons
The lark from the bough softly croons
On a deep summers eve
In the dark heart of june
The crow flowers true
In the deep dark and blue
On a deep summers eve
In the hot black of june
Apr 29 · 41
The statue in the park
EMD Apr 29
She stood in the sun,
Watching the rain
And listening to the grass grow
With the snows of winter at her back
The fires of summer laid out before
A bluebird on her shoulder and a dove in her hand
The rise of spring
And the death of winter
Apr 22 · 65
Craving chaos
EMD Apr 22
There is a certain kind of chaos
That I genuinely crave in my bones
The kind of chaos that reaps no destruction
The eases out in puddles and in eddies
That builds love in the grass
And grows trees in the night
That empties itself into the stars
And spills onto the moon,
Nesting around the sun
And warming the hearts of the young
Apr 22 · 81
EMD Apr 22
Snowflake, snowflake
Floating on down

Snowflake, snowflake
Drifting through town

Snowflake, snowflake
What do you see?

Snowflake, snowflake
Have you come to see me?

Just passing through?
If you come back, tell me what’s new.
I long to see the world,
Laid out before me, unfurled

But alas little snowflake
I am trapped in the ice

Oh snowflake, snowflake
Let me see through your eyes.
Mar 31 · 129
The cashier
EMD Mar 31
There’s this girl you see....
She works at the store down the road
And she has big brown eyes
And the softest smile
And a way about her that makes me think
That no one’s ever written about her
But I hope someday someone
Writes her an epic
That wipes the emptiness
From her fairy-like frame
To jack
Mar 17 · 71
The greenhouse
EMD Mar 17
My body is a temple
And it’s made of glass,
Adorned by that by
Which it was made
EMD Mar 8
You can hear the stars
If you just listen closely
And they say that they

Are lonely like you
Floating, lost in the darkness
Of the soft abyss
“Do not go gentle into that goodnight
Rage, rage against the dying of the light”
Feb 23 · 39
Broken dolls
EMD Feb 23
I collect broken people
I put the cracked shells on a shelf
And try and try to fix them
But I keep cutting them
On the broken pieces of myself
Feb 22 · 34
Letters: my prayer
EMD Feb 22
I hope and
I pray to God
That you don’t let
The angels
Clip your wings.
Feb 20 · 49
EMD Feb 20
To love
Is an honor

To be loved
Is an envy
Feb 19 · 33
EMD Feb 19
To sit in the moon
And gaze down on you

To look on in loving admiration
With desire, my hearts malformation

Even the stars would weep
To see sad little old me
Feb 19 · 167
Letters: my vow
EMD Feb 19
I miss you
and that is true.
I know and I’m sor
ry, because I haven’t c
ome to see you. I know
you’ll forgive the fact that
I’m a coward. I’m so sorry,
and I owe you so much. Ele
ven years of friendship, but I
haven’t seen you in four month
s. I will come. However, a vi
sit means accepting good-
bye. So I will be there
in my own time.

I promise, I’ll bring lavender when I come.
Feb 18 · 48
EMD Feb 18
Right now she is craving your touch
Craving your smile, craving your eyes

He is desperate to have you
And to love you

And someday you’ll meet
And you will know
That this is what
You have searched
For your whole life
Feb 17 · 28
EMD Feb 17
I could write ballads for your eyes
And odes to your smile
But for now I will write a lament
To the heart that can’t be mine
EMD Feb 17
It’s the fact that you know
And it changed nothing

It’s the fact that your eyes
Will hold mine for just too long

It’s the fact that I am so in love
And all we will ever be is friends

It’s the fact that you see me for the fraud I am
And know that the apathy is only pretense

It’s the fact that I am alone
And I see you in togetherness

And I am alone
Feb 17 · 422
Sunday snowdays
EMD Feb 17
On Sunday evenings
When it was too snowy to get out
If we couldn’t make it to church
While the dog slept at our feet
My father gave the
Evening service in his slippers
Jan 29 · 58
EMD Jan 29
I think I’ll call her Helen
This girl I’ve been dragged to hell with
She’s the bait and the lure
And she got me
And sinker
Jan 29 · 35
EMD Jan 29
There was chaos in the music

Low and brutal
And horribly beautiful

There was chaos in the music

And he floated in every strain
Each unholy note, accented with pain

There was chaos in the music
Jan 17 · 35
EMD Jan 17
I thought I loved him
But I was wrong
It was you
All along
Jan 15 · 32
EMD Jan 15
The sweet smell of sweat dampened denim
Somewhere between pine sap and cinnamon
Where I can settle in by the beat of your heart
Jan 13 · 32
Pin-pricks of light
EMD Jan 13
Pin-****** of light
My stars in the darkness
Her smile warms my heart
And his eyes break it
Gentleness and kindness
They are my key and my door
A tender hug and a harsh voice
Reprimand and encouragement
My little pin-****** of light
You showed me that perhaps—
all is not lost
And I hope that I did the same
Jan 13 · 41
EMD Jan 13
I miss the me
That used to be
And I know, I am she
But still yet, I am not me

I miss the he
That used to be
And I know, that it is he
But still yet, that isn’t he

And I miss the we
That used to be
And I know, we’re still we
But still yet, this isn’t we
Jan 3 · 192
EMD Jan 3
Where does one go
When their rock turns into sand?
My mountain has crumbled and
I am swept off my feet
          And adrift
                    In a sea
That I know nothing about
EMD Dec 2018
I sit alone in the crowded forest
Mellow golds and burning red
The trees burn, silent and smokeless,
Without a scream or a cry

I sit alone in the crowded forest
The scorched oak gives way to storm
Its branches broke and leaves bleeding
And the willow whispers its weeping

I sit alone in the crowded forest
At once a cacophony of birds
Erupt like ash from the flaming boughs
The earth quivers beneath the coals

I sit alone in the crowded forest
Each smoldering leaf a warming comfort
My ignited heart finds peace at last
As I sit alone in the crowded forest
Dec 2018 · 294
A garden of love
EMD Dec 2018
**** me with roses
And bury me with lilies

Kiss me with orchids
And drown me in daisies

Worship with geraniums
And dance with cosmos

Dress me with asters
And adorn me with anemones

Do not plant me red petunias
For the splendor of puprle tulips

Let us live with peonies
And sleep with plum blossoms
Oct 2018 · 149
What are you?
EMD Oct 2018
Perhaps your like the snow
On a soft winter’s day
Or the first leaf to turn
Crimson in autumn
The first blossom in spring
The last rain in summer
A fish drowning
In the salty sea
A lonely bird
Falling through the sky
The first drop of rain
To hit the earth
Or maybe the last to drip down
The first bubbly sip
Or the last dregs from the can
Salty and sweet
And everything in between
Oct 2018 · 63
EMD Oct 2018
I want to love you
With all that I am
To kiss your burning lips
And my heart has been broken
So many times that now
I’m used to picking the shards out of my soul
Sep 2018 · 66
A prayer for the sinners
EMD Sep 2018
Oh suff’ring Savior
Come to me
Come spread that shadow o’er me
Hands and feet been pierced by nails
Wrap your arms around me
Kneel with me in sorrowed prayer
As yonder comes the mor-ning

The suff’ring Savior
Cant you see?
He’s waiting there before thee
Your eyes may yet be filled with tears
He’ll wipe them so that you may see
Ask and he shall hear your plea
As yonder breaks the mor-ning
Sep 2018 · 84
My muses
EMD Sep 2018
I have compared my muses to the sun
I have compared them to the moon
And even the ocean, just water too
To artwork and the stars
But I have nothing
To compare
To you
Sep 2018 · 139
EMD Sep 2018
Even the sky looks tired
Breathing fog against the trees
Sighing mist into the fields
Dark clouds like eye circles
Heavy lashes dripping raindrop tears
The grey cast of sleeplessness
Or at least, so it seems to me
That even he can’t dream
This one feels incomplete
EMD Sep 2018
Sometimes I wish I was made of paper
To be one and the same with the trees
So that someday if it rained
I would fold myself into a paper boat
And sail along down the drains
The raging little river to wash away
My printers ink perfume
And wilt me way to silt.
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