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Jun 23
It’s time for a ******
A perfect crime committed
in cold blood
Cooled down a long time ago
Solidified and black

Aroused razor sharp
grins at you with its
beguiling, seductive smile
Ready for the ****** cut

Deadly poison winks
with its rotten eye
Inviting you to have
a drink

A gun shoots right in the
center of your attention
Promising quick exit

Thick rope hangs
sadly from a tree
Begging for this
one and only kiss


For you and your move

Do it!
Before it’s to late
Before someone else
will do it to you

**** what is already dead
in the world deprived of
Where love suffocates
without air
Truth declined moves out
Warmth freezes
And faith defeated leaves

In this world so cynical,
ruthless and cruel

Do it now!

****** your heart..
Written by
Anya  42/F/London
     Fawn and Darrell Landstrom
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