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Bea Jul 2019
There is peace knowing you died with your family
The love in that room could seen through the darkness of that June night
The kind of love that melts you
We held you and let you go
Leaving us with the greatest of memories
Midnight walks
Sunshine naps
Ocean swims
And long drives
Some of your specialties
There is peace knowing your heart was happy from your first day to your last

There is no peace in your absence
Midnight walks  
Sunshine naps
Ocean swims
long drives
Most of all the sound of you
Will never feel the same
The green grass remembers you
My sweet sunshine boy have changed me
Bea May 2019
I like my empty bed
There is more space for me here than there ever was for your baggage
Rolling over is a gift and I am the lonesome recipient
Waking up with the sunshine peeking through the window and the robins singing I am reminded how beautiful stillness can be
Lonely does not equal sad
Alone does not equal lonely
That’s what you forgot when you left
Bea Apr 2019
Getting out of bed is brave
Choosing to open your blinds is brave
Eating is brave
Every little thing you choose to do is brave no matter how small it may seem
Choosing to do something will alway be brave
Bea Apr 2019
He makes me feel good,
When he comes to talk to me because he likes my stories and our secret handshake.
A twisted sadness lives in my belly, it ties itself tightly around my heart contracting my breathing making my face turn a rosy red
No matter how much I try to make it stop I can feel it burning my cheeks.  
I’ve never been anyone’s first priority
Never once have I sat across the table from someone and had them look at me and not my plate.
I am so happy you love someone the way you do
The way I’ve dreamt of forever
A thoughtful tender love that puts every sunset to shame
You love her the way I love you.
Bea Apr 2019
I think I hear footsteps on the deck
I Worry about my sister who is almost certainly awake
She hasn’t slept since the first time your rage tore through her skin leaving scars that never really heal
She’s terrified you will come back so she stays awake waiting
It is easier to say that the dam behind her eyes is broken consistently springing leaks than to say she cries a lot
She never stops
There isn’t enough weight behind those words so I try to create new ones for her so she can finally have some justice
My sister was ripped apart like a house in a tornado
What’s gone is gone
She is all 3 little pigs without a home
She is Dorothy with red slippers
She is Alice lost in a foreign land
She is lost
Maybe that’s worst of all
Bea Apr 2019
I cry in change rooms bathrooms and at family events
I am the pudgy granddaughter people don’t like looking at
Uncomfortable in doctors offices gyms and food courts I try to hide in plain site
People call me sensitive like its a bad thing so I feel worse
I cry in bed at work and in the car
I am invisible to those that matter and all to visible to those that don’t
Sometimes I wonder how my body could ever forgive me for what I’ve done
Despite my best efforts it has stayed by my side taken on my guilt categorized my grief
Sometimes I wonder why I’ve never tried to **** myself as if that is okay to think about
Even though I’ve wished myself gone I am here
I wonder what is keeping me so grounded and hell bent on living
Depression hits me like waves so I stop eating sugar
Anxiety takes over I go on a juice cleanse but it’s never enough
Being fat in public means you have no right to ask for the vegan option
Don’t get the nice clothes
Should be honored to be cat called
My body is a bulletin board mother's show their daughters and say My dear
Never become that
Bea Apr 2019
I am hopelessly in love with a boy in love
He is soft like a cloud
A wide smile that makes the sun shine
He is a boy I could tell my secrets to free from harm
He is a warm embrace
He is safety
The brightest shade of green
He is love
But not mine
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