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Just love me
'n I'll love you back

just love me
I realise that my delusions are far more pleasurable than my reality.
So I'm going to hang on to my delusions
And live them every single day.
It's feeling' a bit like a Gary Clark Jr. night tonight.

My train's pulling' in
& I don't owe you a thang baby

this music sets me free

& artisan crackers.
The wild turkey served it on a bread board
with a toothless, icy smile.
& what a smile it was
as the sun set in gold
& rose
in pink & blue hues.
Debra in Silence Dec 2020
I trace his silhouette in my mind & analyze why.
It is the key to arousal.
My luxurious hypnotic craving is an authentic perception of you.
I am your slave and you,
my secret.
If I am to survive I need to keep this private and keep my panic hidden when you catch me in the halfpace with tittynopes on my plate.
Scrumptious gullible cravings.
Your arrogance can be brutal but it leaves me begging so it's breathtaking.
And your brilliance is obscene.
It's satisfying & ruthless.
My stupidity is remarkable but brave so
I command the fascination we have for each other.
Blatant mind feast.
Perverse but rewarding.
Your protection is unconditional because you are ***** magic.
A master of ****** temptation &
naughty respect.
What a nerd trap you are!
Simply sensational.
Do you recognise the ******?
‘Two households, both alike in dignity’
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