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Dennis Willis Jun 25
No you don't need me
No you don't read me
When I'm sixty blue
if you are of a certain age and/or have a certain melody in your head
Dennis Willis Jul 2019
There needs to be
an "L" key
that is not

Corrections appear
faster than I can error

This imprefect
singing moment

think of itself
thought of itself
read out

the "S" key
no longer

This quagmire
I have

of short messages
with dopamine
in a synapse

crosses abandon
to land on

you know what
you want
to land on
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
I put bullets into spaces
load them with
these hidden things
that  i fear

i'm scrambling back up
a verse
the pressure is
too much

i think i'm putting bullets
into spread sheets and
check books

these dangerous things
lying around
haunting me

capsizing in a false
and sliding down
the throat

imaginary gall
fantastical struggle
pathos with ethos
just need nachos

that's some action
see the typist type
seated anywhere
really anywhere else
these pure me's
fall ******* your
rocky perception,
Dennis Willis May 2019
There is this
part of the night
that absorbs all sound
You keep turning the television down
Still its loud
and you think
you hear
other sounds
you mute
hear nothing
less a distant train
Dennis Willis Sep 11
This range
spilt upon rock
by novelty and pull
leaves out hope
that torpedo
of breathless blood
on the rod
its a soul roundup
and branding
get together
of lessening selves
for, i imagine, something
i imagine
outcropping your hopes
and you **** back
in how-ness
i'm here

holding time
against what
was said then
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
It doesn't look good
I may have played out
some things
and need to move on
I may have played out
and get to move on
I may have
played out
this vein
of my life
this cliff's crease
and need to leap
there just there
i thought
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
A gauntlet of beautiful words thrown down
Empties something carbon hard dark and scrabbling
I ache to leave; to see it leave, leaving always leaving
That's it I'm leaving

A gauntlet of gone and going to be and you'll see
and I won't be there here anymore then
exhausts itself and deflates
into angry ice cream consumption with wine

A trillion germ cells pulled themselves together to become you at my door knocking everything down and grinning at your terrible power
You needed to feel powerful
To be the one
To shove your love in a bag and pull the drawstring almost flippantly closed
Giving you power of taking breaking as if
As if slamming the door first or hardest made right of all the daring to be worse than and
All the daring to be Better than
at decimating
Every day's 10% off the top leaving only bottom time
Power through all that love all that life all this family in no time take off your safety glasses now there's nothing left
It turns out you were right
it always rattled
now its quiet and you don't understand
what to do with your
well designed well built amazingly well run gauntlet by yourself
Dennis Willis Sep 2018
Waking up having no one to talk to has me sending texts and emails to colleagues who have someone to talk to early on Saturday morning and I realize this only after I sent them and I remember what I thought when I lived with a family and got emails don't they have a life?

Apparently I was wrong then

Having gone from a half life
To a whole life

(I'm still uninsured notes poet)

In a half step

From, from, from
The past I'll say

Not wanting to name names
Point at anything

But my

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
Ahm stealing something here
like stink can you remember the
smell of ink

Ahm cutting into something here
like kink can you remember the
smell of mink

Ahm sinking into something here
like think can you remember the
smell of shrink

Ahm running into something here
like blink can you remember the
smell hinky

in lasting lies I tell you sighs
i wish would last
time between thighs
hi high highs

Ahm Ahm Ahm
something having time
not to mention this woman
hungry to taste

landing on something
solid in fuzzy days
i z into your Thursday
like butter

she talks a good game
grows solid in mind
her darkness rising and falling
around her tongue lashing me

and finally you know
what ahm stealing
years, seconds, moments, now
ahm stealing now

i missed so much of it
starving for it
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
Ah Poesy
Why don't you Mosey
on down

Fill this sleepless space
behind my yawning

Some tasty line
to hasten
my decline

Into somnolence
I imagine
Dennis Willis Dec 2018
Ought to happen
to enliven life

Ah somethin
wreck me tonight

I learned something
I forgot

About attraction
gaining traction

I remember
being hot

I just never
really knew

at the time
I was shy

Ah now
Always the game breaker
Always the wrecker

Undone unlettered
Facing the next


Ah somethin

Up against me
A she

I am quiet
in the can

while she sleeps

Ah somethin
can I hold yer hand

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
I am parallel
And antagonistic
I see you or maybe I just feel you
Coming alongside
What do I do?
Slam into you
Pull away
proceed shoulder to shoulder

Lob a grenade gleefully
cackling at you in
clever little animal
that I am
racing on
I have lengthened
the track
and never
Dennis Willis Aug 27
This is bleach these lines
raging supine
Dennis Willis May 2019
It's all about
The attention you get
Not from poetry

That's a bath
of unmatching

Uncounted syllables
and unrhymed

Splashing about like
some lower form
of soul

Raisins are needed
to offset
your parched

Appreciation and
that suicide themselves

in that barren
you call home
Dennis Willis Apr 2019
Maybe our job
  us scriblurs
to get us all
  into flow

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Oct 2019
All of us
making our waves
carefully or not
need to be felt
or stopped clearly
with ought
Dennis Willis May 28
It's the almost eyes

What i'm hiding
don't look

is the skin
in a panic

carrying its salt water
out of here

i've almost eyes
to almost

it's this lesson

'tween breath
and death

i've scurried
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
Hard ceilings and leavings
I'll get back to you
kind of day

This jumble of mumbles
Oh I laugh at me
in a tag cloud

Waiting in a cool
September breeze
for now to come back
bringing me
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
These little scraps
connected back to
some **** god

argue with their
progenitor about why
this is stuck

this movement inside
your mind
needs to ease on

these bricks of notion
building these
black fears

discard this and that
on their way
to being aloft


and singing with time
to talk and laugh
while being
Dennis Willis Oct 2018
Or do I
have you

Clenched Waiting

A heart
I sing
for a heart

I art
for heart

Would you have
these earnest lines

Unfetched and
Dennis Willis Jan 2019
Trying to be human
amongst you beasts
amongst your bleats

Keep the cupholders
between the lanes
from the profane

sink into the condition
your condition
is in

and sing
of loss,
of what you had
for fifteen
****** minutes

and die in your puddle
small waves

you steamy
***** hearts
of *******

i love you
i am you
what's the ruckus
of tonight

have we evolved to fly
or is it just
poetry and margaritas
and broken chips

and a cup of this
sideways of that
a rhythm 'at
can't be spelled
'thout tears

beer and country music
into the night
while a search light
promises excitement

at it's hot core
we spin hungry
against tomorrow
just today's hand
in it's pants
milkin' rants

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Mar 2019
So it's a thought
upside down
and banging
in here
going *******
for a way
to be strung out
up even
going for not easily
gotten over

What did you
all this banging
has me
I'm doin
can't hear

why can't u
hear me
can't u see
what's going on
in here
mouth open
you're no help

thought u wuz
my friend

Thought like this
banging in me

Thinking like this
ahm clanging
hanging me up

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Nov 2018
With your rhymes
and your considered lines
and your riches of thought
and nuanced life

Hammered I would
given the chance
your existence

I'm not

and that is a bell
around  my neck
badged for death
hung with your name

and a sigh
time slipping
out of your pocket
into mine

some notes lie
in sound and sense
leaving you feeling

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Jan 2019
And I
tire easily
of tiring easily

so sarcastic
this broken
it sticks

and i
lower myself
to letters
and leans
on you

oh you
you don't

see in here
curtain pulled aside
of what you want

inked on a cell
negated into existence
pardon this reach

it's just a netting
of new things

called progress
in a direction
called inevitable
when we care
enuf to look up

and see u

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Sep 21
Some narrative
"you can't keep up"
wafts thru me
about you

your frail patronage
sings happy ignorance

Some narrative
"this all *****"
wafts thru me
about all of you

your frail personage
wonders with a smile

Some narrative
"i give up"
wafts thru me
Dennis Willis Jan 2019
The suit of clothes that no longer fits

And you are else

And I am
No ******* idea what I am

On Thursday I became
Songs of a gavel

Luv that ****** word

Out on to

Can't say it

And I've spread
to steady myself

fat into you
I become

On a sing

So attractive this dark


Where are u reading

What can you smell?

Is how empty

or full
of a lizard

In you

Dennis Willis Jun 2019
And now I'm thinking
with a wrinkle
in my response
deflected by chemistry
and calculation

It broke down
that bubble upton
tannic in my cheeks
setting teeth to grit
in the skin spasm

you can lead an ion
to a source
of left turns about
a vague unsatisfying

you wanted to come here
and i
given up
on arrivals
said no to leaving
and left
Dennis Willis Sep 2018
censored by hp
Dennis Willis Jan 2019
And then I didn't

I reached caught


Of I don't know

in my hands

Raising up

A finger to lips

as if they
were yours

under my


Soft warm

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Jul 2019
Raking through hopelessness
looking for
I resist the pull
of falling
becoming diving
the safety
of anger
of doubt
of the high
the low percentage
will occur
in this circle
of licking
Dennis Willis Feb 2019
This aloneness
I have earned
that i sing against
and sleep with
settles in my fingertips
and leakes out
in lines

in the water
here jumps
to there
our eyes

being the same
as dat joint
a trick of the light
you in the night
being right

quiet now
the price of
sharply cut
flowers and the  smell
of digging

i used to know
the earth
i used to know
running it

wrapping it up
burning it forward

straight down now
just let go

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
I have broken through the day
to the next
keyed up here

self starting statements that
say themselves out

at how little
was broken

braking into
breaking  into
shapes unexpected

breaking into
you small and
you large

broke me
left me

in my head
Dennis Willis Mar 2019
This is burning
and I choose
to be gasoline

You looked down at me
Said a sneer

Each cell of mine

A billion bits
of bull-dreniline

Ready ready ready
Part of me
Ready to destroy
the threat
and make things safe

Or unsafe
for them
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
I am crying so hard
at this commercial
one would wonder
if it made sense
if there wasn't
Dennis Willis Apr 2019
It's an opening
I try to inhale
This is not enough

Lungs can't fill
I need my inhaler
to **** this in
a *******

Golden Toasted Molecules
'n two puffs

Or double that
What it takes
In gritted teeth
To tell you

Where I should be
Lying lying lying
Oh this ******* thing

I can breathe well now
I can live well now
It's just breathing
To do

The rest is some *******
Rhyming in your head
Until you can't
******* breathe

I cannot believe
What ******* idiots we are
****** are us
Flushing in time

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
How do my arms and hands know
to type no further?

Crack. Thru. This. No further.

Almost like cramps. The resistance.
Muscle's reluctance decorates
these lines

Working my hands til fingers push on. Stretching
between lines.

This is not [clenching] bad

Look at your hands.  Stretch them.
Clench a fist.

I'm smitten. I am hardened. I am flicked.

A fingers width to meaning.  This is mine.

A note we all like.  Playing.
Dennis Willis Dec 2018
Another call
Rushing to a home
2 what a.m.

A stupid death

What am I bothering to say here?
Why am I here writing?
What do I make to help?
Who am I trying to help?

The internal Discord
Is mine

The swallowing
The remaining close
To crying

Me me me
Dennis Willis Oct 2019
Snekerdy caulabol again
acrot beferly eferly boe
have lemerin lilson erole
You zan you zam enaugh
therems gol an zool etay
Grebelding again!
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
Crawling around the outside of my life
To get it sorted
What the hell is this
And what's that for
Are murdered over and over
No effin' idea
'bout that appendage of need
******* noisily just there

Perhaps that's our purpose
Life is to **** the marrow
From the universe

Why am I so gross
And why does that feel like closeness
To the ****** polyglot of 'verses
Aching to bleed anywhere
In any appreciating mind
Lyrical sandwiches
are made of chapped lips
sutured to the *** of excitement
Do you not here the stars giggle

At us on sun's hoop careening round
well everything

begging the sunshine for rain
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
Applecross rosebuds
whatever they are
  rein in my morning

100 great poems
play in the background
"no one to drive the car"

back from the
missions on scraps

of paper
clothes to be cleaned
and please bring

more time
a warm response
to my nervous text

a lump of sun
in fog
like breakfast

  a day propped up
on white elbows
  steams awake

Carry me up
  with you
Carry me up
Dennis Willis May 2019
The universe
   i think
wants us to learn
to sing
we are its songs

we all want our songs
to sing and
be sung

The universe
clutches us
to its heart
this way
Dennis Willis Oct 2018
Kiss your cheek
and softly
bite your neck

it makes me

my hands
on your waist

pulled against


lips sliding
on your lovely

then shoulder
invited back
the slow way

to a ready
ear lobe

i test
she likes

fingers twitch
to each other

Unmade together
is a place

here in our hearts

that makes

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Jan 2019
I am exploding in lines of dispensary chaos
carefully, 1 part this, 1 part that
1 part neither this or that
axed into a rick
of push this edge
i sink
from old movies
into morass
of melange

this synchronization
of backbone
splayed like a blonde
on cash

i crash on Thursday
scenting a way foward
and then u
show up

What is our tomorrow
not subscribed
not cut
from expectation
alive and screaming

felt with that nerve
you hear incessantly
god i love that word

in your mouth
this speaks
and  i

we are here
across some abyss
unfilmed hellos
half done

you half
not even
ink between

of lust
and i
rust here
at a ****** keyboard u?

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis rants
Dennis Willis Mar 2019
Finding what shrinks
in view

Diving from sight
O' those eyes

Those dangerous eyes
that fix

Come out
shadow man

Burrow diver
You've grown

Too large for hawks
Though not perhaps

The banerjee
Though 's only one

So come out

The rest of your day
is safe

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Nov 17
Can I get taller standing on lines of poetry
Can I get longer laying my mystification down
Can I use something other than darkness as a light
Can I figure out sound
that sounded like uncertain knew its way home
an i donut away from the things of disorder asking
Dennis Willis Dec 2018
I thought to tell my friend
wouldn't you?

So here's the tale
of the round

and the lips
and the taste

round yeah
um hmm

you think

no you don't
think there

'cause the skin
right there

tastes like

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
The recent discovery
that everything
in my head
is *******
is freeing

Belief structures
Erected in mental space
By convincers
I have been persuaded
to believe

About pretty much
you are even
a construct lying
in time

Do you imagine
I'm picturing you
scanning these lines
finding want
reach in
read write me
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