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Jun 2017 · 1.2k
Learning to Swim
Alex Azar Jun 2017
Little by little I'm learning to swim
In this silent ocean made of endless drops
A drop, a memory, a fragment of myself
They surround each stroke, as I hope not to stop

The moment I stop, I'll slowly begin to sink
Deeper and deeper, struggling for air
Engulfed by dark waters I've tried to avoid
The pressure so high, it's something I can't bare

So little by little I'm learning to swim
Each stroke taking me farther, making me feel new
As I aim for the horizon of ocean yet to come
A single drop rains down, filled with a thought about you

One drop, that's all it takes, to disrupt my calm sea
Small ripples turn into waves steadily drawing near
Pushing me back under, with each passing ring
Each filled with you, who once brought me cheer

Little by little I'm learning to swim
We used to float together, exploring hand in hand
Now alone in this ocean I keep pushing forward
Hoping to see a new joy, waving from warm sand

— The End —