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Oct 2020
Ah, that's a good wine, I think and set the glass down
thinking hard I pick it back up then a couple of Ruffles
and pick it back up to counter the salt and back and forth

I guess I'm trying to have a co nversation  with someone
and its more like I'm try ing to have a conversation with
an attitude I imagine antagonistic  to my blurry self
blurrily how-dare-you's are steps in a building of

one line over the **** sweet poesy broke into a lope
its the angle of its exit from the current context that's hot
state and curvilinear girls achieved a simplicity in time

how do you find this transition of self crossing  boundaries
contiguous hallucination s become agreed upon and scheduled
and you have a nice organized day hardly a thought out of order
'cept that bludgeoning wi imagined when we learned we weren't

getting and we weren't gonna be having an' that fornication well
actually, a series throughout the day of such imaginings leaving
all of us longing and smili ng helpful happy to be distracted

from stone and light and shear forces not to mention dark energy
70 percent of everything including yourself gonnawannado\
something sometime that changes everything everywhere ya-uh

and then we get here, some unadulterated space where we just are
sitting around the house in our gotchas and our extended awareness
processing time into lines similar but not *******
watermelon poetry high
Written by
Dennis Willis  Oh
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