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Ian Dankowski Mar 2022
it sits there
mocking me
I shouldn't be awake
but here I am
and its here too
sitting in the corner
mocking me
ticking down
reminding me that I failed
just another night
the clock mocks me
because I wasn't able to fall asleep
Ian Dankowski Mar 2022
I have a stained glass window in my life
everyday I fill that window with a new pane
Each new day brings a new color to my window
I don't like to admit it but some days my window gets smaller
Some days I allow a pane to fall off
See stained glass windows require care
they're fragile
and without the proper care and love sometimes they break
but my window has sections
and one break wont take down my window
because every day I fill that window with a new pane
and yea
some days my window gets smaller
but I cant let that break me down
not completely
Ian Dankowski Mar 2022
whimsically unaware of those around
we're repeatedly caught in embrace
slow dance circles trace kitchen floors
and a loving sway under backyard shade
completely lost in a single moment
as time slowed around

It was as if life knew we needed a few more seconds
A few more seconds before returning
returning to an unfortunate reality
and where is life now?
when I need those seconds most.
Ian Dankowski Jan 2022
There are plenty of fish
This may be true
But im not a fisherman
the only fish I wanted was you
Ian Dankowski Jan 2022
Broken cries like whale songs
Find no ears
I've been left alone in my ocean
Because you didn't want to swim with me anymore
Ian Dankowski Jan 2022
Grocery lists and reusable vegetable bags fill our date nights
**** Fine dining
I want a Trader Joe's type of love
I want a tiny grapes and cheap wine type of love
Holding my hand in the checkout because I get anxious type of love
that lets rank all the chocolate bars type of love
Picking out flowers in our matching Christmas pajamas type of love

Give me the type of love that cant be bought with
Fine dining and fancy gifts
Because I want your Trader Joes type of love
Ian Dankowski Sep 2021
Walking on eggshells
trying to avoid half-healed scars
and here you are throwing blades
thirsting for blood

Weary welcomes
break uneasy air
loom like lures waiting for a catch
sitting in as a replacement
all eyes on my chair
watched by those who crave failure
waiting for another to take the seat
Like dogs
waiting for their meal
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