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AnxiousOcean Apr 2022
Dark streets, darker skies
Until the lass emerges
To guide the night folk
lover of the moon
AnxiousOcean Apr 2022
Starlit sky above
Sending its usual goodbye
To the drowning star
lover of sunsets
AnxiousOcean Apr 2022
A starless night with a pale lonely moon—
I hope you’re seeing the same view.
Uncertain it is if we’ll meet again soon,
But I surely have missed your usual hue.

We were once strangers to one another
Until we dove in each other’s water.
It was when we learned more than names
That we have fanned the vibrant flames.

All the winters and autumns we’ve outgrown,
The burning cities that never turned to ashes,
And the handful of stars we used to own—
Are now nothing but the past’s slithering leeches.

Our memories have piled up to the skies;
Should I feed them to the butterflies?
They play on repeat inside my head
Like vultures orbiting around the dead.

Now that you’re from a hundred miles,
I’m starting to feel the need to pray.
I wish for nothing but your reassuring smiles
Because they are just enough for me to stay.

With this growing distance,
I wish I could hug you somehow.
Now tell me, this instance,
How can I forget about you now?
AnxiousOcean Feb 2022
I often think that I have a curse
That always gives me a pair of wrung hands.
Because whenever the sun falters,
My mind starts to roam around foreign lands.

Just when the moon decides to appear
And gently reveals its current phase,
The usual thoughts would be somewhere near—
Preparing to have me locked in a familiar haze.

As the worn out city goes to bed,
Raging storms roar inside my head.
Internal monologues become so much louder,
And all that I could ever do is to suffer.

Beneath the sinking star
Is a massive quicksand from afar
That leads the wanderer into the deep,
Yet all that he wants is to fall asleep.
AnxiousOcean Jan 2022
Remember how the moon
And the sun's shadow play
Makes every second dreamy?

Distant eyes gaze upward in total awe,
A handful of storms die inside for a while,
Minutes of illusion grow effective,
Knives of hope are gently stabbed, and
In silence we become more fluent.

Though together may not be ever,
Always it feels like an eclipse.
AnxiousOcean Jan 2022
I taught myself to cry without a sound,
Only to have my tears be smelled
By the ******* hound.

I hug strangers as tight as I can offer,
Only to be hugged back even tighter.
And you did just that.
AnxiousOcean Dec 2021
Breakfasts shared with broken dreams,
A diurnal storm of olden debris,
Series of flaws, and internal screams —
This life was never easy.
And there came a handful of hope.

I've decided to begin another journey —
Knowing not where my feet would take me.
And the moon knows that it is you
Who have been a reason to continue.
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