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Memphis Storm Nov 2018
The banging won’t stop
The pounding keeps going
The screams keep echoing
The voices get louder
Even though I hear all these things
It’s all in my head
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
The last thing I said to him was
“As long as your happy then I am too.”
But I’m not happy
I’m crying -
I’m sad -
I’m selfish to think that I could ever be something such as that-
I’m selfish to think I could ever be happy
I was never happy and never will be
To think I thought I could ever be happy
To think I thought I could ever have that one thing
I’ll never be happy
But I guess it’s fine if he’s happy
Even if it’s not with me
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
Summer days slowly fade
As winter slowly came
Blistering heat no more
For chilly winds are to blame
Green trees now wilt
Green trees now have no leaves
No longer wanting cold
Now only wanting warmth
Now wanting someone to hold
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
Everything is happening
A blur of images in my eyes
Everything is spinning
I have no clue how stand straight anymore
Everything is changing
From one thing to another
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
You are everything
One of the stars in the night sky
Unique in every way

Are the Apple of my eye
Respectable and kind
Everything that I want to be

A genius in your own right
My favorite person
All the light in my life
Zip with energy
Incredible in everything you do
Non comparable to anyone else
Good to everyone you meet
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
For all I’ve done
For all I’m worth
It was for you in the long run

I know that it’s not for me
It’s meant for you

I know I’ll never be happy
That’s why I’ll try
To make you what I can’t be

I’ll make you laugh
I’ll make you smile
I’ll do it for you

I’ll give you what I can’t have
I’ll give you what I don’t have
I’ll give you what I won’t have

A single emotion
Something that brings everything to motion
Memphis Storm Nov 2018
Dead. Her brown gentle curls sprawling around on the concrete, slowly being touched with blood. Soft brown eyes, so wide of shock and fear of the events that had just occurred. Her body lays there mangled, and her limbs in every which direction in a uncomfortable position, not that she would feel it anyway. Her once yellow summer dress filled with white flowers is now stained an **** rust red.
     Gone. What once was filled with the very essence of pure life, now gone and is left with an empty shell. No longer will she walk down those bright city streets. No longer will she lay against the old tree, sketching out the ducks swimming in the pond. No more laughter to fill the deadly silence of a boring afternoon. No more pointless conversations just to talk about everything and anything. That’s all gone.
     Forever. She’s never coming back, not like when she would leave for work or go out for lunch with her many friends. She’s not going to come through the door and say “I’m home!” Or those soft “I’m back.” She’s never going to be here, not with me, and not with anyone. She is no more, like a flower, the most beautiful ones are picked and become dead. Forever she is gone and dead.
This copyrighted and is mine. This is poetry, just a different form, if you don’t know that then you don’t know poetry
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