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  Oct 7 James Newton
The streets are deserted; the cars are done beeping
It is silent, apart from the willow tree's weeping
And even old Mr. McRoger is sleeping.

            (Mr. McRoger, I'm sure you have guessed,
            Is a make-believe man who does not like to rest.

            Although, when he finally does get to bed,
            His sleep is so deep you'd have thought he was dead!

            ...You'd have thought so,
                     if not for the sound of his snoring
            which some of his neighbors have trouble ignoring.
            But back to our story, before it gets boring)

Not one suicidal remains on the bridge!
Not one midnight snacker is left in the fridge!
All are asleep on this side of the lake.
And if all are asleep ...

                            ... why are YOU still awake?

It is dark, which surely you know means it's night
And the thing to be done is to put out the light
And if the thing to be done's not the thing that you do
Then SOMETHING inside must be bothering you!

You're much too mature
and clever, I'm sure
        To be frightened of monsters
and things that might **** you

You're not old enough
to be stressed about stuff
        Such as taxes, and how much
the grocery might bill you

SO ...

If it's dark and it's night and your age isn't three
And you don't pay for food cause you get it for free
Then there's only one thing it can possibly be

You, my friend, must be the sort of young lad
Who can't fall asleep cause he's simply too sad.

I know how you're feeling; I've seen it before
You feel like you just can't go on anymore

You've sunken so deep and you've fallen so low
That you think,
            "Just how low can I possibly go?
            Of all the lows, this one's the lowliest spot.
            Can I go any lower? Why, no, I cannot."

Well, I'm here to tell you, you can and you will!
In just a few days you will sink lower still!
And lower and lower and lower UNTIL...
THIS low will seem like the top of a hill!


Things COULD get better.
They COULD, but they WON'T.
They could and they should and they would,
                               but they DON'T.

SO ...

Since you must be exhausted
from digging that deep,
You may as well
just go to sleep.
  Sep 9 James Newton
we can't go back
to where we were
but please know
that my silence carries
happy memories and
wishful dreams
for a life i still
want to share ...
even when i say
nothing at all
James Newton Sep 9
I love you most
baby of mine
you don't know it yet
one day I'll tell you

I sure try my best
hope you'll be fine
leave for the week
all on your own to get thru

One sided love
its weird I know
just grow up and say
I love you too bro!
James Newton Sep 9
If my days could rhyme its all worth it,
even if it's just I who gets to read it.

After a whole day to write it all over,
undoing my pain saying things much slower.

One day I'll love and be loved back,
one day I'll be there out of dreamland.
James Newton Sep 5
Do you know we exist
us special souls
who sit on the sidelines
answering for you
defending the world

We make peace
so there's no war in your direction
we believe in you when you can’t  
we give ourselves away
quiet our voice
so that you’ll be heard

Know I exist, a special soul nearby.
James Newton Mar 25
I don’t like you now
It’s too hard
When I first met you
It wasn’t so.

We’ll spend time together
We’ll have each other’s back
We’ll make a group to belong
Now it’s time to go.

So let’s dance and hug and be drunk
‘cause we can’t face reality
If you want to love me
Do it like you love your family.

Or if you think we did well
Then why are you acting so?
Should be said like hellos.
James Newton Mar 23
If you like John Mayer clap your hands
If you like John Mayer tell me fast

'Cause so far I'm the only one
And they all make fun

That I like John Mayer
And his band
#lonelyfansyndrom                #music
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