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Andrew Nov 2020
It doesn’t exist, built up from time, battling through all the bad in your life. And one time everything starts working fine, like all the stars have just aligned. You finely get to feel that warm soft light. It’s tricks your mind. Feeling like you can exhale and everything will be alright. That’s when you chase after this wonderful time. But when it breaks and the sky comes falling down, it makes you want to do more than just cry, you’ll chase that star that used to shine so bright. That used to brighten up every single night. Sending you insane. Questioning some of the thoughts that go through your brain. A gradual descent into insanity, your lucky star is still shining bright it’s just far out of sight. Then you sit lonely on a cold dark night, confused maybe scared because all you done was cared. Don’t believe in a fairytale...Please for your own sake
Andrew Nov 2020
I don’t understand why you are so mad, I don’t understand how everything got so out of hand, how can’t you see that all I wanted was you to be was happy, I give you my all and I tried my best and when I lost you I lost apart of myself, I don’t understand how to live anymore, the colours aren’t bright, there is absolutely no difference from day and night. It’s a continuous fight. I don’t understand why, I want to talk but I have nothing to say, day by day something is eating me away. I hope one day this all just goes away, and I will finally see some brighter days.
So when I met this girl she was going through some stuff and I stood by her side the best I could and it hurt me so bad seeing her scared and upset I give her my heart and in the end she ripped it apart, I don’t understand how it happened and why she can’t bare to speak to me and for some reason this thing is eating me
Andrew Nov 2020
Depression and anxiety they are side affects of living in an evil society. You get so far and they pull the rug. back on the bottom looking up. hardly having the fight to pull ourselves up. With no crack in the clouds seeing a light. it’s a cycle of nightmares and they don’t fight fair. Death in my eyes, happiness ran away with my soul. Who. In this world. Would want to live to be grey and old. These are the side affects from our evil evil society
Andrew Oct 2020
Many wars we’ve fought, many times we’ve cried, many times we stayed up into the night talking about life, and the battles we fight inside, I will be by your side till The day that I die. And i will protect you even in the afterlife.
Andrew Oct 2020
I can see your sadness from miles away, day by day night by night. I see your world falling apart in your eyes.  A strong girl with a broken mind. Smart and clever and always right. but some reason, things just. Never go right. Your past haunting you in the night. But you ain’t losing this fight. I think if you look closely, me and you are very alike.
I wrote this about a girl that I used to know, she was probably one the best people I have ever known. Paths split. That’s life but I don’t know what it is just something drives me to watch her find the light.
Andrew Oct 2020
Have you ever talked to a person and thought, you are insane? Then one day something happens and you understand their pain? The feeling of flashing in and out of existence, feeling everything and nothing in hundreds of different ways, is that me just being messed up in the brain. I can tell you this iv definitely seen brighter days.
I kinda hope someone understands this and if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, been feeling like this for a few months now and don’t understand it
Andrew Sep 2020
It’s raining so hard it hurts my face the wind so powerful it makes me shake, walking in the streets feeling like apart of me passed away. I don’t want to see the end of the day. My money has no value I give it away. The tool for experiences but it’s too late. One thing in common. It’s forever me, we’ll both continue to hate.
You ever walk the streets alone at night?
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