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Parker Jan 15
I once painted a room red in a sad attempt to erase how severely I’d been stabbed
Unfortunately time is all but frozen
Handcuffed to a melting shadow for 3 years now
Doing it’s best to forget faces and names
Faces and names
Parker Jun 2020
I toss her the keys to my heart
“Have it back by morning”
As much as a woman’s touch and love sound like the first sunshine after this long gloomy seasonal lustful loss, my true intentions rest upon having her experience a depths that mine nor any man before me could possibly summarize with words. To have her feel like every part of her is seen, felt, and adored.
For her to look for pieces of me and my love in every man that follows
For her to sleep knowing that the embrace of real love is worth fighting for.
To measure love in length of time is foolish
I have kissed a woman under the stars for a single evening and erased years of other boys names
I have sworn my forevers to the endless sky’s and infinite stars while in front of many of my loved ones upon a diamond ring strung around a blue eyed woman’s hand under the most beautiful sunset sin city has ever seen then
watched as minute by piiece this world ripped  that promise and us apart.
What I’m saying is
there are no mpg/mph gauges upon hearts
That being said,
“Be sure to return the tank full”
I love you,
Parker May 2019
are the only
one capable
of making
so beautiful
Do you remember
we stumbled down
those rocks
carved from tears
just so you could
tie our shadows
How hard it was
to steal back our
hands from all the broken
clocks after the cat
let go of there tongues?
I do
I’ve ran from
whispered lust
since that night
I’ve written sonnet
after sonnet
to keep you
this heart
will bleed
the sun dies
of a spotless
Parker Apr 2019
I desire to show your eyes the beautifully dangerous colors that drain and paint from your heart
I want nothing more then to sketch your mind in a note book and have a million copies printed for the world to see and time to hold
Spell me out of your dictionary and define me through your lips
My waterfall starts from your rivers
My sun crafted by your touch
You’re the only one who makes metal so soft  
and fire so tamed
My silences drowned out by the way you radiate a song that tells stories of comfort and whispers reminders of star’s importance still chained to time
Please grant me an everlasting dance with your pain
I long to study every line that spells out your fears
Parker Feb 2019
She painted the moon in gasoline and fired the stars
Electricity will always be faster then you
A prescription sent in,
uncrashed waves that holds what will be written on every tombstone
You don’t have to tell me why you can’t sleep when it’s quite
I can’t either
Tires rolling in 4 different directions
And I’ve cut small holes in the map to see
For the moment, I am nowhere
For the moment, I accept I know nothing and this anxiety is shaped with sharp edges that will tumble in my gut till I am no more
Every red streak in my eyes ends with a different name
Every circled scar screams a dark song I am unable to remove from this endless playing jukebox
Thats why I can’t sleep when it’s silent
The songs won’t let me
My eyes won’t shut
I cant escape my past
Parker Jan 2019
I found myself buried in the ashes of the thousands of love poems I was forced to use as kindle to keep the fire going in order to carry on.
Love letters filled with ink drained from scar tissue I’ll never let y’all see again
There is no brightest star in my orbit,
Just to many women that kept a piece of my heart and pulled the trigger, sending me back into the rabbit hole of memories that paint the story of my addiction.
I wake up to songs that promise love but always end in lies
End with memories lined with nails being hammered into my chest
You want to know why I’ve chased these chemicals so many times?
The truth is, I’m hoping the right mixture will erase you, or if not, me
When you love like I do, after it’s over the ghost never leave and they hold a remote capable of triggering the worst of feelings in every waking moment
They hold up pictures and storylines as reminders of paths you were so ******* certain spelled out love, but yours wasn’t forever.
They whisper sorrows that attach to the back of your hands so there’s no escaping the weights of all the times you were so wrong
It doesn’t matter how fast you run, what drugs you take, or how tightly you shut your eyes
All that was, is now forever apart of you!
My friends laugh at the tattoos for yall I’ll forever carry on my skin not knowing that the I do, cherry springs, and the giving tree are held so much deeper then the scull moon, heart on the tree stump, and name on my chest.
Not knowing that covering them in clothing is so much easier then trying to pry them from my heart and mind.
That’s the difference between me and you
My love is not a candle that will burn out one day
It is the sun
When it’s gone, so will I be
When it turns off, all my love as a whole will die
But until then
I love you all no matter what
Parker Dec 2018
You kept pouring love in my bucket with holes
I’m sorry that all the Women who used me as target practice have rendered me useless
As a child I use to carve our initials into trees hoping one day you’d stumble upon one of them and think of the boy who couldn’t forget your name
Now all I hope is you don’t forget mine
Regardless of all the broken strings, all I ever wanted was to play your favorite love songs and fall asleep surrounded by your poems
In my dreams, I paint your sonnets yet am always chased away by a silhouette of the nights I let you go
It wasn’t until we cut my heart in half did it become apparent that you actually let me go well before
Never considered a desired type until I fell in love with you
Though the word type seems irrelevant because we both know you’re one of kind
Thank you for sticking me back together and stringing my better parts so they give off the illusion to others that i’m alright even though we both know it’s a coordinated magic trick with a broken man pulling the stings behind the scenes
Not feeling your heart beat removed a crucial railroad tie that caused my train to crash
No expert could of predicted the outcome
A million pieces disappeared and it remains the last bright shining morning of my life
Maybe it’s all because my favorite poet hasn’t released a book
Or possibly because I was blind folded when you showed me the path to your heart
Either way, thank you for showing me how to steer without a wheel
Thank you for proving to me that the most beautiful colors are not colors at all
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