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BLVNK Nov 2013
We all win,
We all cheat,
We all lose just to face defeat.
We all learn,
We all yern,
We all **** each other for something we must earn.
We all act,
We all subtract,
We all try to impress someone that doesn't give a crap.
We all use,
We all abuse,
So tell me why man is all about power and *****.
We all chose just to get fame.
We are all dumb enough to sell our souls and brains.
Is it my falt that the just goes insane.
About the ways people act everyday.
Follow what they see so often they get decieved.
No wonder why there wounds starts to eternally bleed.
We all recieve blessings,
But we are so blinded by man made projections,
We can't learn from our last lessons.
So why sin?,
why lie?,
Oh I forgot it's a trend we all do it just to "Get By."
Is it me to believe and achieve something that's higher than high,
Peace out former friends you all can pass by.
As of me I can see the codes,
Where truth unfolds,
**** the person that thinks they controls.
Is it my job to see it? No,
To be it? Yes,
I am blessed, the best yet,
On earth no contest.
My logic, iconic I use my brain as my chronic
So 24/7 I am spiritually high
Seeing heaven skies
watching my mother cry tears of joy
looking at success reign on her little boy.
BLVNK Nov 2018
Many have fallen
Fewer chosen
You see realizing this life is just a fragment of my infinite imagination where theirs many worlds I’ve existed in such paradox’s.
My theology shackled mind chronologically ordered by my nightmarish slaughter of a utopian society admired by the percentage of the world so rich and left unseen,
being coated by molds of acid hemispheres of worlds we’ve jacked in seems to die slow by the third degree and it’s worsening.
Astro sized coffins must be bought in this day in time to substitute grazed heated bullets piercing spines, thighs and eyes, minds ****** from auras chakra points paralyzed moments ahead when our flesh became ****** and scrutinized.
BLVNK Nov 2014
In your eyes there is a spirit so up high,
Like a mountain kissing the surface of the sun.
As I feel your love gaze apon me,
There goes a light that shines deeper than eternity.
So what may happen if our fire starts to dim?
Can I not chop wood and start a fire again?
Or are we trapped in the dessert dry cracks and all.
Where our love is the only thing that moistens this land
And though none of our plans are ever set in stone.
We live abundantly rich as our spirit consist of gold.
BLVNK Dec 2014
Is this all I see?
Is this all I know?
Have I not become?
Will I ever know?
Should this pain keep me?
Should I let it GO?
Can I believe in me?,
Too late I know what's wrong
I have lost all life
I've lost all feeling
I have lost this love
Maybe I pretended
Should I be who I am?,
Or should I be who I'm not?,
How can I tell her when
When Times forgot.
BLVNK Apr 2015
Maybe I crush a lot
Maybe my love is hollow,
Forced out and missed,
Disregard the shells and tips.

And so I've bleed smoke
So means I've pulled this arm
Only to be lead along alone
A war I tried with charm.

I reaped what I have sowed,
In all that's set in stone,
lifeless bodies shown ahead,
A path left in bones.

In life I am a prison
My heart is just the cell
what guards the flesh are bars
And they're cold as well.

Which pumps solitude
Solidifies my pride
life sentences leaving me dead nor alive.

But yet I see a light
At the end of this stream
A ending to this nightmare
I wake up in a dream.

Where there's nothing more
Than to relish in demise
Become what's in reality
And of the world in set of lies.

So let me be vulnerable
As my breathe loses stride
Let this all be the end
of this world I must abide.
BLVNK Feb 2017
Theoretically speaking I'm constantly seeking for truth.

Waving white flags and truces even when whites are hanging nooses, buildings of blockades an aid for destruction mentally constructed to keep our eyes blind a constant excuse for freedom.

When sometimes I think freedoms a disease the way so many armed forces are forced over seas to siege a way with an extra arm to squeeze at enemies abroad for things unknown just to drop a nuke.

So let these visions be televised and in the future wise men become the eyes sequences in history repeating repetitiveness will seize but until then we live out America's Dream
BLVNK Nov 2015
Why should I become a marine?

Inhalate everything within my path fulfilling a prophecy to be promised in Christianity?

Or maybe I should bomb France to fill frustration because I can't get to Israel or Jerusalem.

Shame on me, No shame on you
I decide my religion is superior.

Or is it because of my lust for petroleum, 72 ****** wives after my death I bet ***** is the reason suicides the best bet.

But let's guess this bomb strapped along my chest will clear my mind of sin I feel these lies within am I inside the belly of the beast?

Knowing that our nations can get crushed doesn't matter but of the things that I believe in my spirit.

Should I forget the lives in Syria thats petrified about the way my disguise have me delirious.

So much written inside this Quran I misinterpreted.
I want out I don't care if it takes lethal forms of punishment.
Praising to Allah is where I'll lie inside this nourishment.
So here I'll abide going AWOL in all encouragement..
BLVNK Dec 2013
And where theres life
there is love,
From earth to stars
and heaven above.

So can we fly like angels,
gliding through lifetimes of hurt,
Burning bridges
just to build a new path that works.

I cry sometimes even though your eyes are mine
So many caution signs aligned to keep a conscience mind
Contemplating suicide its my choice so I'll decide
Through this world of smoke walking around partially blind.
BLVNK Jun 2014
Its been a minute so I've written something to break the ice
I've blamed the world for too long I should just do whats right
And though my sight I made excuses a little schizophrenic
Surprised I still have my soul surprised I'm still in it
Let me get back on topic of how great my life was
I gotta wife, job and my God up above
Its been a tough battle but I'm still frontline of war
With artillery for a victory for not the devil is nothing more than a trick.
I have dismissed the sins I could endure,
Made sacrifices to remain pure,
Let God heal my life when I thought there wasn't any cure.
BLVNK Dec 2013
So many questions in my head about simple religions
are they something God made or just devil envisioned?
Its kind a practical but if I ask I'm demon possessed
**** let me breathe in this cult I manifest.
I'm lead to believe in something I don't understand
I ask with such command am I insane because of this.
They tell you two things opposite from each other
but share the same views like prosperity and salvation.
Telling you to not follow Islamic Ramadan,
Hinduism caste systems or anything that corrupts the mind.
To me its just nothing but simple communism
an oxymoron for morons without a way of living.
Too many days hoping for a message in a source in a enlightened force instead of letting nature take its course.

How many years am I gunna live behind shades
Even my shadow gets the most attention.
Tired of wishing for the best still the stress keeps consuming
success is up a hill a thousand miles away.
Only if I had dreams to steal just to **** time
A false grind running in circles chasing my own ***.
well even a dog wouldn't chase after a ***** with a fur collar
I'm a dog barking at these strays.
No choice no vision just a broken sand clock
paused days seems to delay my own knowledge.
No oracles its rhetorical trapped inside of Matrix living a basic life
Brainwashed by circles of successors.
So many serpents biting my flesh in this Garden of Eden
Starving and bleeding constantly dreaming when I'm sleep
and when I'm sleeping I'm 2 steps behind.
BLVNK Feb 2014
There are lines being crossed
And borders jumped over,
We realize there's no true loves.

From souls to spirit,
Flesh to eyes
We come and are born in lies.

It's goes left to right
In a path that withers
All that enters are turned to stone.

Flashes dim
No energy to see
An enemy of shadows within.

Faded pictures, burned prints
Transparent mirrors,
And evil elegance.

Nights and days come and go
Shallow ice
On a concrete floor.

Dead ends,
tormented dreams
Fragments melt from awareness of sin.

Are there parts missing
Are there any friends,
Still fighting enemy shadows within.
BLVNK Dec 2013
While I see trains pass a hour in my past are hoping that I can rebuild a fallen staff.
Its 1 o'clock no police men to decant a crime committed by henchmen watching startled for the love of cash.
How many snakes are camouflaged in this land of mine planting landmines to realign a **** boys aim.
Kind a strange to live a life blind folded in areas a beef is cooked cause your a project of the innocents.
How should I remember this, a partition signed by those that are ignorant in a enormous clique of amateur extortionist.
Low as hell snorting short lines of drug substances getting high off there own supply of sugar cain.
A long range of rage walking down blocks ****** a long list of coke heads on cold streets overdosed.
Shots of comatoses, breaking oxygen flowing through my brain feeling deranged about the  faint choices made.
Regarding a future for a young boy to walk amongst endangered jungles, force fields and muzzles for a dog trained to ****.
Steal made to be loaded by bullets filled gunpowder for war showers filled with wannabe gangstahs.
It goes like that as well as United States embacies remembering a war stopping time from 39 to 45.
BLVNK Oct 2013
If I can't see your eyes
then whats the point of seeing
and whats the point of believing in Love.

I cry sometimes
but not because of the pain
its just because I'm unwanted,
the thrill is starting to fade.

I tried to commit suicide a few times
it didn't work,
too interested in walking through mazes,
with deception and hurt.

Valleys starts to wither
I haven't seen sun in months,
lack of warmness, I shiver,
Its like hell with a cold punch.

But as I end the journey
at the peak of a mountain,  
a voice screams, shouting
I wake up from a dream.

But there I see a woman
smiling beside me
holograms, images Tricks, lies
she disappears forever lonely.
BLVNK Oct 2013
Churches and cathedrals filled with paralegal misfits,
its just sick how beautiful nations can come to this.
Bowing down on knees just to see a better view,
quoting a bunch of words or two,
you lie sins still comes in multiples.
I know because I've seen many clips being load,
and triggers pulled to explode flesh just to expose the soul.
You wash your faces with holy water,
then when service is over your back on corners bringing wars such as black on black slaughter.
Selling dopamine to fends hellacious scenes seems to be clear to see hell-raiser dreams I seem to intervene,
contradictions to competitions, imperfect visions,
natural destruction I can't believe,
a deep pit I can't perceive.
Arab stores selling crack, Coors and ****** ******,
Nobody scores in this world of imperfections.
A twisted method and deal we keep our lips sealed,
and peace is killed all because of the choices of freewill.
BLVNK Oct 2013
Fresh like a breeze along the beaches of caribbean seas,
squeezed orange juice on early mornings in champagne glasses.
Fresh like a bald cut on a Marine, Navy seal
or even the old man down the block keeping it real.
Fresh like a baby in a womb, car smell, new perfume, dorm rooms,
or anything that seems cool.
Fresh like a new pair of J's,
or even a basketball player even better than Kobe when he plays.
Fresh like a girl opening her legs for feelings of *******
or even teenagers using proactive for there pores.
Fresh like tired of saying fresh like
I'm the best right, lyrical lights
infested blood, Z Type.

I know its wack but I try my best,
to even contest with poetry,
complexed not even a inch of talent flowing in me.
My enemies telling me that its real
still there scrolls are sealed,
lying to keep my lips sealed.
They laugh behind my back
giving false facts, about me laying down wax
to keep my rhymes charged to the max.
Instead I walk on tacks bare foot open toes
its a lie to tell the truth why should I even appose.
I received a broken nose mentally
foreseeing scripts critically
More of a plot to leave me blind,
terrorist worst then Sadam
aligned  to lock my mind
I look at myself below divine.
BLVNK Oct 2013
I was wondering if my pictures clear
in heaven I see stairs
visions impaired, living in fear
Dark halls cancels light.

Footsteps I wonder what might happened if they'll aproach me.
Silently moving swiftly through avenues of depression.
Maybe it wasn't heaven in disguise,
it was all lies, let me sleep so these dark hours can pass by.

As I sleep it follows me into a trans
seeing nocturnal images,
aggressively ******* my life away.

Resiting things,
not even of tongues but of possession
my opression is my basic fear
a player and contestant.

Gravity Falls,
Gravity Falls
Paintings of disasters
Maid Dolls, following eyes, Creepiness,
Gravity Falls.

A war within myself is like mental intoxication
I can't think right can someone fly apon me,
So I can even contest with such a spiritual fight
but let me not say things because insight
another demon might just take away what I think is righteous,
Gravity Falls.
BLVNK Dec 2013
Does anyone wants to be alone in the dark
Lost without directions just flesh and a heart
We all become stranded from day to day
Hoping that we will find someone compatible with the same faith
But we seem to see the same grey face
scary as hell locking love to someone that doesn't prevail
Getting beat up inside so our mental starts to swell
Our emotions becomes the cell building blocks without a bail.

A common trick lead out by logic sense
The way you've cried tears a underwater metropolis
The wounds are cut, so thick blood are shooting from your veins
You try to hide the pain so you sing hymns but reminisce
About a love you once had back in pages of your life
From the way you met to the grity lust sessions living trife
But nobody made any type of effort to keep you on a path
To righteousness they rather see you struggle living fast
What type of wrath is this it makes me mad and ****** to see a women cursed
with imaginary gauges on there abdomen.
To realize that a man a breed like me to treat there opposite with such grief
No true beauty they just see a simple piece of meat
But you can't blame a man we hunt **** but in the end we are all poisoned
From something we misused
By the way we neglected something so good
But in a way to much of anything can **** you.
BLVNK Nov 2014
We came and saw our last days
In time pleasure will stray
No more happiness
We forget so this our last terror slay
In magnificence we are glorified in our own demise
Becoming wise within our judgments
Our souls reanch with lies
With no reply we detonate bombs
We are our own terrorists
we horrify our own lives
A lethal medicine
Cannibalism becomes physical forms of irrevalence
Sorting the evil by truth is this all revalent?
BLVNK Dec 2014
I know i shouldnt be
I know i shouldnt know
I know i shouldnt get
I know i shouldnt receive
I know im just a man
I know i cut and bleed
I know that i lead someone in to deceieve
I know im not perfect
I know im just here
I know i have demons
I know i have fear
I know that ive cried
I know that theres pain
I know after all the sun there will always be rain
I know i've caused it all
I know you have changed
I know i deserve this dirt on my name
I know
I know
I know
BLVNK Nov 2014
In a open world,
There is glory
And there's rain.
From every art
The color, brushes
You paint your life
and your pain.

And though your waves may not soar high amongst the ocean
So in love will never wither or leave you hopeless
Love is all it is the power we all attain
But all abuse and forget what its truly named
It does not fret nor does it boast, puffs or maim
Humiliate or for another persons gain
In love there is friendship deeper than any sea
Where from any threat it covers all boundaries.
So feelings are not love but infatuations
Love is what gives birth
And brings together broken nations
It doesn't stop time but makes time worth living
Love is peace,
Love is all...
Love is giving
BLVNK Nov 2014
Her name is Tasha shes guyanese i guess shes in her twenties shes indian so i guess shes mastered kama sutra. Or am i just obsessed by the way she move, the way she smile and though my heart cant bare much in room. Is there a reason i am attracted to somes whos petite, so much i couldnt resist but to stare. And though she may not have much she has it all but a man took and now im here like what. Can it be that i am just behind in my line or am i just not attractive enough to get a ticket.
Am i not who am because of her existance. And though i cant even acknowledge my *** addiction. . Am i just a animal could i be deranged because i admit that i wanna rip off her clothes. Or is it that i dont fear to say it but i do fear that if i do admit it she wouldnt look at me the same. Should i just say that i just think your beautiful and i just want you to know that before i even go and enlist...
BLVNK Oct 2013
When I came through
laughing at the sun.

The clouds fall,
The stars show,
Heaven just begun.

No more hate,
No more pain,
Just humans claiming reign,
And the waterfalls
purifying souls.
BLVNK Nov 2014
Its been a couple years i walked along a side walk with snow a loss of DNA it freezes along the concrete.
But I'm invisible i see a crime commit the cops along the way i try to run but still i get hit but i remember i am someone who isn't seen so i look down and see the bullet lunged into my best friend .
As he falls his flag drops his shields cracked i tried to catch him but still i forget that i am someone no one sees.
I don't cry because i cried before and this i have no feeling but i look and im a spirit and already dead along the crime.
BLVNK Dec 2013
No friends, no family
I never had both,
An invisible substance consumed I choke.
How can something so overrated be poisonous to the veins?,
deceiving to the brain,
unlocking evil to withstand.
No caring about anything
nothing at all,
Too much of *******
wounds are pierced so I fall.
Are they trials & tribulations?
no not so,
too many levels to pass
too much weakens my soul.
Cheat codes I wish there was easy ways out,
from this dry rain 18 years dying in droughts.
No trees just sand, no sand just cracks,
no plans just rules and laws to act.
Thats why some tell you to think twice before you settle down,
either you wither or agree to be bound.
So much things of sorrow tattooed apon my chest,
thats why its called "Love Crossed Out with a Bold X"
BLVNK Oct 2013
All hail the king of pharises
with pale pigment and gold
all for the controlling of a soul.

He stands on a stable to speak
not concerning a embellished race
destroying all with a colored face.

Tormenting the meek leaving them weak
disfuntional ways to teach
his disciples are emotionally scarred.

Selling themselves for lavish living
into clear repertoires
transformed into a dark star without color or void.

This is what the King turned his disciples
with the power of persuasion
developing future wars to impact vicious invasions.
BLVNK Nov 2014
Freindly faces no more
open sores, I've bleed gore
Ripped out my stitches
I only missed my night terrors I bore.
And theres more,
This last door
This warrior fallen to floors,
No more variety
this sick society, no more.
This peace no more to teach
Im frozen to the core.
I slit my wrist
To get a fix of trying to be pure.  
My grey skin no more wins
Lets see the pain I'll endure.
I've been devoured
Still this power i feel no more.
BLVNK Feb 2017
The wrath of love
           and fruits of my labor,
              haunted at the eve of day
                  I sin again.
My soul shall fret and scorn beyond
      the fall of man and risen son.
BLVNK Feb 2014
Drips of tranquility covers even the slittiest form of imperfection
And though our hearts may be restless we seem to push on
Through every blade that's been pierced to sever our well being.
Tempting us to use our spirit of love persuading and misguiding us saying that love is just a feeeling.
But what is love?
how can it be described?
And can we interpret our definition if everyone is hurting?
Is what we've been taught just a way to keep us on a level to not think for ourselves?
Or are we just too afraid to let go of a worldly demise so unforgiving that it will cause us to be ****** from everything and everyone.
Too much is being swallowed in a burning atmosphere we take shots to fill in the pain but feelings are still there .
No matter where you might hide you can't escape from being doomed from the destruction history has caused and may it will be repeated.
From earth to stars space to beyond we have questions to be asked and many run
Due to the majority of how much darkness has overwhelmed the light of the sun.
BLVNK Jul 2015
Will our reign be our final tickets home
Setting sail amongst shores
freedom no control.
These dreams I must condone make it into reality
On another broken ship,
where on earth are they taking me?
Waking up to rows of human crocuses
Chains on necks and ankles
Thousands of orphans breeding, bleeding split choices of life or death
nothing's left not even a righteous step
I mustn't be weak though thorns may swing I shouldn't fret.
Is this the cause of death
Did I do something in my past
To believe these horrific visions
Of our race become of trash
Black skinned rationed off of the pale pigment
Treating us as animals dogs on a leash it's sickening
Did I just see freedom oh yes a million miles away
BLVNK Nov 2013
Morning everyone sitting on this throne looking at the terror brung
a sorrow tune sung constantly.  
Loose change and hollow tips followed by human brains
left on concrete a crime scene, caution tape are we too late for change?
We all walk along shallow ice
below is the earths core melting the elements of life.
Followed by vultures picking at an abandoned corpse,
splatterd in all sorts
another age being split short.
They say we are in a age of experiments
well our science fair is being polluted by ignorance.
People become cold blooded from first checks and silhouettes
the material things frying our minds like croquettes.
Are we something mixed gone wrong
did mad scientist just plan to put boy shorts false ***** and thongs?
to keep our eyes blinded by *** appeal and drugs are just as unreal
Please wake me up did I forget to set my alarm.
BLVNK Oct 2013
I have some words left unsaid
though I feel like there ment to be,
I see the light
and I know you dont remember me
But I come here to say, that I love you so.

Sweet Chassity
Sweet Chassity,

I've tried to fight it
but I know it wasn't feelings
and I know I tried to hide it
but I know I only see it

Sweet Chassidy
Sweet Chassidy,

I tried to fight it
but I know its killing me
My love for you,
my love for you,
Sweet Chassidy.
BLVNK Oct 2013
I walk into a bus and there was a man standing
I sit he turns around farts directly in my face
The smell of course was awfall
But do you know what made it worst
It was the summer time, well for me that day was a curse
Not only was I mad I thought it was inconsiderate
He was old so my first instinct is to respect elders
But that wasn't the case I wanted to give him a one two
For blowing stink bombs in my face I could have died too
Was he eating dead rats or spoiled ravioli
A toxic situation I wouldn't hope apon my enemy
If your loved is in a coma that would be the remedy
I swore I've seen green smoke appear from his ******
Cleared out the entire bus including me the entire section
Yeah thats what I get for taking this mans seat
Wasted a bus fare to toxic gases and being lazy.
BLVNK Oct 2013
Sail through the seas of passion,
Exotic love actions are everlasting with a intimate touch.
Its far from immorality or lust,
for each other we trust,
our senses leaves us breathless.
When we kiss our lips create static creating flames,
we both go insane about the crazy *** we've made.
The time has come because of a wedding ring,
looking beyond better things as we reach our final ******.
BLVNK Oct 2013
From wars erupting earths core,
we've settled a score only for the heavens and hell to see.
We smother the stench of temptations with potpourri,
only to deceive others stimulating parts of a brain.
Still pardon my slang
Are we using something to rearrange a type of mental suicide arranged,
in order to display portraits of lucid terror?,
Throwing smoke bombs to keep a little order
but even so that's just keeping us ***** for more slaughter.
Like roaches and raid a single spray will cause fragment mutations
a zombie faze shot with steroids and black plagues, just a graze to depict nations,
human infested sanitation able to retaliate government abomination.
A conversation my mind read by Pagans
walking through hallways,
a million rooms perfume and a two headed waitress,
mind binding views,
imitations, crosses, limitations,
serpents, pulpits, fuels lit and shattered creations.
BLVNK Oct 2013
Shattered mirrors from levels of hypocrisy,
shes horrified,
the reflections are not hers she tells her conscience.

It makes sense for her loss of self-esteem
out of her mind,
wanting to be more like the ones on T.V. Screens.

She cuts herself to keep from feeling pain
looking at herself in mirrors,
she forgets her own face is the most shame.

So where is Mary running to
a road with constant repeats,
vacancies she shall reap within her mind.

In misty mazes she resists her own soul
controlled by demons,
pale skin shivers from lack of Love may last a lifetime.
A finished maze she comes to face a cliff that’s ends in nothingness
BLVNK Apr 2019
(Thoughts) While Riding High

I just love sounds of trains at night pillowing my ear drums with screeching sounds of metal clashing against itself as it sores through its alleys.,
Focused on one main goal.,
getting to it’s destinations.,
Yes., I’m thinking too much,
Perhaps I’ve been missed lead by my judgements.,
(Thoughts) While Riding High.,
So high that I can feel myself pulsating out of my chest.,
Can’t even search for anything simple.,
Heads racing.,
I’m fathomed by thoughts drifting in and out of comatose consciousness.,
Lol (laugh, or pretend laughter), no that’s too literal.,
I traveled more of a distance in my mind and saw something.,
A glimpse of something that could’ve been.,
These stories that wraps my head infinitely with thoughts so fast unable to interpret a simple comprehension of my own mind.,
I came out with something.,
You know the one thing man all “hopes for”.,
Hoping one day the evolution of man can rise and conquer a again.,
While I listen to the subtle tunes of nature blossoming into a Rose.,
A rose where no matter how pretty and beautiful it is, you’d still have to deal with the most slightest of flaws.........,
Yes the nature of us.,
We built things on earth to let it all rot on top of itself, isn’t that obscure.,
Let me get out of my own annoying thoughts.,
It’s like the mind is built like fireworks that blankets the skies of earth with energy.,
I picture myself owning something.,
And again stop overthinking.,
Owning what, they say?.,
It’s tragic how limited minds can influence millions of innocent lives using them as tokens.,
Telling them what to do or say.,
Instead of just breaking through and living the best lives they could it’s all about control.,

Smt I’ll stop getting worked up, Pt 2 is coming soon I hope everyone enjoyed reading. If you guys have feed back, give me some feed back, I’d love that through and through.
BLVNK Dec 2014
When I see you
Under the sea
You look after me

Can I scream when
Its just in my dreams
That your here with me

From these skies I look
I'm lonely why.?
In my heads where I see your eyes.

No more vacancies
In my flesh I lust for you
You turn me to flames
Playing me like a fiddle

BLVNK Oct 2013
What if clouds fell down from skies
and stars were 1,000 degree shining meter orbs aligned to target earth?
As much things we've done theres no benefit from just one good deed
we are all indeed doomed turned ashed in tombs not even able to continue our spiritual quest.
We described ourselves as complexed individuals
obessed with visuals same *** a changed *** to run away from reality then run dead into a brick wall.
Theres many questions unsaid and many great minds having to weep because blood shed is enough said from a death note a quote saying hes better off dead,
its not about mixed relations or faded retaliations this was all planned a real hunger games seen eye to eye through many nations.
Thats why hip hop is where it is today it hid way too many years in the shade now it finally reveals that a once strong culture is manipulated and turned gay.
BLVNK Jan 2014
A consequence to squeeze off a weapon filled with hollow tips to contradict a slaughter with emotion such a ***** moment .
Now your in juvenile reminiscing 25 to life ***** no parole, no *******.
In notebooks a story written visually writing down things that's been a bad decision showing physical entities.
That ***** you shot last night a bad sight you might catch a double charge cause his wife ain't holding back.
It gets to that trying to control a group filled with misfits trying hit **** but you played yourself Mr. Dickens.
BLVNK Feb 2017
Hoping graves can raise for the rest can live again
Everlasting in a caste we suffer for in reign
Patience, living amongst the gravitational purpose
Engaged to live as slaves today
In the mind we hide in vanity.
Demanding a type of gratitude but who's is it blame?
In a world where wolves lie to pollute the just only to live sinister enough to trust that their worlds left in flames,
Dust smoke induced vomiting tormented by the bliss of pain will be the road to take that won't fade.
BLVNK Feb 2017
From every corner there's borders bringing the order with slaughter forcing these morders to keep white recorded in forces rejoicing subliminals spiritual 4 5ths the only scripture made to keep visions blind.
A solstice the size of heaven infinite infidelity a cosmic orb I described as hell.
in eyes are swelled indulged in gold sentences to provenience of differences so instant missions when that serpents hissed to keep a sin locked inside a vivid mind.
So can we live in abundance problems we face we effect the story told chapters written closer to ends another master prevailed
Bullied in packing weight
For keys respusha size
bundles we hope to rise
in a state rates increased the coffin size.
BLVNK Feb 2017
Shapeshifters lost in mazes in a world of equilibrium walking bare along borders of still waters.
Their pale skin reflects amongst the flooded seas a breeze passed a 20 foot tree as they prance gracefully in my dreams.
BLVNK Nov 2014
How many soldiers fall due to a path left aside?
How many days choices been made with mainly lies?
How many looked in eyes before the death of a loved one?
Or appreciate life
looked at the sky or sun?
How many abandoned a son because they couldnt raise one?
Left him in a cold for selfishness because a lose for fun
And yet we know flesh by flesh doesnt last forever
We organized our own demise caused by our own endeavors
Empowered our own temptations,
Wounded our character
Our essence been polluted
In days that may pass
Is just a day closer to our last

— The End —