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I  am nower
now aren't I
and you and
you too you're
nower now too
aren't you aren't
you too you know
you are don't you
As long as you are in
the galactic plane
and dancing
with pilgrims
all lined up on an age

what slips you here
to your advantage
an advancement over
all that became before
now is on the borderline
are you here

can you be held warmly
seen as being wetly
cognizant of the pressure
if you'll do this for me
i'll stop your disintegration
with now
Dennis Willis May 30
living in a room
of outbound bullets
of course I want
you to be safe
I kid of course
duck duck ghost
let's play the game
we love the most
Dennis Willis May 23
You know when hate
enters your heart
its left hand your right
shake it all about
take a direction
you know the one
now take a deep breath
let her go let him go
let it go let all go
I am understood
to be confusing
it's the naiveté
that is so hard
to achieve
when I want to be
Dennis Willis May 21
I've scraped together
parts of things
added aspects
I'm hoping are subtle

"and Rosario is SAFE!!!"

given contexts
contrived to help
"sunshine and roses"

"Emmanuel is innocent!!!"

I let it run to page
smile and frown
that balance
bits have flown

"Cabrera not so much so"

this, another overreach
a cautious feeding
trying to feel that thing
you want to feel
Dennis Willis May 15
This spindly outreach
trembling for connection
bleeding all the hope
of every lyricist
I really don't know
if I have anything else
than this sing along
than this wring along
Dennis Willis May 15
I need a slogan
or a hip-hip-hooray
or some **** thing
here he is
some **** thing
aren't we all
n e thin else
comes before the fall
proud of that
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