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Bor ehgit Aug 2022
The temptation in the peace of nature, pulls at the essence of each of us. Calling us home to lay beneath the stars and clear our minds.
Bor ehgit Aug 2022
Raindrop beads, now freeze, no longer kissed by summers breeze. In place, kept away, from the decaying greenery. Like you, to me, in reach but now lost in memories.
Bor ehgit Aug 2022
Well I guess you were right again, I’m a black cloud that won’t let out. Circling just waiting for the flood. Nothing tangible inside this empty cage. An expressionless face, in transit forever at a snails pace. I really felt the spark this time around. Thought I found a place settle in, but that familiar wind came back around. Leaving me reaching for things I could never find. I don’t deserve the peace I’ve been seeking out, I don’t deserve the hands that have been reaching out. I’m heading back beneath the current now, hoping to shipwreck somewhere distant and quiet. A place to rewrite it all.
Bor ehgit Jul 2022
I still talk to you, when I close my eyes, days fly by, nights take up all my time.
Bor ehgit Apr 2022
If only I could conjure your ghost once more. One more kiss, one last goodbye.
Bor ehgit Dec 2021
Our memories will remain our best kept secrets.
Lingering like held piano keys.
Bor ehgit Jul 2021
A hand glides gently over the sand, a simple line separates the sea. The sky just mirrors its mass, as I watch it swallow the sun. A single light sits on the horizon line, but only visible amongst the stars.
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