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BLVNK Nov 2015
Why should I become a marine?

Inhalate everything within my path fulfilling a prophecy to be promised in Christianity?

Or maybe I should bomb France to fill frustration because I can't get to Israel or Jerusalem.

Shame on me, No shame on you
I decide my religion is superior.

Or is it because of my lust for petroleum, 72 ****** wives after my death I bet ***** is the reason suicides the best bet.

But let's guess this bomb strapped along my chest will clear my mind of sin I feel these lies within am I inside the belly of the beast?

Knowing that our nations can get crushed doesn't matter but of the things that I believe in my spirit.

Should I forget the lives in Syria thats petrified about the way my disguise have me delirious.

So much written inside this Quran I misinterpreted.
I want out I don't care if it takes lethal forms of punishment.
Praising to Allah is where I'll lie inside this nourishment.
So here I'll abide going AWOL in all encouragement..
BLVNK Jul 2015
Will our reign be our final tickets home
Setting sail amongst shores
freedom no control.
These dreams I must condone make it into reality
On another broken ship,
where on earth are they taking me?
Waking up to rows of human crocuses
Chains on necks and ankles
Thousands of orphans breeding, bleeding split choices of life or death
nothing's left not even a righteous step
I mustn't be weak though thorns may swing I shouldn't fret.
Is this the cause of death
Did I do something in my past
To believe these horrific visions
Of our race become of trash
Black skinned rationed off of the pale pigment
Treating us as animals dogs on a leash it's sickening
Did I just see freedom oh yes a million miles away
BLVNK Apr 2015
Maybe I crush a lot
Maybe my love is hollow,
Forced out and missed,
Disregard the shells and tips.

And so I've bleed smoke
So means I've pulled this arm
Only to be lead along alone
A war I tried with charm.

I reaped what I have sowed,
In all that's set in stone,
lifeless bodies shown ahead,
A path left in bones.

In life I am a prison
My heart is just the cell
what guards the flesh are bars
And they're cold as well.

Which pumps solitude
Solidifies my pride
life sentences leaving me dead nor alive.

But yet I see a light
At the end of this stream
A ending to this nightmare
I wake up in a dream.

Where there's nothing more
Than to relish in demise
Become what's in reality
And of the world in set of lies.

So let me be vulnerable
As my breathe loses stride
Let this all be the end
of this world I must abide.
BLVNK Dec 2014
When I see you
Under the sea
You look after me

Can I scream when
Its just in my dreams
That your here with me

From these skies I look
I'm lonely why.?
In my heads where I see your eyes.

No more vacancies
In my flesh I lust for you
You turn me to flames
Playing me like a fiddle

BLVNK Dec 2014
Is this all I see?
Is this all I know?
Have I not become?
Will I ever know?
Should this pain keep me?
Should I let it GO?
Can I believe in me?,
Too late I know what's wrong
I have lost all life
I've lost all feeling
I have lost this love
Maybe I pretended
Should I be who I am?,
Or should I be who I'm not?,
How can I tell her when
When Times forgot.
BLVNK Dec 2014
I know i shouldnt be
I know i shouldnt know
I know i shouldnt get
I know i shouldnt receive
I know im just a man
I know i cut and bleed
I know that i lead someone in to deceieve
I know im not perfect
I know im just here
I know i have demons
I know i have fear
I know that ive cried
I know that theres pain
I know after all the sun there will always be rain
I know i've caused it all
I know you have changed
I know i deserve this dirt on my name
I know
I know
I know
BLVNK Nov 2014
We came and saw our last days
In time pleasure will stray
No more happiness
We forget so this our last terror slay
In magnificence we are glorified in our own demise
Becoming wise within our judgments
Our souls reanch with lies
With no reply we detonate bombs
We are our own terrorists
we horrify our own lives
A lethal medicine
Cannibalism becomes physical forms of irrevalence
Sorting the evil by truth is this all revalent?
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