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Jonas Apr 15
I'd let you be part of my life more.

If you would stop being so desperate for it,
clinging to me like a parasite,
a scavanger picking at every bone I rid,
always meddling in our lifes alike.

So instead of letting you in I build my walls up higher,
grow colder every time.

Growing up I learned to protect myself from you,
from the damage your love could do.
Jonas Apr 15
I don't want to die.
I wanna life.

So why won't you let me?
What is wrong with me?
Jonas Apr 15
Every day screams

give in,
give up,
give in,

into my face.
Jonas Apr 15
I like to create
I like books and music
and I get lonely sometimes.

That's all I can say for certain.
Jonas Apr 15
What's it like,
being happy witout a care?
A puppy in the sun
Jonas Apr 15
Makes me want to swallow a gun,

pull the trigger til the chamber is empty.
Jonas Apr 15
I'm a man

Hate me, hit me, **** me,
Insult me, ghost me, spit me in the face.
Destoy me, my life.

No one notices,
No one cares
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