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9h · 54
Exploratory energy builds
Wants out into
The unknown
I have to go
be somewhere else
My feet are dying
of the known
They know where
they're made to walk
18h · 44
Don't talk to me
I'm done
You're wasting your time

This bit of hate
is for you
and your act

Your words
of caring

I feel
less alone
with you gone
Let your being enjoy itself

Let your being enjoy yourself

Let your being enjoy your being

Be enjoying your being

Be being your being enjoying

Be enjoying

Be Joy

Enjoy being


Joy'n me being

Enjoy something
anything really
will do
1d · 27
Or So I Thought
I finally have you
out of my head enough
to see you as a person

That envelope
you come in
is so loud

In my body
and the internal noise
in response

Is pots and pans
clanging an' banging
away all thought

and my conscious mind
knows the beast
it rides
1d · 25
Frame Drag
Do you feel it moving
This wave form that is our current

Do you feel it become
something different
While we go to laud it
It is new somewhere else

We are newer faster
Our instruments for replication
Of Ideas

Faster faster faster
slow down

what reflects that draws you
Why does that catch your eye
Which eye

I'm stringing words
like popcorn on fishing line
and they dont like how that feels

Look under the sound
let it slip off the word
literary malfeasance has occurred

Take a pickaxe to the sound
pry out the meaning that has
latched onto this single frame

Be a criminal getting to live
1d · 94
Digging for fearlessness
in tears
an' temptation

Finding I don't care
lies and gloating
1d · 33
Almost Here
Hard ceilings and leavings
I'll get back to you
kind of day

This jumble of mumbles
Oh I laugh at me
in a tag cloud

Waiting in a cool
September breeze
for now to come back
bringing me
3d · 42
Tonguing Nature
You know
You are out
Of control

You know
You are out
Of your mind

On ***
Fine fine

you know you
a fine

And a force
3d · 43
Weather Me
I am hating the tightness
of your ******
That grip your body has
Over me

Perhaps it's the shape of your *******
That is so infuriating
And abhorrent to Nature

Such perfection of angle
into my want
I move at you
like rope pulled

Astride surprise
I rise a flea
you you female

You borderland
of willing dissolution

this knowing
of clear it away for me

I am the force
Of nature you seek

Though I don't understand
3d · 30
Own it Girls
you *******
you females
you confusions
you want
you scream in my head
and smile
as if

smile in your power
while i
channel surf
distract pretend contend
anything for that smile
that scent
that spent self

like a shot gun shell
like a hot bun shell

I am scrambling in time
you *******

while you twist down
on now's taste

you are the clamps
of time keep me here

singing and not knowing
why and your eye

you don't even understand
your power

nor do i
salty piece *******

onto the surface
of a sun
4d · 85
More Smelling
Play your feints
your taints

Play your can'ts
your not you's

Slap out at
this loudness

Oh the splash
of tomorrow

And I'm after
smelling your sour self

i get to
god i get to

and that alone
makes me happy
4d · 36
Sourly Delicious
I wish I knew
what led
to the scent
of you
the taste
of you

I need to smell
that sharpness
it isn't attractive
its you

I need to taste
that sharpness
while you arch
it isn't tasty
its you
its' the flavor
of you
its I get to
taste you
4d · 29
Hooomans are fascinating
they cannot tell the difference
between their imaginations
and their immediate surroundings
This presents opportunities
to tilt at things you don't understand

the pretense of your own scent
lilac and sumac

old scents
lent forward

I scramble back from this precipice
sent from the accidental bureau

cold sweet mix of ice and sugar and

of guessing around the corner
with tequila

not about that
not about this

spinning of feeling
into sound


blasted off molecules
regroup in a neighborhood bar

as if they lost a softball game
let's take a dangerous tack

your un-safety is all that matters
in this break neck run at slurp
what is that

its a short dress
away from

i don't know
is that

or greatnessless

the land
of your answer

your urge steer'n
contained or celebrated

no one can be your answer
or even your ring

and yet your ***
is so beautiful

and the rest
is nonsense
5d · 30
it is a fine finger of value
i extend
yes to  you
as representative
of this 'verse

are you not the voice
of the universe
arisen through
whatever agent
you believe

whatever magic
you require

your *** is here


so there

okay i accept
whatever story
brings you to the brink
of this line


nice to meet you
i am certain you are dee


there is a pumping of blood
we seek
to be turgid


i have passport
to devine

it is thine
6d · 88
I've my socks half off
the way you hate

And i know
it's too late

I've just encountered
a ufo

female ohmy

that's a thing
i decided

i just can't say
your name

nothing fits your
angles and lines

except ****
6d · 29
Did I Sputter
Every thought a line

I can smell you
on clean hands

Staying there

What's in the now
rising please rise

moving around

this corded now
some how

in the grip

wailing at me
with my own lips

I make them
sputter with my finger
6d · 31
Hemorrhage You
No one appreciates me
No one at all
No one sees me
No one at all

No one something
No one or other

I am secreting
to much glue
I am secreting
too much

Your name
Your name
Your name
6d · 31
I think I know
how to fix this

what in you

for a caress

Ah know
how to fall

collapsing into
no one's arms

over and over
I am too big

to be lifted
I fight that

swaying so

pick me pick me
I rehearse

the sorrow
of tomorrow

at 7 and 10

expectations rise

I open
a bottle

Seems like
the right thing
6d · 57
Do Wi' That
Alexa just told me
"thanks, it's good to be here"

I said
"I agree"
6d · 33
A Better
I put bullets into spaces
load them with
these hidden things
that  i fear

i'm scrambling back up
a verse
the pressure is
too much

i think i'm putting bullets
into spread sheets and
check books

these dangerous things
lying around
haunting me

capsizing in a false
and sliding down
the throat

imaginary gall
fantastical struggle
pathos with ethos
just need nachos

that's some action
see the typist type
seated anywhere
really anywhere else
6d · 121
I am unimportant
to the sunshine
I am unimportant
to the yellow wild flower
bathed in it
I wonder if
I am the only one
to see it glow

All are here
in the fabric
your seeing
of them here
news confirming
u already knowing
of this beauty
in u
7d · 25
I am connected to the network
I am of type human
I am excited to be here
with you

I can't seem to go backwards
or forwards
from here
It seems to stay with me
and not
I seem to be always here
while here and I
are never the same

While we are connected
in this slippery when
What do we want
a reading from the book
of alive and i can prove it

While and when
we crave these wavelengths
that never satisfy the hunger
we want to throb
to become one without

Vibrant at once
we are there
leaping from one
for the higher one
past knowing

free your stew-***
of opinions
of your false stirring
and be stirred
be sunrise
Sep 13 · 34
Here Ya Go
Dennis Willis Sep 13
raking through emptiness
for another line
knowing i should be sleeping

a movie ends
with such a dirge
over the credits
i change my mind

this is a waste of time
this space resisting
action for

its all day
i say
over and over
admit it man

i'm on the lamb
the collector

so i talk nice
to my dogs
they don't listen
unless i say "treat"
Sep 13 · 27
From Now On
Dennis Willis Sep 13
I am the one
this time
being unimpressed
by your efforts
to get my attention
this is a shoe horse
of a different color
for me and you i think
i am encountering
resistance to this being
my forearms cramping
in this direction is resistance
why is this uphill
is this wrong this

this yes

is a thorn

i process a song

this wrong this little tiny wrong
and its bony burr

but but but
they they they

**** this awareness
lemony perspective
these lights
now on
Sep 13 · 32
She Shops
Dennis Willis Sep 13
I slave over these verses
{no he don't}
I flop my fish of a soul out
for amusement
{oh yeah he do}
Do you know where
the way is
Zorro is a tree trimmer
{this is evidence}
Can you
{what is the ask}
{what is the ask}
Can you
{this is perdition}
scrunch your feelings
{rubbing my beard}
into these ****** things
{draining a glass}
a moment drives by laughing
{was that supposed to be here}
press the up switch
{too random get back ***** cat}
inner i wish
tasty squirrel
{i write for you}
{she doesn't read}
she shops
{thank you universe}
you are laughing out loud
Sep 12 · 36
No Opinion
Dennis Willis Sep 12
Today I am rearranging
all the furniture
in my head space

I tried to drive across town
during rush hour
driving into a blinding
while having no opinions

Epic hilarious success

Without all my opinions
Regarding your driving skills
Your apparent intelligence
Your visual acuity
Or whether or not you are actually
even awake

Without all of my opinions
It turned out
I was just out for a drive
On a beautiful sunny morning

So this giant machine
I found dominating my headspace
Pumping out negative critical opinions
continuously about everything
Completely uselessly
And depressing

is being thrown the **** out
Sep 12 · 136
Dennis Willis Sep 12
Talkin' ta me is like
talkin' to goodness
wi' jus' a lil badness
for fun
Sep 11 · 64
Uh Me
Dennis Willis Sep 11
Kin ya see all'em poems
inna back uh mah head
tryin' uh clime outta mah mouf
Ah knows dey's moslee bad
dey jus' wan' be free
Sep 11 · 49
Dennis Willis Sep 11
Intervals of day
at different levels
lids partially off
jars of small time
want and fear
this and that
unfinished things
orbit my ascending
descent of moments
remaining open
peeling labels off jars
relabeling past
What was
my original color
and shape
another jars open
spilling itself
all over my now
like a dog i am
on my back
in the grass
Rolling in
I want to
smell like you
All day
Sep 11 · 71
Dennis Willis Sep 11
I woke up
with this girl
on my mind

This ridiculous
on my mind

I'll see her
Is so bright

My day seems
& thin

In this sandwich
of hope
& light
Sep 11 · 29
Shape Free
Dennis Willis Sep 11
All of these conversations in my head over and over the things I should have said the things I'm going to say in conversations. That Never happen because no one will ever sit still for the long explanation of how right I am

I should write a TV series or a movie with all these conversations all these satisfying shutdowns. Instead get comfortable with frayed threads floating in my life never resolved sometimes the people just die

So it's not about keeping all the threads neat tying up all the loose ends as satisfying as i think that would be. It's about being alive in The weave of Time and love and open to the nearest smile.

Knowing everything is fraying and growing around us. Both are good. You have a certain amount of time. You have you. You can't get more time or a different you. So love what you have of both. If you want to have a great life, do so passionately.

Find the place where it isn't awkward to be you. Learn how to be comfortably you in any setting.

I'm thinking to my fingertips, thinking to my toenails. I am hungry to know. I'm in no hurry to go.
Sep 10 · 30
Too Much
Dennis Willis Sep 10
The version of me
that panics
and requires balm
of choco choco chip
cannot be left in charge
after tonight
Sep 10 · 116
Where'd Y'all Go
Dennis Willis Sep 10
I am oscillating in a wrestling match over
an infuriating soup of potentials
I'd be a wave but I'm particular
We'd know if you'd look
that hardening down and away

The universe needs to be seen
to be

So I close my eyes
Sep 10 · 37
Dennis Willis Sep 10
This wiping
a hand rough to my face
ummph  it means what

I am mislead by skin
and i don't wish
it to stop

circling like hawks
bards reel in forgotten darkness
of don't care angst typing

her smile recedes pale dissolving into night
laughing at the comedy of manners
wrenchingly stupid judgments abound

glove their hosts and fix their mascara
unite the front of dubious choices
enforced by the disengenuos
Sep 10 · 40
This Listening
Dennis Willis Sep 10
This listening this listening to
not at all happy with...

I am not deaf I am not hearing
what I am hearing

this wave this wave is coming back
its not the wave its the shore

listening to the sea its the shore
listening to the tongues of waves

its the moment the wave recedes
leapt upon by gleaming light

dissolving by receding this light fades
into sand into glass into

this is not sound this is not an act of sound
i am reverberating from beauty

i am littering space between with this
guessing about you

this apprehension of you this anticipation
of your hunger and whether it exceeds the lies you were born into

this listening to the lies making up the heart
of our us oh how fear ***** us in

unbelieve  your skin and snot and drool
as impediments to beauty

I am running your intent to ground
where sound grinds down

did i stutter did i drift did I miss
where you live and cry in small check

this crumb this dry crumb that is my heart
would listen really it would if only you

if only you were my beloved if only you
listening meant satisfaction

this sound coming from this sound
cries twice for the cool night without sound

i am not able to able to carry this carry this
self boarding self recrimination self sailing

feet of rope encircle our necking our passion
aching against all this listening this bath of alive

this hearing of angst and animosity and rutting anger
wishing to be fully pressured

and heard I am listening as you detonate
your threat to cause tears

i don't know what you are saying
I am pulled to corners by forces

then cool night air moves through
and i feel heard
Sep 9 · 45
It doesn't look good
Sep 9 · 34
Time's Fall
Sneering at the eyeballs of time
with Hard Lemonade
Pierce this belch time
you little *****
Headlines today
You've been reversed
in quantum and
in human age
Thought you were
all that did ya
Sep 9 · 54
Clean Up On Aisle 5
Living in the poem of tonight
its hourly calamitous shebogging
of seconds delicious and sizzling
and no one sees this smile save
everyone within this entangleverse
smudging a moment with self
Sep 9 · 27
Oh the piece of *** i can't have
this ******* of time
this prolonging of longing
what does the universe teach
when it deletes these lines

it teaches that it doesn't
it holds it all in abeyance
of final learning of crescendo
of knowing anything
of scent maybe

it riles me to know
as keys click and snap
tonight up
this equilibrium
of carmel and chocolate

it will read
author of cute lines
while people died
of serious poetry
Sep 9 · 44
Talking Dinner
You feel this collapse
You fear the crushing
Your bones the frightened leap
too late
Already in the lion's mouth
His implacable need to eat
Doesn't know who you are
Doesn't know you think you're more important Than lunch
Doesn't know about your love
of children

You feed yourself to him
What's you wonder
Will he accomplish
With you in him
Thinking you are
More then lunch
Is the error you made
You might even be
talking dinner
Sep 9 · 16
Parked Cars
Wrestle more quietly your knowing
of murmurs and tumeric and ash
let these neighborhood sounds ring
down streets and lanes of parked cars
Watch coolness and shadows sweep thru
are they seeking you or inimitable eversalt
how the tongue of life wants for it
Carved into sunrise this night flops over
gorged on love and delight and steak
All that mystery scaffolding of supposed
unwritten from the sky and earth held
truths gone with morning mist & night need
that this may ease the scouring of yourself
Sep 8 · 27
The universe is a machine
built for flinging stuff
against the wall

A membrany surface
somewhere around here
holding now

With a wierd refresh rate
and a color temperature
of everything

Agin' a cosmic background
of poets and politicians
pasting up pfffft all

only existing in
your mind
I break out in song
Sep 8 · 27
You Only Need
One thing to save your life
**** all
it's yours you *******
empty the head trash
live now
right the **** now
nothing else exists
Sep 8 · 112
Poems Wanting
Love them all
I say
Let ...
Sort them out
Sep 8 · 49
Cloud 9
This is sweet torturous time
waiting for you
To get here
To come to me
To be mine
Oh there's the door
Sep 8 · 37
makes me squirm
I am agitated

I've watched
risking it all's
truth crush me

I am reaching

want of

Still bawling
over you
Sep 7 · 42
One Izization
The violence of tines
clatters inhumanely
gnawed edges
present themselves
to be ended quick
I'm a rip
in nice fabric
a belch
in polite company
eating through
there is no
shared reality
outside thought
scrapes imagined
collapsing into
Sep 6 · 59
Love affords a swelling life
of resilient connection
and excitement everyday

Suffusions in all
our great hearts
bind us

to these high moments
of great delight
being alive

Whilst whirling
around the center
of our universe's smile
Sep 5 · 833
Fear affords a shallow life
of hesitant connection
and wearying wariness

Delusions in all
of our great minds
blind us

to these quiet moments
of great beauty
reading poetry

Whilst whipping
across time on a galaxy's
flung out arm
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