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Ian Dankowski Apr 2021
warming up after afternoon showers
A comfort shared through piled logs and charcoal embers
There is a peace here that was destroyed
Finally creeping back through like the sun behind the clouds
Everyone aware of the shine once lost
but unwilling to get comfortable
The clouds will always return
but they make the suns inevitable return
more possessive
Ian Dankowski Apr 2021
You rip my heart out
you stomp it on the ground
yet somehow I am the bad guy
because I ask for the pieces
Its okay, you can have them
I need nothing more than my empty shell.
Ian Dankowski Apr 2021
And was there really anything left
Held close against my skin
An empty feeling
An echoing heart beats in an empty body
Ian Dankowski Apr 2021
and yet you thought of me
I know you were in pain
I know how you felt
confused tears and broken nights
they're all too common for us now
Where are the tears of joy and songs of laughter
I hope we find them again
broken nights are empty
you don't deserve empty
Ian Dankowski Mar 2021
Trust broken like glass
leaves a ****** mess of cuts and bruises
It is not my job to pick up your pieces
when you've made sure I have to pick up mine

Seeing our past through a lens you decided to break
memories I once held so dear
distorted by your jealousy

A family torn apart
ripped from me with such ease
such recklessness
not a second thought

you were right
I do deserve better
You didn't mean it when you said it
but I mean it now
Ian Dankowski Mar 2021
There is a man adrift
his island is small
and his fear is immeasurable

But men don't fear
so what is he
he is alone
floating ever so slowly from land
from a life he once had

This "boy"
he floats towards a future
scared to see what awaits him
he has grown comfortable on his island
despite how small it may feel
but these currents are inescapable
inevitably he will land where they decide
and the boy will find his future

There is a boy adrift
right now his island is small
but his future is inevitable
soon he will dock on distance
unfamiliar shores
Ian Dankowski Feb 2021
Shattered glass slicing before it reaches the ground
Support systems crumbled like wet sandcastles
Rockslides under unsure shoes
Their plummet entraps the imagination
To those not in their path
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