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Aug 2015 · 376
Apollyon Aug 2015
If I had to live
without you, all the best parts
of me would vanish

you are the essence
of what makes me a worthwhile
person, you show me

how to be decent
and though sometimes I fall from
grace, you redeem me

'love' is too small a
word, to routine a concept
to encompass how

you heal me, make me
complete, and lift me towards
being someone I like
For my wife
Aug 2015 · 224
Apollyon Aug 2015
the journey from white
to black through coloured cotton
returning to white

feet, hips, arms, eyes, mind
so much to be considered
in every technique

the paradox that lies
in TRYING to stay relaxed
slow is smooth is fast

that eternal reach
for perfection that always
remains elusive
I've been studying shotokan karate for two and a half years give or take a bit. I've tried to use haiku to express what it is to me, but to be honest what's here doesn't even come close
Jul 2015 · 553
Apollyon Jul 2015
I am detritus
left ashore by the ebbing
tide of my childhood
Jul 2015 · 622
Apollyon Jul 2015
noble sacrifice
oh how you must have suffered
when you used clenched fists
to make a man of me
Jul 2015 · 685
Apollyon Jul 2015
a distant desert
is not a prerequisite
for conflict and pain

Not all wars are fought
over oil, scars are also
a hallmark of home
Jul 2015 · 370
Apollyon Jul 2015
your rage spreads outward
concentric ripples of harm
break the calm waters

the storms that you CLAIM
to have weathered and survived
are not an excuse

volition exists
in every circumstance, the
pattern ends with me
Jul 2015 · 304
Apollyon Jul 2015
spectate from cover
talk a good war. suffering
by proxy is safe
PTSD is the modern soldier's curse, the 'gift'  that keeps on giving. Those who genuinely suffer deserve our compassion and assistance. However, those who would steal the suffering of others and use it as a meal ticket are beneath comtempt. Even worse are those who use the pain of others to excuse their own misdeeds.
Jul 2015 · 377
Apollyon Jul 2015
the raptor's talons,
dulled by time's merciless march
to dissolution
Apollyon Jul 2015
i've weaponised words
this is just the overture
to a reckoning

how long can your past
remain buried and dormant
'neath the soil of lies?

little man, old man.
I have come to square the tide
your flowers will fade
Simply the way it has to be...
Jul 2015 · 726
Apollyon Jul 2015
falsified valour,
a place on the balcony?
little man... you lie!
Jul 2015 · 242
Apollyon Jul 2015
old man, forsake hope
veritas pursues you now
and ends your false dreams

— The End —