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 Aug 2015 Apollyon
Evie Hammond
When we met you said life had broken you
It started in childhood, what he put you through
And now you felt shamed because you were homeless
Abandoned by society, drifting and rudderless

You told me as though it was a ***** secret
And thought I'd walk away

You told me how you washed in the railway station
Fighting for work to improve your situation
Never giving up and never giving in
The very epitome of "Who Dares Wins"

And you thought I'd walk away?

You looked in the mirror and saw a loser
I cried and wished that I'd met you sooner
But you just said you'd learnt a lot
Sleeping rough on Christmas Day

You looked in the mirror, hated what you saw
But I looked at you, seeing so much more
Where you saw a loser I saw a hero
A samurai stood where you saw a zero

Knocked down 9 times you got up 10
If it wasn't enough you just did it again
Shotokan Tiger, in potentia
Noble, brave, strong.

Living proof that birth can't dictate you
That a ruined childhood needn't  break you
You overcame all, yet I never pitied you
Forged in flames and born anew

Vicious abuse from a cowardly father
A little half man who claimed to be a soldier
So "brave" he beat you black and blue
But he could learn to be a man from you

In you I see a Pilgrim, bold and free
Longing for mountains and glittering seas
Always going farther, one peak more
You'll  find your Mecca at the Dojo door

So walk beside me on the Golden Road
Let me share your honour code
Be my Sensei and guide my hand
While you light our way to Samarkand
For my husband, a truly inspirational man. References to the "Golden Journey to Samarkand" by James Elroy Flecker 1884 - 1915, a piece of writing that means a great deal to us.
 Aug 2015 Apollyon
Evie Hammond
I would love to say we should love others
Just as truly and deeply as we love our children

But given the childhood of many
That would be condemning us all to hell

Better to say we should love others
As we would have chosen to be loved as children

When JC said "Suffer the little children" he did not mean literally
Of that much I am sure
For those whose experience of childhood was less than idyllic. Often marginalised by sentiment that assumes everyone's experience was perfect.
i wonder if the old bicycle
tied outside,
rusted rims sitting on flat cracked rubber,
knows its owner is never coming back.
but it waits,
a silent vigil being kept
until it's loved again,
and both rider and machine are freed.
 Aug 2015 Apollyon
Mike Hauser
Boogers are the best
Out of all the tasty treats
I love the way my fingers feel
Digging deep into the meat
Out of all that I stick in my mouth
Boogers are my all time favorite thing
Nothing's more satisfying
Than a good ****** to eat


After it is I posted this
I see I should have proof read
As it's staring back at me
I'm more than a bit embarrassed
Burgers "NOT" boogers
Is what it should have said
Once again I have to blame
That with a mind of its own...spell check
Once again I'd like to go ahead and apologize now before this goes much further...
 Aug 2015 Apollyon
Ryan Galloway
How we fall decides so much
Though inevitable is the crash
Rebuilding depends on such
Where we look and what we clutch
If we are frantic
And panic to find something to grasp
Then we will collapse
In a heap of destruction
But if we observe and look
For ways back up
Then we can prepare for the coming ascent
 Aug 2015 Apollyon
Kelley A Vinal
I'm being pummeled
By thousands of ghosts
That sciencey-guy over there
Said they were called neutrinos

I don't trust it though
It's mumbo-jumbo
But don't worry about me
I learned how to fight ghosts

Where's my garlic?

Wait, that might be for use against vampires.

Oh no.
Walking in da room
I don need to make no noisse
I am da noisee
And I speek loud
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