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Jonas 1d
Stop now for a minute,
it's overtaken you.
Let's list off our problems, one by one,
and you know a couple more too.
Follow with your plans, your dreams, glimpses of the future
open to us or seemingly so.
Is that really what I want or did someone tell me to?

Let's see where that leads us,
what reasons, what cause, what solutions are there?
Where do we stand, or stumble
what ground do we share?
Who could we ask for help, who could we lean on,
who would  actually care?
It's hard to find someone like that really ,yeah really anywhere.
That no family, no friend, no partner in crime should have to bear.

Don't forget to breathe,
be brave, be strong. no even stronger
Continue to for a bit, before we leave,
go on, can't you?
Just a little longer

When I think of the future panic rises.
Jonas 1d
Und du gibst und gibst und gibst und gibst und gibst und gibst
Und du gibst und gibst und gibst und und gibst du gibst,
gibst und nimmst.
Und du gibst und gibst und gibst und gibst
und kriegst nichts zurück
Und du gibst und gibst und gibst
und sprichst, doch sie verstehen dich nicht, einfach wieder nicht, einfach widerlich.
Und du gibst und gibst
und so gibt es für dich, schon wieder nichts.
Und du gibst noch mehr,
und du verlierst dich,
findest dich nicht mehr,
Du existierst kaum noch,
Wie lange ist es schon her?
Es muss ein neues Kapitel her,
denkst du und gibst ihnen nochmals mehr.
Und sie erwarten es von dir,
Und sie danken es dir nicht,
ja verdammt siehst du es denn endlich nicht?
So, so nutzen sie dich.
1d · 49
Jonas 1d
Burn out
Burn on
Bring it on
1d · 30
turn off my mind
Jonas 1d
Gotta keep busy
gotta work hard
keep my mind clouded, foggy, and dizzy
no room left for thoughts to start.

Burn myself out
so I won't go crazy
when  those thoughts getting loud
my mind's staying hazy.
Everday I spend my time, getting high , drinking wine, feeling fine kinda vibe
1d · 48
cellar man
Jonas 1d
The power a simple letter holds,
Y is the difference between freak and freaky
Between yours and ours
Cellar man where you gonna run to?
1d · 42
basic physics
Jonas 1d
If energies are transformed and preserved,
not lost
Where did mine go?
Nothing's left for the simplest of tasks
I used to have a seemingly infinite amount
Where did it go, I can't stop to ask.
1d · 18
Jonas 1d
What's wrong with me?
Where did this come from
when did it start?
How is it, that any social interaction turns akward
conversations falling apart?
That long pause in the end
that irritated look, a stab to my heart.

Stop questioning me
stop looking like that.
1d · 15
Jonas 1d
Just because the ocean is so vast
and quite a while the journey might just last,
doesn't mean I can't run the ship into a sand bank
A wreck buried in the ground,
nowhere to be found.
1d · 39
I worry
Jonas 1d
The future is a panic attack,
It's to much
I can't stop
neither stay in the same spot.
1d · 31
ciao bella
Jonas 1d
You're so beautiful,
seeing you walking down the street all so casually,
I can't look up again
gaze bound to the ground.

Your glance is burning me, I flinch away
my chest is screaming
run boy run,
run for your dear life.
1d · 24
act friendly
Jonas 1d
I need you to let go
let go off the " how are you" 's and " how you're doing" 's
stop touching me
all the time, all so casually
It's not okay.
1d · 30
burial grounds
Jonas 1d
In life as in death
bury me in books, in stories
coverd in ink, in words long dried out.
1d · 26
lean on
Jonas 1d
I can't get myself to trust your embrace
I can't let go
of the prison walls I build
to keep myself safe
from you
1d · 150
Jonas 1d
When I work I burn out
when I stop working my mental issues surfcace again.
When I go to therapy my life is nothing but work and mental issues.
1d · 25
Jonas 1d
How can you raise a child
when you were never allowed to be one yourself?
May 27 · 51
Jonas May 27
Smoke in my lungs
to fill up the emptiness in my chest

Nicotine to my head
for when the world overwhelms me again

Once every day.
May 14 · 106
Just me and you
Jonas May 14
My past, the younger me
is watching, staring

While I reminis, judge and look back

staring back at me
May 14 · 326
Jonas May 14
I wanted to be healthy
to be happy, to be loved,

to stay kind whatever the struggle

None of that worked out
May 14 · 42
fight me
Jonas May 14
Whatever you'll say
whatever you'll do

I'll never be good enough
in my own head

Whatever happens,
that's not gonna change
May 14 · 53
Jonas May 14
Offer me a hand
or reach me the gun

either way help,
do something .
Apr 29 · 69
people help the people
Jonas Apr 29
Do you ever watch yourself becoming someone
you don't wanna be,
don't wanna end up as,

But you can't help it, can't stop it
just try to hold on
because of other peoples actions?

I am the monster you created
Apr 27 · 49
Jonas Apr 27
Love to me, is like going to a concert

mouthing the words to a song that I don't know the lyrics to
with a voice that I don't have.
Tears in my eyes
surronded by strangers
who all feel the same,

but they're not the same.
Apr 17 · 68
Jonas Apr 17
If I used my camera as I use my eyes

you'd never run out of
you, you
and you again.
dunno, never been in love
Apr 15 · 70
Jonas Apr 15
I'd let you be part of my life more.

If you would stop being so desperate for it,
clinging to me like a parasite,
a scavanger picking at every bone I rid,
always meddling in our lifes alike.

So instead of letting you in I build my walls up higher,
grow colder every time.

Growing up I learned to protect myself from you,
from the damage your love could do.
Apr 15 · 60
A test of endurance
Jonas Apr 15
I don't want to die.
I wanna life.

So why won't you let me?
What is wrong with me?
Apr 15 · 57
Jonas Apr 15
Every day screams

give in,
give up,
give in,

into my face.
Apr 15 · 46
Jonas Apr 15
I like to create
I like books and music
and I get lonely sometimes.

That's all I can say for certain.
Apr 15 · 349
Don't wanna know
Jonas Apr 15
What's it like,
being happy witout a care?
A puppy in the sun
Apr 15 · 38
Jonas Apr 15
Makes me want to swallow a gun,

pull the trigger til the chamber is empty.
Apr 15 · 28
damsel in distress
Jonas Apr 15
I'm a man

Hate me, hit me, **** me,
Insult me, ghost me, spit me in the face.
Destoy me, my life.

No one notices,
No one cares
Apr 15 · 39
call me
Jonas Apr 15
I keep wasing my hair,
hoping you will run your fingers through.
I shave hoping you will touch my cheeks,
I keep changing my sheets longing for you,
Apr 15 · 63
Jonas Apr 15
Overcoming your trauma,
the ghosts of your past.

Means finding your way back to the you
from before,
means meeting a stranger,
getting to know the real you.

Hello roomie, nice flat.
Mind if we open the curtains,
let some sunshine in.
Apr 13 · 44
Jonas Apr 13
I'm so tired
Lord lay me to rest.
Apr 13 · 50
Jonas Apr 13
It really never ends does it?
There is no stop, no pause, no finish line,
there is no pleasing you.

I have to hit the breaks,
or crash,
Going down in flames.
Apr 13 · 40
Take control
Jonas Apr 13
Chain me up,
clutch my wrists,
and hold me down.

Hold me tight.
Show me you care,
show me I matter.
Apr 13 · 171
Jonas Apr 13
Feels cold now doesn't it?
The flame almost went out.

Question is, are you here to rekindle
or to put a boot to the embers?
Apr 13 · 43
daily life
Jonas Apr 13
At one crossroad
at one minute
at any time
a hundred lifes can meet,

Yet no one notices, no one cares
except me and you.
We stand still for a minute,
before you're gone too.
Apr 11 · 37
I noticed
Jonas Apr 11
She struggles hard
struggles, each and everyday.

Still she does it so beautifully
so let's try and keep her safe.
Apr 11 · 39
flap text
Jonas Apr 11
Just so we're clear this is personal.
I wrote this for me, I wrote this for friends, my mom, as therapy.
I wrote this for people to see,
to see me. Finally.

After I've died that is,
after I've done it, possibly killed myself.
Good riddance.
Now put the book back in the shelf.

This is my inner point of view, it is but a fracture,
a specific frame,
not the whole picture.
My solemn manufacture.

It's also me just fooling around.
I's also me just being lonely, being *****.
Find me.
Apr 11 · 397
Jonas Apr 11
Ready your tea cups and bring out the biscuits,
it's time for gossip.
Apr 11 · 39
Jonas Apr 11
I'm sorry but.
I have words in my head.
I have to let some of them out at least.
Make space, I'm grasping for breath.
Apr 11 · 43
Jonas Apr 11
hold up,
come back,
you left my jaw at the floor
Apr 11 · 164
it's cold inside
Jonas Apr 11
A warm tea in hand
the world looks brighter,

make me  a chai
my soul is freezing over.
Apr 8 · 54
spring date
Jonas Apr 8
she jumped from the coffins lying in the window screen,
death casually says hello,
while we're strolling through the city
but when it comes knocking for real,
racing right up to her,
she stays still.
Apr 8 · 43
A life on film
Jonas Apr 8
To travel the world
and shoot the palces I've seen
the books I've read
and the stories I've visited.
To share them with you
for when I'm gone
you get to see where I've been,
who I've become.
Mar 25 · 45
Jonas Mar 25
To drink freshly squezed juice,
to feel alive in the sun.

Oh how would it be nice,
if spring was coming.
Mar 24 · 48
Fairy tale
Jonas Mar 24
My book is falling apart
in my hands
as I read it.

With these caring hands
I'm trying  to hold the pages together.
Please hold out a little longer.
I'm not done with the story,
not done with you yet.

No happy end
No ever after.
Mar 22 · 210
english breakfast
Jonas Mar 22
I'm your cup of tea

left alone for to long,
grown cold and bitter
Mar 22 · 41
Jonas Mar 22
The perfect lighting,
in the perfect mood
to take my time
and shoot some nudes

I just have no one to send them to.
Can I send them to you?

Consent :D
Mar 22 · 134
Jonas Mar 22
our days are numbered
time is running thin
change is coming
say goodbye to your kin

it breaks out
like a volcano in the night
you wake up in another world
unable to turn back, you take up the fight
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