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I just need you to tell me you love me
I just need you to show me you care
I think it’s safe to say that you’re unaware of how much I scare myself with my thoughts

I know you love me
I know I’m being irrational
I guess it’s just true that you can’t accept someone else’s love until you learn to love yourself.

So as I sit here
On the edge of this rock
I don’t throw myself off

My mind constantly reverts back to this idea
Why don’t I? Do I really think anyone cares about me?
But then again
I’ve always been the type to back out

So don’t let me
Don’t let me back out of us
Don’t let me push you away
Don’t let me fear what you offer
Don’t let me run from what’s coming

Make me brave
Give me strength

Show me you love
Show me you care
i hope when you look at her, you see the resemblance of our smiles.

i hope when you make her laugh, you hear my laugh in the back of your head from when you told me the same joke.

i hope when you're talking to her and i walk by, i'm the one you can't stop staring at.

i hope when you have a problem, especially with her, i'm the one you yearn to talk to about it.

i hope when zoey wears her costume, you remember i'm the one that bought it.

i hope when you get in your car, you remember that you drove me to the hospital, and i came to you for help.

i hope when you kiss her, you remember teaching me how to do the same.

i hope that her brown eyes never live up to your dream of the blue like mine.

i hope when you touch her, you remember the softness of my skin.

to a further extent, i hope her fingers don't fit perfectly between yours like mine do.

i hope your grandma and mom still bring me up since you deny to inform them of our separation.

i hope when you lay in bed you remember that i'm laying upon the same comforter.

i hope when you see her caked face, you remember how you loved my little use of makeup.

i hope everything she says reminds you of our old conversations, considering we talked about everything.

i hope when you go to sleep at night you dream of me.

i hope you name your children the names we decided upon, wishing they had been half mine.

i hope when you're older, when you look at your small, cozy house in the middle of a small town, you facebook stalk me and find my exciting, vibrant life in the city that you used to deject, seething with envy. realizing you would've done anything to share one life.

i hope when you're looking upon your grandchildren and old wife, you realize that it fails in comparison to what we had planned.

i hope when you reflect upon your life at the end of your days, you wish you could go back to the summer of 2016 and make everything right with me. because then, and only then, would you have treated me how i deserved, and how you wished to love me.

— The End —