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Chaos Kidd Jul 2020
Life has definitely given you a fair share of ups and downs, yet I hardly ever see you with a frown. I've never taken the time to thank you and mom for welcoming me into the family like one of your own, regardless of my mistakes y'all never let me feel alone. An incredible family with a couple more pieces, thank you for giving me my beautiful nieces! Here's to the family, that the bond never ceases!

Happy 25th birthday Codie!

December 13, 2020
Written for Codie, my brother-in-law.
Chaos Kidd Jul 2020
How am I supposed to act like nothing's wrong when I feel like I'm somewhere I don't belong?
I've got too much pride to be asking you questions, but the unknown is feeding my depression. I've never done it the way I should, so impatient, it's always misunderstood.
We've been through hell and back, of course we'll see everything as an attack, then fight back in the areas we know the other lacks.
So please let me tell you what I feel inside, because I want to close this divide, even if that means swallowing my pride.
Written for a dear friend, Matthew.
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