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CapsLock Apr 2015
It's been a long time, can't tell since when.
It's been a long time, since I felt whole,
but I do feel it every now and then.
To pick up a pen and write down my soul.

To sing a mumble, this sad rumble.
Pretending I have a greater goal.
but under the truth of it, I crumble
and again, in weakness, I pay the toll.
Maybe next time it'll be a happier song.
CapsLock Mar 2015
Down goes the night,
somehow I just can tell.
Another day with no sunlight
and I'll spend it in my cell.

I once did a bad deed,
I shooted someone in the head
then I ran, I quickly fleed,
before he dropped dead.

Yes, I had my reasons
for such a hideous crime,
but that doesn't help in prision
where I'm doing my time.

I know I had it coming...
I know justice was served.
but I hate to feel rotting...
Rotting in my cell...
One for J. Cash
CapsLock Jan 2015
Like a fog that blinds,
her smile dazzles you.
Like a chain that binds
her eyes imprison you.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.

The longest dark hair
and her curvy features.
Plus two small hands
that make cute gestures.

She's a work of art.
She's such a hard worker.
She could break my heart
and she's mine all mine.
CapsLock Jan 2015
As a kid time wasn't the same,
a day feelt like forever
and everything was a game.

Now I'm a ****** up adult,
in a world fast and insane,
the game now feels so occult.
Why does everything feel so strange?

Life feels like a weird insult.
Why did all things have to change?
Change is good they'll say to me,
but my craving still remains.
CapsLock Dec 2014
I was looking for ***,
but hoping for more.
You came and broke my hex
and that changed my core.

That simple kiss felt great
a call from above.
What a glorious fate
this fatuous love.
CapsLock Dec 2014
As far as I can remember
it's always been the same.
Surrounded by clubs and members,
but alone always I remain.

I've had friends, I've had lovers
and laughter with my loved ones,
yet from this loneliness I can't recover.

It's not that complicated.
It hurts when you're alone,
but from people surrounded.
It makes me feel undone.
Song version:

by Wolf Lefler.
CapsLock Dec 2014
I'm exhausted from this rutine,
I need for my soul some medicine.
With a slow pace time passes.
Am I a sheep among the masses?

Every day at six I'm awake.
Portal quote; don't believe the cake.
So why don't I just walk away?
We both know I will, but not today.
Dedicado a Zousen support.
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