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Dennis Willis Oct 17
Ah, that's a good wine, I think and set the glass down
thinking hard I pick it back up then a couple of Ruffles
and pick it back up to counter the salt and back and forth

I guess I'm trying to have a co nversation  with someone
and its more like I'm try ing to have a conversation with
an attitude I imagine antagonistic  to my blurry self
blurrily how-dare-you's are steps in a building of

one line over the **** sweet poesy broke into a lope
its the angle of its exit from the current context that's hot
state and curvilinear girls achieved a simplicity in time

how do you find this transition of self crossing  boundaries
contiguous hallucination s become agreed upon and scheduled
and you have a nice organized day hardly a thought out of order
'cept that bludgeoning wi imagined when we learned we weren't

getting and we weren't gonna be having an' that fornication well
actually, a series throughout the day of such imaginings leaving
all of us longing and smili ng helpful happy to be distracted

from stone and light and shear forces not to mention dark energy
70 percent of everything including yourself gonnawannado\
something sometime that changes everything everywhere ya-uh

and then we get here, some unadulterated space where we just are
sitting around the house in our gotchas and our extended awareness
processing time into lines similar but not *******
watermelon poetry high
Dennis Willis Oct 14
Scribblers, whether fitting to form
and rhythm
or stalking the formless,
stacking the pretty to be seen
or shredding to see all
clamber to some space
to feel safe to flower
or attempt
or reject
or all

and if
from this effort
another takes offense

that one should pay
the poet's rent
for showing you the extent
of your ego's bent

for holding harm
from another's pen
thoughts that swarm
only in your ken
I've learned that if I'm feeling self-righteous I'm probably wrong.
Dennis Willis Oct 14
Write something at this sad hour to intent
write so mething and enjoy your elixirs
smile even at this thought a bit grimly
just write something non-existant
while -hopeless- being listenable

Write something rancid and runny
i really enjoyed that there
that will tickle a cunni
ngham kitten
i'm killing it here

Write something really revealing
unless its real ly boring
unless you can make boring
really really a knife of life eh
these incisions of clench
heart turns a wrench

Write something dark and happy
that will perk them up
in that bleak homeless shelter for joy
whacked on the head by its mom
fear is coming for you son
"can't go back there now"
Dennis Willis Oct 13
The sipping point has arrived
I am increased and resupplied
in this fortification so languid
and dark and insinuating

Poured into this dress curved
hard by this   unexploded  mine
ther e is no predicate to this awareness
sipping against when

my imagination detonates'sss
again things i've been leave the stage
unattractively so everyo ne knows
I want them to think it was
Dennis Willis Oct 11
I lost the fight
not a fight
the fight

it's been replaced

with the "oh ****
you too?" approach

If no we might be back
to fighting

so say yaa me too please
and i'll smile
and we'll vibe
Legend in a chair
here's to
th at thing i did

toast reaching
to get out of
the toaster

lift me out
butter me
tell me
I'm tasty

These things
don't end
aside from
a s i de hidden

you can't see
what I'm doing to me
unread        an'

still the best
and only
ambulatory fool
i've to drive
It's here, the poetic moment
dancing tonsils
you have to let the moment build
an ever-increasing yodel
spurned like a bunny
ears sadly askew
running hell-bent
yet comically confident
for never been there land

never even been

tones change
when you're hard


I've begun the other
imaginary process
of undoing
being undone
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