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freak of nature
"selfish" screaming in my ears
I digress violently now
Whitman bleeding out of
my ears
I cannot bow
seventeen and furious
I am the poet of the
human skin; of violins
and softly fingered clarinets
singing of the dirt under
my fingernails
self-loathing--the evil twin
of guilt--is blinding
I cannot read graphing
calculators or the
but both seem empty
like the box under my bed
that used to hold pieces of my
soul (or I thought it did)
now I am scattered
I would like to
hold onto your hand
(I will be less abrasive this way)
instead of purging myself
of every doubt that
has rudely accosted me
in the marrow of
my simple human
i wrote this in math :/
Rebecca Durrett Jul 2015
Seeing him causes a rush like no other.
In my mind, I can see him perfectly.
Like he's never hurt me or made me cry.
Looking at him causes icy shivers to rush down my spine.
You'd never know it by my smile.

Sharp pains erupt within
Me as he batters me again and again.
Inside I am crying; on the outside I am
Lying. I force a smile that isn't real.
Each passing
Second, another person passes me by without noticing.

"Only I will be here!" he screams in a rage.
Falling on my knees, I pray to a god that I'm not sure exists.

Many years later,
I am strong and free.
Never again will I put on a plastic smile while
Everyone around me believes it.
Rebecca Durrett Jul 2015
Soundlessly I creep
Leaving behind my
Erratic thoughts that threaten to
Eat me alive
Pausing only once at the threshold
Liking the feeling of the
Endless night before me
Softly I go through the doorway
Slipping away into the shadows

No one will know that
I'm gone
Gliding along a moonlit path
Hovering over the small
Town while everyone
Sleeps...until I set the world on fire.
Rebecca Durrett Apr 2015
Her hair is wild.
Her eyes are filled with wonder.
Her smile is entrancing.
Her every move is hypnotizing.
Her teeth aren't straight.
Her make-up is simple.
Her clothes are comfortable and modest.
Her energy is electric.
Her passion is real.
Her intentions are true.
Her love is strong.
She is a real woman and for that
I love her.
Rebecca Durrett Apr 2015
I stared across the room at him.
His lips parted slightly as he wrote his name across the page.
When he grinned, his dimples deepened significantly.
His brown eyes sparkled when he glanced out the window.
When I looked at him doing things he didn't realize he did, I fell in love.
Simple gestures like the way he moved his hands when he spoke passionately about something.
The way he ran his hand through his hair when he was nervous.
The way he chewed his lip when he was deep in thought.
Simple and yet oh so important to his entire being.
Everything he is reflects in these simple gestures.
Rebecca Durrett Mar 2015
Her hair flows wildly in the wind
As she makes her way to the dark, wet sand.
Her sobs are absorbed by the crashing waves
as her body is wracked by the pain inside her.
She stumbles and falls, unable to move her limbs.
Everything in her is screaming for release.
The glint in the moonlight of her beloved
friend and cruel master increases her tears.
She braces herself for the sternness of his voice.
When he leaves she gets up and walks to the end of the earth.
Looking down, she sees the frothy end to her miserable life.
A small turn and she's falling into oblivion.
It consumes her and she tries to fight, but to no avail.
She is soothed by the crashing lullaby and soon sleeps.
The liquids meld into a pastel blossom.
For there is no more pain as she relinquishes her consciousness.
This was inspired by some of the themes in the book Oblivion by Sasha Dawn.
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