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Damian Peterson Sep 2014
I am feeling like I have moved on
I now have a job
I work at the Cineplex
I still don't sleep at night tho
I never have since I was 9
All because of nightmares
I'm scared to sleep at night
I just wish I can get well soon
Damian Peterson Aug 2014
Im sick of it
The way i get treated
Just because someone is different
Doesn't mean they have to be treated different
I tried to get help
And people turned their back on me
I feel like im alone but really
Im not alone,
And i know people have it worse
I keep that in mind
I help others but i get nothing
I dont care if i get nothing
But if the same person keeps coming back
I would like help
But i get none
So i get mad
And i regret it
We all have stories
But we dont tell all of it
Thank you for reading
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
What if I were to change myself to be different
To be a new man

What if I were to **** man
Dose that make me any better. No
It dosent matter what he did
It's what he will do

What if I were to stop killing and violence
Make the work peaceful

What if I was to start WWIII

What if I were to change the world

All it takes the the will
Of a single man
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
"**** a man, No. Help a man, yes. If he need help behind killed I will. But if it's for no reason. I can't"
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
Man is has a universe
Within himself
Damian Peterson Jul 2014
Join me
And together
We can rewright our own destiny
Damian Peterson Jun 2014
if everyone cared
and no on cried
if everyone loved
and no one lied
if everyone shared
and swallowed their pride
then we'd see the day
where nobody dies
Second line 'and no on(E) cried'
Watch the spelling, sometimes it can change the whole meaning of what you are trying to get across. Awesome poem by the way!
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