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Oct 2013
I was wondering if my pictures clear
in heaven I see stairs
visions impaired, living in fear
Dark halls cancels light.

Footsteps I wonder what might happened if they'll aproach me.
Silently moving swiftly through avenues of depression.
Maybe it wasn't heaven in disguise,
it was all lies, let me sleep so these dark hours can pass by.

As I sleep it follows me into a trans
seeing nocturnal images,
aggressively ******* my life away.

Resiting things,
not even of tongues but of possession
my opression is my basic fear
a player and contestant.

Gravity Falls,
Gravity Falls
Paintings of disasters
Maid Dolls, following eyes, Creepiness,
Gravity Falls.

A war within myself is like mental intoxication
I can't think right can someone fly apon me,
So I can even contest with such a spiritual fight
but let me not say things because insight
another demon might just take away what I think is righteous,
Gravity Falls.
Written by
BLVNK  23/M/Brooklyn
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