Apr 2018 · 39
EMD Apr 2018
Today I saw the world through someone else’s eyes
Like a hypnotist in disguise

I saw the light twist and bend
I felt my life coming to an end

I sensed the pain of a thousand suns
I heard the firing of seven guns

I tasted bitter freedom on my tongue
And smelled sweet smoke in my lungs.
Apr 2018 · 40
EMD Apr 2018
I wish I wasn’t breaking inside
As I fell in love with you

Destroying my whole self
For wanting what I cannot have

Slicing my skin to ribbons
So I cannot feel

Breaking my bones to shards
So I cannot move

Bending my lungs in two
So I cannot breathe

Searing my mind to ash
So I cannot think

Tearing out my eyes and tongue
So I cannot see or speak

Twisting my heart to nothing
So I cannot be
Apr 2018 · 47
EMD Apr 2018
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray your arms my dreams to keep
And if the nightmares make me wake
I pray to you my peace to take
If I should rise before the day
I pray for you to guard my way

Love, to you I pray
You stood beside me for the day
I am safe with you in sight
Perhaps I may dream tonight
You’re my light, my life you bless
You thought me hopefulness
In your arms you hold me tight
So now to you I say goodnight.
Apr 2018 · 52
Better than coming home
EMD Apr 2018
Reading the words of others
Filling my heart soul with
The thoughts I couldn’t
Make sense of myself
And writing the things I can
It’s time to come home
Loneliness like a disease fills me up
To be a part of something again
To try and make sense of this agony
I’m coming home
Mar 2018 · 157
My farewell
EMD Mar 2018
I think I’m done writing for a while
I’m all used up inside
Like an inkwell that’s run dry
There’s quite a lot to deal with
Like the world is in my shoulders
I no longer sleep at night
Nothing in my life is near alright
I need to remember that the world is there
And that I need to live in it
So goodbye my friends
And keep on writing
I’ll be reading what you say
So farewell, my fellow inkwell-hearts!
If not in this life then the next
Let the universe guide you on
Farewell my friends.
I do think of all of you as my friends, strangers though you are. Live good and long and love hard and hate passionately. You’re all amazing and I love you, but I’m not in a good place and I need to forget technology for a while.
Mar 2018 · 71
EMD Mar 2018
You can see see it in the sun rise
You can see it in the stars
You can see it when the moon
Lines up with mars

You can see it in the shadows,
In the dark and in the light
You can see it in the beauty
And in the existential might

You can see it when the rain falls,
When the ground is soft with snow
You can see it by the ocean
And in the undertow

You can see in in the earth
In the gentle brown soil
You can see it in the plants
In the sun where they toil

What is it to you?
This thing that makes the sky so blue
What is it to you?
This thing that lifts birds wings, if they flew
Mar 2018 · 61
EMD Mar 2018
I kissed you in a dream
And you were cold like a corpse
EMD Mar 2018
You have coffe brown eyes
That glow like embers in the sun
You have one of those rare and wonderful smiles
That light up the room
You have the most wonderful heart
You are good
And you are enough
So don’t tell me that
“It would just be easier”
You have a life to live
So go live it
Mar 2018 · 37
EMD Mar 2018
I can’t seem to write anything worth reading anymore
I can’t seem to draw anything anyone wants to see
I can’t seem to say anything worth listening to
I can’t seem to be anything anyone wants to care about
Mar 2018 · 57
Three way war/ my curse
EMD Mar 2018
There’s a three way war
Waging in my head
My mind, heart, and body
Throwing gauntlets
And clashing swords
Quietly screaming
And ripping my soul apart
My mind wants one
My heart another
My body wants the third
My friend called me lucky,
That I’m able to love so much
I call it a curse,
To hurt so many people.
Mar 2018 · 21
EMD Mar 2018
Even when life
isn’t worth living,
The Earth Mother
keeps on giving

Even when there’s
nothing left worth stealing
To Father Time
we keep appealing

Even when we have
worked ourselves to bleeding
Brother Fire
we keep on feeding
Mar 2018 · 54
EMD Mar 2018
On an Alibaster sky
My love for you
Like a shadow
Mar 2018 · 47
EMD Mar 2018
How is it
That everything
In my heart and soul
Screams and reaches for you
But my mind and body hold me still.
Mar 2018 · 71
EMD Mar 2018
your gentle hands
warming up
my Cold and Glittering Heart
Mar 2018 · 179
A Snow Storm of Letters
EMD Mar 2018
A Snow Storm of letters
Huddled in mounds
Blurring my eyes

A Snow Storm of letters
An incoherent mess
Clinging to my soul

A Snow Storm of letters
Black on a white sky
Inking up my skin

A Snow Storm of letters
A muddle of words
Fogging my mind

A Snow Storm of letters
Gently, quietly falling
Blinding my heart

A Snow Storm of letters
Harsh and cold
Obliterating my senses
Mar 2018 · 72
EMD Mar 2018
“If I washed your feet with my tears
And dried them with my hair,
Would you forgive me then?”

“Never, my love.”

”If I fell to my knees,
Clung to your robe, and begged,
Would you for give me then?”

“Never, my love.”

“If I offered you tithes,
Gave you everything I have,
Would you forgive me the?”

“Never, my love.”

“What, then, must I do,
To earn forgiveness, tell me and I will,
Would you forgive me then?”

“All you must do is ask, my love.”
Mar 2018 · 56
EMD Mar 2018
You are soft against my skin
Like cotton in the rain
An artists touch
Playing my body
Like an instrument
Mar 2018 · 95
My tribute to Johnny Cash
EMD Mar 2018
Oh, Mr. Cash,
I’ve got the Sunday morning blues
That Line is all blurred over
Everyone’s on the left or right
I don’t see Redemption anywhere near
There’s Hurt everywhere
Our Heads are Hung in shame
And every one has the ******* Blues
I feel the pain of the Devil’s Right Hand
Too many people have Big Irons
Too few Hearts are made of Gold
And too many Boys called Sue
You warned us about our Guns in Town
But we didn’t listen
The water’s Five Feet Higher than it ought to be
People focus too much on Flesh and not enough on Blood
*** will Cut us Down
But until he does, I wear Black with you
To mourn your unheard warnings
Mar 2018 · 353
The art of you
EMD Mar 2018
I don’t deserve to be with you
Like a broken statue doesn’t serve to be
In the home of some prestigious collector
Like the work of some amateur doesn’t
Belong beside the Mona Lisa
Like cheap tarnished tin doesn’t belong
With shining gold and rubies

But the thing is,
No one else sees it
Because you’re not
A shining jewel
A priceless painting
Or some beautiful sculpture
You’re a misfit
A diamond in the rough
Unpolished ore
A da Vinci hidden under paint
Something of beautiful worth
That no one yet knows about
Feb 2018 · 62
The actor’s burden
EMD Feb 2018
I realized today
What a true thespian is
A thespian is a liar
An actor of great renoun
Fake tears and shimmering smiles
A talker and a prentender
Stealer of hearts
And claimer of roses
A thief in every sense but law
Taking the words and the stage,
Filling them with false life
But once the bowing’s over
The curtain falls closed
The smile fades, the tears are dried
Roses are discarded
The actor does not shed the role
Continuing to wear it as cloak

Oh thespian!
Actor of such renoun!
Bravo, bravo!
But backstage they are far,
Far less impressed with you,
My dear thespian
Feb 2018 · 69
Richard Cory
EMD Feb 2018

Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him:
He was a gentleman from sole to crown,
Clean favored, and imperially slim.

And he was always quietly arrayed,
And he was always human when he talked;
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked.

And he was rich—yes, richer than a king—
And admirably schooled in every grace:
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.

So on we worked, and waited for the light,
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread;
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.
A beautiful reminder that we do not know what goes on in people’s heads
Feb 2018 · 402
Dear Hunter
EMD Feb 2018
Dear, gentle Hunter
You cried when you killed me
Your desperation I see,
Battling the kindness in your eyes.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You lay your hand on me
Softening my fear with your touch
Your need was greater than mine.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You pulled the arrow from my side
To passify my pain
Your love of the world showing plain.

Dear, gentle Hunter
You looked for a fawn before you shot
Thinking of the children of your own
The winter would take them if not for me

Dear, gentle Hunter
You took everything you could,
Nothing would be wasted
Your gratitude obvious

Dear, gentle Hunter
I willingly give you myself
Let me give you the peace of knowing
I have the serenity of my worth
Feb 2018 · 47
Reality & Reverie
EMD Feb 2018
Reality and reverie
The eternal battle of soul and body
The truth versus the fantasy

The endless reverie
Of what we want to be
The platonic conception of originality

The ceaslessness of reality
The crushing of hopes for what could be
The harsh subject in entirety
Feb 2018 · 44
Heart of tin
EMD Feb 2018
*** forgive me for what I’ve done
I never meant to hurt anyone
My heart seems to be made of tin
Crushed so many times
The broken edges are sharp enough to cut
The tips of your gentle fingers open
Leaving trailing lines of red
Everywhere your hands touch me
Staining my cheeks and lips with rouge
Covering my lids, letting me see
Just as you do; through a rose tinted haze
Ignoring the pain I put you in,
So that you could ease mine.
With your heart of solid gold
That outshines my little tin heart
Every single time
Feb 2018 · 86
Book smell
EMD Feb 2018
Do you know that smell that some books have?
The smell that takes you straight into the world in the ink?
Something between smoke and wood chips?
The smell of what music would smell like?
That smell the one of the farthest back shelf in the library?
The one where it smells like the hands of those who’ve loved it?
Do you know that smell that some books have?
The one that can take you anywhere in the world?
Any time, anyplace, with any person, of any race?
The smell of fresh printers ink and ancient paper?
Do you know that smell?
Feb 2018 · 40
EMD Feb 2018
Three white doves cannot fit in a nest
    But if the extra cannot find a mate
Then where should it fly at springtime’s end?
That lonely little dove, caught between two worlds
   The little dove left alone to mourn what it could not have
      Mourning it’s lost love in a lonely, empty little nest
         Perched precarious and pretty on a windowsill
            Little grey dove, mourning the morning
Feb 2018 · 53
EMD Feb 2018
I was desperate for your love

You disgust me
Feb 2018 · 162
windows to the soul
EMD Feb 2018
some people say
the eyes are the window
to the soul
i have seen windows
with the shades drawn tight
like they’re hiding something inside
i have seen windows
with cracks running both ways
like many stones have been thrown
i have seen windows
deep into haunted houses
like there’s only a ghost of what was
i have seen windows
that belong to ancient homes
like stories untold
i have seen windows
with boxes full of blooms
i have seen windows
that glow gold in the sun
i have seen windows
that belong on a boat
i have seen windows
like stained glass in a church
some people say
that the eyes are the windows to the
Boxes full of blooms are green, glow gold in the sun is brown, belong on boats are blue, stained glass are hazel/color changing
Feb 2018 · 39
EMD Feb 2018
Like water
Once used up
Burned away
Beneath the scorching sun
But rain still comes down
In droplets
Pulled by gravity
Washing away the filth
Raising up and shimmering
Moving all in its path
From the man with the turned up collar
On his yellow slicker jacket running from the onslaught
To the little girl in red galoshes
Splashing and giggling through innocent puddles
To bringing green life
From withered seeds
From the loose brown topsoil
In little rivulets
To mighty oak trees
Cracked and bleeding amber
Swelling over the tops of dams
Quelling burning fire
Creating walls of rich black earth
Sliding loose and ripping into cities
But once again
It is burned up
Beneath the scorching
Feb 2018 · 58
EMD Feb 2018
If the door is locked become the key
Become the key
Or find a window
Become the key
Or find a window
Get in, get through
Open the door
Make your difference
Feb 2018 · 45
EMD Feb 2018
A girl dressed in glittering black
With chandelier earrings
Hair done up with pearls
Eyes sparkling with freshly shed tears
Cheeks flushed with sadness
At the top of the stairs-
Like the silence before a song-
The calm before the storm-
And beautiful
Like a Shakespearean play-
Tragically beautiful

Oh the irony
That all tragedies are love stories
Feb 2018 · 49
Apple for Valentine’s
EMD Feb 2018
When people notice
Little strange things
It sets the heart a-flutter
Just a little insignificant thing
An apple, shiny, red, and sweet
Just an apple, that nothing else could beat
Feb 2018 · 422
The Color of a Wish
EMD Feb 2018
What color is a wish?
is it the deep purple
at the bottom of a well?
is it the vibrant green
of a new beginning?
the brightest yellow
of an opening flower?
is it the red of the blood
from which it came?
is it the soft pink
of a morning’s sunrise clouds?
is it the quiet orange
of an evening’s death?
is it the darkest blue
of a midnight star?
is it the black of the pen
that wrote it all out?
the color of a wish
is the color of the soul that made it.
EMD Feb 2018
A moth among
The butterflies
Not flashy but pretty still
The markings
Are more intricate
The wings are
Small but not
More durable for flight
That moth among
The butterflies
Feb 2018 · 39
EMD Feb 2018
He want me back again
Back at his side
To rule with him
The scorned queen
Of the all powered king
Feb 2018 · 58
EMD Feb 2018
Girls dressed in petals
Decorated in stars
Enveloped in night
Moving like music
EMD Feb 2018
I am tired of my race being degraded
Because others have bought into their stereotypes
Because you know what
I know a ditsy Asian cheerleader,
I also know an Asian ******* the Science team
One part Times at a Chinese restaurant
The other at the local grocery
I know a black man who is kind and caring
And he works at a bank
I know a black man who thinks he’s entitled to my body
With no job, because two hundred years ago
My ancestor hit his with a whip
I know a Mexican girl who was an anchor baby
Her parents came here illegally and made a life for her
They got their cards a little late, she rides horses on the side
I also know a boy’s who’s parents went through all the right channels
Both are jobless and he’s failing every class
I know white kids who are dumber than a box of rocks
Who think they’ll make a living off of video games and ball
I know white kids who try so hard to rise above
The ignorance of the past
So stop degrading me for your ignorance
Do not define me for the stereotype of my race
And I will not define you for the stereotype of yours
Race is not a definition
Nor does it entitle you to a thing

So none of this “reverse racism” ****
Racism is racism
No matter who it comes from
So let me say again
Race is not your definition
Nor does it entitle you to anything
I don’t care what anyone thinks of me for this, it needed to be said.
Feb 2018 · 51
EMD Feb 2018
Men and women
Black and white and red and yellow
Girls and boys
*** and straight and everything in between
Atheist and Christian and every side path
You all bleed red
Everyone of you has a heart,
They all hurt the same
***** away the skin and all the labels
And all that will remain is the soul,
The core of your being,
Your consciousness
***** away the skin and all the labels
Suddenly your eighty boxes turn to one
***** away the skin and all the labels
And all that will reamain
Is people.
Feb 2018 · 58
Havoc wreaking poets
EMD Feb 2018
With all the stars we steal from the night sky
To put into our poems and words
It’s a wonder there’s enough left to light the night

All the times we’ve darkened the sun
With our ink filled clouds of art
It’s a wonder it still shines enough to spark the day

With every time we have hidden the moon
With our black and bleeding hearts
It’s a wonder it still glows throughout the deep gloom

With the amount of the sea we’ve borrowed
To let drip in salty dark tears into paper
It’s a wonder the fish still swim about bellow the blue

All the leaves we’ve taken from scarlet trees
With our desperate need for beauty
It’s a wonder the trees don’t stand **** in autumn wind

With all the sadness we’ve brought out of the world
To make our work worth while
It’s a wonder any still exists to dampen the hearts of the thoughtful
Feb 2018 · 54
The way you used to
EMD Feb 2018
Sometimes I hold my face
The way you used to
Simply because I miss it

Sometimes I touch my knee
The way you used to
simply because I being worth holding

Sometimes I run my fingers over my lips
The way you used to
Simply because I miss yours

Sometimes I hold myself
The way you used to
Simply because I miss human contact

Sometimes I give others love
The way I used to you
Simply because I need to be felt in this world
Feb 2018 · 55
EMD Feb 2018
I hate how my eyes gravitate towards you
Like you are some sort of magnet
I hate that I get butterflies at the thought of you
Like you are some kind of sickness
I hate that I always think about you
Like you have infected my brain cells
I hate how you can make me smile
When it’s the last thing I want to do
Feb 2018 · 53
EMD Feb 2018
You would think
Even as I lay here crying
I would feel something
But I don’t
I don’t feel anything
I’m empty
Feb 2018 · 60
EMD Feb 2018
I just wish I had the courage to call you a ******* to your face
Feb 2018 · 189
EMD Feb 2018
I miss you so much
And that is what hurts the most
Because every ******* time
Someone says your name
That ****** hope
Lights back up

I still think of you as mine
I talk about you like we never ended
Because as much as you hurt me
I still wish we hadn’t
Because you were my sun
And now I live in darkness
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