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1.0k · Jun 2014
My love. Penny
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
She left me
And I miss her
I love her
She used to love me
I don't know what I did for her to hate me
But now I cry
And cry. And cry
And I feel like cutting
My girlfriend dumped me
And I feel like I was swallowed by death himself
I hope she will talk to me
I miss her
I love you penny
And I always will
1.0k · Sep 2014
Moving up
Damian Peterson Sep 2014
I am feeling like I have moved on
I now have a job
I work at the Cineplex
I still don't sleep at night tho
I never have since I was 9
All because of nightmares
I'm scared to sleep at night
I just wish I can get well soon
872 · May 2014
Paths We Take
Damian Peterson May 2014
Although our paths never cross,
Our struggles are the same.
793 · Jun 2014
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
Hatred is a poison that fills your body. It becomes impossible to think of anything else but the object of your hatred. Sometimes if you don't encounter the object of your hatred for a length of time, the hatred may dissipate throughout your body. You may be under the impression that the feeling is gone. The truth is that is has spread like a cancer. It is very important if possible to tell the person who you are angry with how you feel. If this is not possible it might be helpful to discuss your feelings with others. In any case do not let this hatred sit and poison your body.
750 · Jun 2014
War is not the answer
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
War is not the answer
for no matter how you try
For every evil one you ****
One thousand innocents will die
606 · Jul 2014
Join me
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
Join me
And together
We can rewright our own destiny
580 · Jun 2014
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
if a man looses his wisdom
what will he do next
man is driven by wisdom
and we seek wisdom
if man lost it
we will drive into darkness and suffering
483 · Jun 2014
nobody dies
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
if everyone cared
and no on cried
if everyone loved
and no one lied
if everyone shared
and swallowed their pride
then we'd see the day
where nobody dies
Second line 'and no on(E) cried'
Watch the spelling, sometimes it can change the whole meaning of what you are trying to get across. Awesome poem by the way!
437 · Jul 2014
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
"**** a man, No. Help a man, yes. If he need help behind killed I will. But if it's for no reason. I can't"
418 · Aug 2014
Im sick of it
Damian Peterson Aug 2014
Im sick of it
The way i get treated
Just because someone is different
Doesn't mean they have to be treated different
I tried to get help
And people turned their back on me
I feel like im alone but really
Im not alone,
And i know people have it worse
I keep that in mind
I help others but i get nothing
I dont care if i get nothing
But if the same person keeps coming back
I would like help
But i get none
So i get mad
And i regret it
We all have stories
But we dont tell all of it
Thank you for reading
407 · May 2014
Live and Die
Damian Peterson May 2014
One more into the fray…
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
Live and die on this day…
Live and die on this day…
376 · Jun 2014
My Love
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
I see your smile i touch your face.
I feel like i can't breath.
A Breath of air a silent space
Just mezmorize me take me to my quiet place
Where i belong please stay with me
For now my love I have to leave keep me in your memories
373 · Jun 2014
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
penny and I got back together
I found out she cheated on me
I feel like cutting again
and I wanna cry al night
like I did when she dumped me before
why did she do this
to me
why did she cheat
was I not her one
was I not good enough
or am I just a pawn in your game of chess
ill never know
only you know
but you wont tell me
I just wanna know WHY
364 · Jul 2014
What if
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
What if I were to change myself to be different
To be a new man

What if I were to **** man
Dose that make me any better. No
It dosent matter what he did
It's what he will do

What if I were to stop killing and violence
Make the work peaceful

What if I was to start WWIII

What if I were to change the world

All it takes the the will
Of a single man
362 · May 2014
Damian Peterson May 2014
War never changes,
The blood shed is always the same.
Man can change,
We can stop blood shed
293 · Jun 2014
some stuff about me
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
my name is Damian
I am 15
I get called names and tease
and blamed for things I don't do
I am just a kid trying to live a normal life
is that to hard to ask for
sometimes I wonder why I am here
sometimes I know why I am here
but what always keeps me wondering
is people call me ugly and worthless
but why
I am much better looking
and I have accomplished more than most of them
I hope to make more poems soon
and I hope you all like this one :)
247 · Jul 2014
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
Man is has a universe
Within himself

— The End —