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I need water and
a rub down
because I have
been thrashing
against you
or my imagined
you you you
every **** thing
The tilt moves
and I am leaning
down again
I spin myself
right roun' or
some such thing
and the lean in
I feel it like
it smashes
not this time
my foreleg 'tracts
and springs
an ahm raw
open ask me
n e thin
caring has
left the bldg
clings for
I could catch
covid or I could
catch monkeypox
or  I could catch
a bullet when
times are good
We live for the thread
that connects us
to something
with hope
On an edge
bliss or dissipation
a holding pattern
call it judgement
fall in a direction
hope for rightness
not righteousness
that sugar
a favourite of
are you one
no not here
u aren't
Look what I got done
look what I have here
look look look
at what
I have
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