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Dennis Willis Jul 18
There is one time
I cannot
Dennis Willis Oct 2021
Let's make it 12
for those who think
they aren't
able to save public
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
I have to win more battles
Do I? On a Thursday night?

I have to remove these socks
as my feet choose to overheat

I do have to drink more water
or the price is excruciating

I have to play this game
because it is in front of me

Being a man is not like
being a woman

As far as I can tell
they are glial

and we are being coaxed
into formation

we are thinking

pounding ourselves

did we get enuf
of that for you
Dennis Willis May 2021
The Muse spicy tonight
Dennis Willis Jul 2021
All agreeing
are wrong
bless me
oh ****
one more
Dennis Willis Jun 2020
No you don't need me
No you don't read me
When I'm sixty blue
if you are of a certain age and/or have a certain melody in your head
Dennis Willis Jul 2019
There needs to be
an "L" key
that is not

Corrections appear
faster than I can error

This imprefect
singing moment

think of itself
thought of itself
read out

the "S" key
no longer

This quagmire
I have

of short messages
with dopamine
in a synapse

crosses abandon
to land on

you know what
you want
to land on
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
This slippery thing
rubbing up against
not quite now

such anticipation
in this kind of here
past 5pm

and reaching for
anything almost
to fill this absence

of interest
in me
by [see list]

so let the games

half filled lines
for attention
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
I put bullets into spaces
load them with
these hidden things
that  i fear

i'm scrambling back up
a verse
the pressure is
too much

i think i'm putting bullets
into spread sheets and
check books

these dangerous things
lying around
haunting me

capsizing in a false
and sliding down
the throat

imaginary gall
fantastical struggle
pathos with ethos
just need nachos

that's some action
see the typist type
seated anywhere
really anywhere else
Dennis Willis Dec 2021
I worry about you
between art
and ****** armistice
where beauty
leaves us

Where beauty leaves
again I haven't
measured up
so stop

Arriving on top
of me
a fearful thought
About you
not about me
About you
not being
about me
About you
me being
About you
for you
while you

me fleeing
about you
Dennis Willis Sep 2020
these pure me's
fall ******* your
rocky perception,
Dennis Willis May 2019
There is this
part of the night
that absorbs all sound
You keep turning the television down
Still its loud
and you think
you hear
other sounds
you mute
hear nothing
less a distant train
Dennis Willis Jan 2021
What living things sing a moment
we imagine remains

slippery contains
rain, reign
no reins

ride and die singing
tho you may not must


spread now wider
Dennis Willis Jul 2021
I hesitate to approach this moment
of landmines
and disbelief

experience is stretched
and I've been ended

acceptance, have you any
i fear the narrows
as if

knowing the rules is any
different than being
lied to

in a well organized
and clear manner

there are moments
I would hand you
of her

could your humanity
this thing that hears you

fitting fitting fitting
into this this what
they say

oh i hesitate to discern
at this distance
if you

could be trusted with this
untoward collision
we wanted

this open for viewing
and enjoying
like this

you can do anything
you like
to me
I am erased
a vapor
a mist
several molecules
won't even
be noticed
what are you
doing here
Dennis Willis May 2021
Funny, that.
Getting it Right
burns up the universe
the force of seeing
Albert's gift
ablating away now

the subsurface
of the bottom of things
hates a calendar
knows a pattern on time's
a prison to chance
a lid to capricious eye

laughing at 2:30 pm
on Thursday
poetry at 3
falling in love
is next week
just after
i see epiphany
Dennis Willis Sep 2021
I meant something
not sure what
it was so

That's a space
to be filled
put something here
that has

and then

activated I strip
the moment

down for parts
I can reuse
being a poet
and all

digressing from
a hammer
of an evening

across a table
as if it was a
scene I saw
good blocking
elicits heartbreak
Dennis Willis May 15
I'm arrested by something
sticky the capillary action
is breathtaking
of all the things
in my head you
**** you
double **** yoou
to erase
Dennis Willis Nov 2021
I'll take this space
adequately filled
with no one

And I'll drown it
with ire

consumption of
high regard

of breathless absence
and your presence
so willful

straining against
flitting away
from here
Dennis Willis Sep 2020
This range
spilt upon rock
by novelty and pull
leaves out hope
that torpedo
of breathless blood
on the rod
its a soul roundup
and branding
get together
of lessening selves
for, i imagine, something
i imagine
outcropping your hopes
and you **** back
in how-ness
i'm here

holding time
against what
was said then
Dennis Willis Oct 2021
It may have a AAA battery
this light I carry and
is hoping for a find
in this semi dark
of all my hopes run out
It may be flickering
and seem really really dim
against the background of you
such light raging in verse
I look away from your face
and there was a race I lost
getting here second to you
Dennis Willis Sep 2019
It doesn't look good
I drifted out of
3 planetary aware

Have you heard
3 of em

A problem
to ***

caught picturing
it perfectly

I can't navigate
you circling
Dennis Willis Sep 2020
I may have played out
some things
and need to move on
I may have played out
and get to move on
I may have
played out
this vein
of my life
this cliff's crease
and need to leap
there just there
i thought
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
that's as far
as she
can go
and I can't
reach out
for nothing
I don't know what
the world is
or what part of it
rubs so roughly
that I wish not
to open my eyes

I don't know who
you are being
or what part of you
lashes out so fast
that I wish not
to open my mouth

I don't know when
I'll be ready
or what part of me
hammered so thoroughly
will heal first and desire
to open my heart
Dennis Willis Oct 2021
I think these are things
and they are not
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
Twice today
this isn't
an admission

its badminton
of a drink
Dennis Willis Sep 2021
How shall I forget you
when I can't remember you
a conflagration appears
in your place
shrapnell sharply
holes your image
where my happiness
hung itself to dry
As long as you are in
the galactic plane
and dancing
with pilgrims
all lined up on an age

what slips you here
to your advantage
an advancement over
all that became before
now is on the borderline
are you here

can you be held warmly
seen as being wetly
cognizant of the pressure
if you'll do this for me
i'll stop your disintegration
with now
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
A gauntlet of beautiful words thrown down
Empties something carbon hard dark and scrabbling
I ache to leave; to see it leave, leaving always leaving
That's it I'm leaving

A gauntlet of gone and going to be and you'll see
and I won't be there here anymore then
exhausts itself and deflates
into angry ice cream consumption with wine

A trillion germ cells pulled themselves together to become you at my door knocking everything down and grinning at your terrible power
You needed to feel powerful
To be the one
To shove your love in a bag and pull the drawstring almost flippantly closed
Giving you power of taking breaking as if
As if slamming the door first or hardest made right of all the daring to be worse than and
All the daring to be Better than
at decimating
Every day's 10% off the top leaving only bottom time
Power through all that love all that life all this family in no time take off your safety glasses now there's nothing left
It turns out you were right
it always rattled
now its quiet and you don't understand
what to do with your
well designed well built amazingly well run gauntlet by yourself
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
Leaning back
in my chair
on elbow
on an arm
arching my back
till a crack
Dennis Willis Sep 2018
Waking up having no one to talk to has me sending texts and emails to colleagues who have someone to talk to early on Saturday morning and I realize this only after I sent them and I remember what I thought when I lived with a family and got emails don't they have a life?

Apparently I was wrong then

Having gone from a half life
To a whole life

(I'm still uninsured notes poet)

In a half step

From, from, from
The past I'll say

Not wanting to name names
Point at anything

But my

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Dec 2020
We don't have time
it has us

These waves these
cosmic background

Churn up everything

Opining here are
frothy bubbles
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
Ahm stealing something here
like stink can you remember the
smell of ink

Ahm cutting into something here
like kink can you remember the
smell of mink

Ahm sinking into something here
like think can you remember the
smell of shrink

Ahm running into something here
like blink can you remember the
smell hinky

in lasting lies I tell you sighs
i wish would last
time between thighs
hi high highs

Ahm Ahm Ahm
something having time
not to mention this woman
hungry to taste

landing on something
solid in fuzzy days
i z into your Thursday
like butter

she talks a good game
grows solid in mind
her darkness rising and falling
around her tongue lashing me

and finally you know
what ahm stealing
years, seconds, moments, now
ahm stealing now

i missed so much of it
starving for it
Dennis Willis Jun 2019
Ah Poesy
Why don't you Mosey
on down

Fill this sleepless space
behind my yawning

Some tasty line
to hasten
my decline

Into somnolence
I imagine
Dennis Willis Dec 2018
Ought to happen
to enliven life

Ah somethin
wreck me tonight

I learned something
I forgot

About attraction
gaining traction

I remember
being hot

I just never
really knew

at the time
I was shy

Ah now
Always the game breaker
Always the wrecker

Undone unlettered
Facing the next


Ah somethin

Up against me
A she

I am quiet
in the can

while she sleeps

Ah somethin
can I hold yer hand

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Jan 21
I want my lollipop
don't you
This line sponsored by
the feel of my sleeve
the style of my attitude
I am conquering things
and I want you to cheer
me on

Soberly waiting
as if puzzle pieces
are being shaken
and they fall
into place

They will fall
into place
though few
might agree

The shortening of things
a constriction
of couldn't

while I wrestle away
from any target
the broad side of the barn
I love missing
is here
Dennis Willis Aug 2019
I am parallel
And antagonistic
I see you or maybe I just feel you
Coming alongside
What do I do?
Slam into you
Pull away
proceed shoulder to shoulder

Lob a grenade gleefully
cackling at you in
clever little animal
that I am
racing on
I have lengthened
the track
and never
Dennis Willis Aug 2020
This is bleach these lines
raging supine
Dennis Willis Jan 2021
Wrestle a day down I say
wrestle a day down
and let it go

The speaker hams it up
laughs it up
lets it flow

The inside turns out
turns in
days all a spin

Lies and rhymes
callous lines
this is fine

Coughing up slime
finding the time
this is mine
Dennis Willis Jun 2021
Everything is an eternity from now
where i don't want to be
so alone

so of course
poetry take me home
Nothingness in a song i yearn to be so
Dennis Willis Mar 28
I stench this moment
with fulsome smell
of you at your earthiest

blown away now to nose
at a rose of spectacular
lid lowering sweet musk

I'll wait for your imaginary
neurons to catch up and
breath deeply of that would be

wafting through imaginarium
the exquisite elemental smell
of you nearby
Dennis Willis May 2019
It's all about
The attention you get
Not from poetry

That's a bath
of unmatching

Uncounted syllables
and unrhymed

Splashing about like
some lower form
of soul

Raisins are needed
to offset
your parched

Appreciation and
that suicide themselves

in that barren
you call home
Dennis Willis Aug 2021
This distance
how far is it
between us now

How far do
my entrails stretch
in your hands

As you examine
so coldly
my  failings

You are
of course

Its just
the price
is wrong

You charge
every thing

Your great skill

to death
the reasons
we should be
Dennis Willis Apr 2019
Maybe our job
  us scriblurs
to get us all
  into flow

Copyright@2019 Dennis Willis
Dennis Willis Oct 2019
All of us
making our waves
carefully or not
need to be felt
or stopped clearly
with ought
Dennis Willis Dec 2021
we've errored
in jungles
best forgotten
that distance
do not quiet
these found songs
still talking
while you
keep squawking
and I don't know
what is aloud
The hokeyness of time
its environs and its chum
Taking up all this space
occupying restlessly
The next door neighbor's
fenced-in green acre
And while you're sorting thru
waves, lines and knots
Laughing or is that coughing
with here's the thing
If I can find you reach you
settle somehow in you
Oh the center of thought
and say all 'bout the laying
of now
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