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Amirraahh Mar 13
I try to remember that blazing taste,

That bittersweet, that fatal bite of ivory teeth graced

I retrace this adorned place  

With my rouge lips erased

In the dead of human skin,

Will veins spread daisied seeds akin

Warm woven breaths spin

As the feel of your cold finger's burn my bones from inside in

Though I'm bleeding....

My soul, a desolate place

Lost, deserted, enlaced in this fading web spaced  

Forever needing

I feel my heartbeat brake

My eyes drain to a star in forsake

& though I was awake

I let go of my one snowflake

I dream by day

Asking, will thou stay?

Emerald hues of the sky's milky ray are washed away

Day to night to night to day

I fall to pray

Does the body remember nothing?

The touching?

Did love not mean something?

My soul was once blushing

To the rain pour of this moments flow of weeping heart's crushed

In the gentle scent of nectar eyelids brushed

To blood rush

A tender whisper will become the nights command

As hazed clouds dispel the winter darkness to the souls of the ******

We need some peace in this world


With each concrete flower hurled

I wait for the whimpering wind to twirl

In the hush of an enfolded eye's tiny smile, the blood in my heart swirls

For I am a faceless vessel ensuing the blackest voice

A soul trapped in an ephialtes voids

So I dance my pain away to dawn's poise

As she rises beyond the inkwell noise

It's the dusk that heals stained fiends

& a suckled child is weaned

As his mother's heart slowly screams

To the hungry souls dreamed

& I have known the women

I've kissed their cheeks of sin

I felt their embrace within

As beautiful Huwa was gifted a garden

Can we be forgiven?

With the moon up in smoke

Flesh is revealed to the morning sun just as the yellow in an egg yoke

Here I was woke

In an earth of blood filled tears soaked

Another piece of my soul turning to dust

Though rising is a storm of stardust
Amirraahh Mar 9
In the heart of a sparrow,
Nests a spirited star in mellow

Though mid noon rain shares its sorrow's,

As flesh & bones dissolve into the dawning shadows

From whence a souls light befalls the dark before night

Without sight, chasing starlight

Limbs are raised to benight

Eloped to a slaves empty surrendered hands in brief to early light

With fingers warping kryptonite

Her palms that shake, take & brake

Though her lips are at one with all that's at stake

Inside is a haunting ache

Invisible to heavens sake

From her dim eyes with frozen tears is the shaded window to all her hidden fears

There will be rain in the purple wind

When the secret moon visitor, visits within

Under my skin  

In deafening silence,
I lose myself within the drops of thickened blood reliance

The outside quiet.....
With diminished hope, are the sapient souls coerced to a gunned riot

I salute the sun's enigma whereby it
A heart is crushed to promise sworn by it

The sparrow's spiritual star inside her feathered mother

Gifts herself a cradled swelling scar

Wrapped in the wounds of the sky's north far

Of where you are
Amirraahh Mar 8
A departing sun recedes within the broken souls of nigh

Its raise dispersed across an auburn sunk sky

She burns a once more erupting sigh before her vengeful goodbye

A pink tulip nestles near I

Where all the remembered darkness veils my eye

When the ebony tears cuddle my cheeks as  I wail & cry

A star may reveal a floating sigh

For an angel takes me fly

In orange stillness to heal my tears to dry

I'm breathing bloodroot

Disfigured ghost's phantom within the neveroot

In the salt of the quiet my eyes dilute

Not for me, this ****** bloodless love

Says I, whilst I lay beneath the pale stars sparkling a beauty above

Like the letters versed to the Queened black dove

I give you my woeful love

Sculpted with a faintful smile,
my squeezing lips release into the winds of the reddened nile

Towards dawning bloodshed I paint my exile

A detached labryinth I embrace
Within the souls of gloom lies a spirit of grace

Now lunar's heart crowns the night,  
cocooned with moon-milk silk but sullen frowns

Though a pain fills my chest
It wont allow my heart to rest

So I lay beside my soul within the swans fallen crest

As the crescent jinns await my sins,
I make amends with lost kings
& my dream rebegins
With wings
Amirraahh Mar 7
As silhouettes weep to their dusky death

A pirouette moon sleeps to a solstice vignette

Still suns combed to a faded memory of regret

The taunted lily gives an aching breath

Exhaling the taste of turquoise tasseled tongues left

My bleeding heart is undressed

To a scarlet moonrise in the winter of flowers

Are memorable bones hushed with bloodstained sours

If I loved? Did I love thee?

Then allure me with your star torched flames

Cherry lips brush a lush sky in shame

My veins soak up the fevered blame


My soul yearns for twilight rain

We are one of the same

Somewhere between the silence &

the pause...

Shadows evaporate & words slip into my flaws

In a rainbow dream the echo of a whisper spills  to my quill

Sweet crimson ink dot the spaces to fill


I wear the tule dress with the blush frill

Entwined in twill, I write a poem on a daffodil

Lost to the soul in the womb of the earth's fulfill

Ohh silver sea

Split in the middle of envy

Where a star fits the place of longevity

I am born to a lured tragedy
Amirraahh Mar 6
Heartstrings spill into a solitude of silence

As undissolved fears whisper to escape the violence

Dreams melt within the darkening hues of a silken sky

When my soul burns to a velvet lullaby


As the eve of night fades, each moonlit lash that lines my eye flutters beyond the depths of why

Thou shall not render me cry....

Do I die to a lie?  

Repercussions of a releasing breath slowly leave my chest as I falsy face my death

Only one moistened reprieve

Are my ending thoughts as

I can no longer breathe

Bloodied tears leave

As this angst entwines my soul's sonnet

Silver dewdrops fill the bruised space of every hearts laconic pocket

With wasted moments briefly swept away between the sips of  poisonous tonic

It's iconic

My heart seeks its timeless destiny past the saline sea of eternity

That's where you will see me

In the sea drenched to empty

I will sink within the indigo ink as the waves of the ocean softly blink

For which, I pause & rethink
Amirraahh Mar 6
Every word of every verse

To each unspoken sound mumbled in reverse

Are my lips ceased to a star’s curse


I fall within the shattered lilac hearts of the universe


As the lily white dusk narrows to the sorbet sky of musk

Will the elephant rise beneath his tusk as the lavender suns flicker to moon dust


With tears rolling down my cheek

I cannot speak

I’m still searching for the delicate word’s I seek

My tongue thickened to weak


I begin to kneel

To seal all that bleeds to heal

If only your soul could feel

Open your eyes when you know it’s real

As swept you are in the sparse of a lemon peel


Silhouettes of forgiveness shade the dimlit air

To find comfort in a shallow prayer

Hidden behind the screen of my hair

In the cosmic milky glare

I feel the softness of the doves feather’s rare

My heart is not spare

No solitaire

Whilst my soul suffers inside this nightmare

I suspend my heart in midair


A moment of sorrow

Follows the drowning rain to the yellow

You write poems of your heart’s wound’s in scars of all that's hollow

Will I find you by the sword of your hero?

Do heart’s remain broke until tomorrow?

Bury my soul within the yarrow


Ohhh, loosen my skin

Even lovers sin

Let the light in

As you hear the sweetness from the muazzin

The warmth of sunlight sinks there in


Breathing flowers in a winter rose devour


Moonlight drinks to the bleeding heart of the soundless little wallflower

Though it’s your soul that can be bitter, but ever so sweet yet sometimes sour


Will you miss me?

I ask thee gently…

With old memories

Lost to the stars eyes

Of ebony rise


Ohhh my beloved

Am I so unloved?

Look into my eyes & see that you are loved


Rest my heart in the clouded skies above

Until my love

Until my love

Until my love can feel my love
Amirraahh Mar 6
The moon is stripped of her worth

Lasting breaths threaded deep into the earth

To her own death among a lone star's birth

You promised... & I believed... To after be deceived...

I gave thou my soul from when it can't be retrieved

It's bound, rewound & drowned 

In weaves with sleeves to only conceive a curse to my souls grieve

Still you leave

Catch my tears as they fall  & allow me to weep into nightfall

As the howling owl beckons my soul with her delicate call

My weary bones will break as my body falls

There's mud within my heart smothering each little precious string torn apart 

Your beautiful art 

How warming of you my sweetheart

Lost between the looms of lunar's noon

I wait for my shattered rose to rebloom

In a moment, before it's too late, sometime soon

I'll look into the eyes of my groom
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