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Apr 2019
(Thoughts) While Riding High

I just love sounds of trains at night pillowing my ear drums with screeching sounds of metal clashing against itself as it sores through its alleys.,
Focused on one main goal.,
getting to it’s destinations.,
Yes., I’m thinking too much,
Perhaps I’ve been missed lead by my judgements.,
(Thoughts) While Riding High.,
So high that I can feel myself pulsating out of my chest.,
Can’t even search for anything simple.,
Heads racing.,
I’m fathomed by thoughts drifting in and out of comatose consciousness.,
Lol (laugh, or pretend laughter), no that’s too literal.,
I traveled more of a distance in my mind and saw something.,
A glimpse of something that could’ve been.,
These stories that wraps my head infinitely with thoughts so fast unable to interpret a simple comprehension of my own mind.,
I came out with something.,
You know the one thing man all “hopes for”.,
Hoping one day the evolution of man can rise and conquer a again.,
While I listen to the subtle tunes of nature blossoming into a Rose.,
A rose where no matter how pretty and beautiful it is, you’d still have to deal with the most slightest of flaws.........,
Yes the nature of us.,
We built things on earth to let it all rot on top of itself, isn’t that obscure.,
Let me get out of my own annoying thoughts.,
It’s like the mind is built like fireworks that blankets the skies of earth with energy.,
I picture myself owning something.,
And again stop overthinking.,
Owning what, they say?.,
It’s tragic how limited minds can influence millions of innocent lives using them as tokens.,
Telling them what to do or say.,
Instead of just breaking through and living the best lives they could it’s all about control.,

Smt I’ll stop getting worked up, Pt 2 is coming soon I hope everyone enjoyed reading. If you guys have feed back, give me some feed back, I’d love that through and through.
Written by
BLVNK  23/M/Brooklyn
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