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Kailee something Jun 2015
Kailee something May 2015
Flowers are alone, yet beautiful.
They are free, yet fragile.
Every season they explore,
Adventuring with the sun some more.
Bee’s and the self determination to keep them alive.
Flowers are bright in the middle of July,
They know they are special, they know they are important.
Flowers shine most with love in their eyes.
The soil is loyal, the water is the father.
With so much sovereignty, they are leading their sons and daughters.
I thank these flowers because they bloom and are free, just as I like to be.
Flowers are alone and beautiful,
They are free yet fragile.
Kailee something Mar 2015
my mind is insane
my heart is in pain
my eyes are along the rain

you cant come see me
you cant come to my house
just to say you love me
you don't even mean it

you throw my heart away
you throw my mind this way
my eyes, are red but they cry blue

i'm ******* done
with you

you lost me.
Kailee something Jan 2015
Cold cold fingers
Frosty frosty toes
"Let me warm that soul"
Crackling crackling fire wood
Red yellow orange
"I can't feel my face"
Pale pale moon
Dry dry lips
"Here. Put in this tune"
Swaying swaying hips
Warm warm hearts
"Sometimes i think about the way you look at the moon, sometimes you smile at the stars,sometimes you grow with the sun, sometimes you dance with the rain and sometimes I'm all of those at once."
Kailee something Dec 2014
I'm happy the way things are turning out. I'm not mad. I'm not sad. I'm looking at all the negativity as mistakes and learning experiences. Staying positive through it all really makes it much easier and you just keep moving on.
Kailee something Oct 2014
All I want to do is not talk to anyone
All I want to do is eat but not gain
All I want to do is cry until I can't
All I want to do is listen and not hear
All I want to do is love and not feel
All i want is you you you
ALl i want is to be alone
all i want is your Body On mine
ALll ii want is for you to *******
all i want is for you to read my mind
all i want is lust
All I need is life
Kailee something Oct 2014
ALl the terrible **** youve been through
you know i'll love you like no other
i see the good in you
i see what you want me to see of you
it's sad you'll never understand how
i really feel about you
i can't imagine a life without you
i just want you to kno w that i'll
always be here for you
i don't want you to feel alone
i don't want you to convince yourself
you'll never find a "her"
i close my eyes and see you
i close my eyes and see us
it all sounds so dramatic because
maybe it is and maybe i got put on this earth to love
to love the lonely
i can never see why i'm never loved back
but i dont care and i still love anyways
it's just a simple thing for me
it's just that i love you
you'll never know
oh its just the daily flow

i **** at writing about you
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