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Anya Jul 6
The caravel is sailing today
Bored with the shore
Takes the course of a new
Setting the compass on
nautical adventure

The land left behind
watches with sadness
Sees the sails set high
Hears the excitement
of preparations

It doesn’t want to break up
But understands
The caravel is made
to navigate the sea,
to search unwaveringly
for new islands on the horizon

Such is its nature
To be free in the element
of wind and water
Go through storms
Dance with lightnings
Play with dolphins in the waves

The land knows very well

That at the end of the journey
The caravel will return
A prodigal son
Coming back home
Anya Jul 3
I can withstand a collar,
that hurts when you pull
I can bear a hard bed
And no water to drink

I will bark if you order
And I will protect you
I’ll wait, as long as it takes
Until your return

I will take a tell off
Even if, I don’t deserve it
I don’t mind frozen paws
I don’t care, if I’ll get hungry

I will always love you
And I’ll be forever loyal
Till the end, by your side
My beloved human
A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.
Anya Jul 2
Here we are discovering
the art of poetry...

words attached with
each other
Connected together
to start a chain reaction
Step by step taking
the reader higher
Into the unblemished
skies of imagination
Everything’s allowed ;
to laugh, cry,
be happy and sad
A feast for senses
A question without
an answer
An emotion lingering
in the right place
and moment

Here he is
The poet
armed with a pen
His eyes open
Mind focused
Feelings on a leash
Pulling forcefully
Forward, backwards
Hold on Mr Poet!
Stay strong, don’t let go!

Take it
where you want it to be
Let it breathe
in the alley of mystery
Drink and feed
on a secret
Allow the reader
to discover for himself

Lay it to rest in the place
of destination
The poem
A riddle to solve
Your creation...
Anya Jun 30
Prepared especially for me
Wooden and heavy
Without the back to rest on
With bent legs
and a swayed seat
When I sit on it
it talks to me
Whispers ideas full of fears
Sticks nails through my skin

My chair

Measured and handmade
By me

Each day I try to leave you behind
Get rid of you and live my life
But you don’t want to
You always stay
You’ll never get away

You serve
just the right amount of pain

So I return
Go back for more
Sit down in your arms
to get hurt

And now I know
where I belong
Anya Jun 24
The silence of a dead home
is always loud
Cries are heard in every corner
Tears pour out from the taps
Shadows lurk in the dark

Life is gone
Every drop squeezed
from a sponge into a sewage
What’s left is a skeleton
Naked ribs and bones
sticking from dead walls

At the centre there used to be
Strong and hopeful beating
in the rhythm of the future
Holding tightly your little hand
But... it slipped away

Heaven had a different plan
Couldn’t wait and took you back
In one second everything ended
Evaporated into space like it
never existed

Leaving behind a dying home
Starved from love and denied life
Without a chance of survival
With the memory of your sweet
name on its last breath...
Anya Jun 23
It’s time for a ******
A perfect crime committed
in cold blood
Cooled down a long time ago
Solidified and black

Aroused razor sharp
grins at you with its
beguiling, seductive smile
Ready for the ****** cut

Deadly poison winks
with its rotten eye
Inviting you to have
a drink

A gun shoots right in the
center of your attention
Promising quick exit

Thick rope hangs
sadly from a tree
Begging for this
one and only kiss


For you and your move

Do it!
Before it’s to late
Before someone else
will do it to you

**** what is already dead
in the world deprived of
Where love suffocates
without air
Truth declined moves out
Warmth freezes
And faith defeated leaves

In this world so cynical,
ruthless and cruel

Do it now!

****** your heart..
Anya Jun 21
The Sun is shining
The day is beautiful
Today, i will meet your

i’ll be, who you want me to be
Do, whatever you desire
i can do it
Just have to work harder

i know
i haven’t been perfect
Far from it...
But i can do better
i promise

i’ll put more effort
Be smarter, exciting, bright
Say the right thing, at the right time
Look my best, just as you like

You’ve been waiting,
so patiently for so long
i am grateful for every minute
you wasted on me
Being useless and weak

Today i will meet your expectations
Like you deserve
And maybe then you will love me

i hope…
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