I do not consider myself a writer,
I just like writing..
I do not consider myself a writer,
I just like writing..
Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Oct 16, 2015

''Are you ready for your medicine Mr Lee?''


''Today we have something different for you''

''Is it strong?''

''Oh yes''

''What is it?''


"My goodness, already?"

"You are untreatable, we can not help you"

"So I have to die?"

"It's either that or we release you"

"I'm ready for my medicine"

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Oct 5, 2015

Take my hand then wipe my brow
forgiveness is the key
I'm not sure what I'm doing now
it all feels the same to me

I climbed up to the highest hill
then tripped and flipped and fell
I took a chance on a certain kill
then danced straight into hell

fires burned my frazzled mind
cold winds fanned the flames
I searched for treasure I've yet to find
whilst playing them silly games

sometimes I often lose myself
riding on the crest of a wave
it's not much fun sitting on a shelf
when it's loving that one does crave

perhaps one day I'll get it right
perhaps one day I'll smile
perhaps one day I'll fight the fight
then walk on up the aisle

inside my heart is weeping blood
it's written in my eyes
and as I'm drowning in the mud
I'll drop my weak disguise

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Mar 28, 2015

torn apart
all for the sake of a broken heart
labelled a thug
pulled off my feet by the proverbial rug
locked in a cell
shaking with fear
surrounded by anger
nothing is clear
magazines read
ten times each
lovers apart
too far to reach
cast into a world
yet known
seeing old barriers
still haven't grown
back to locks
this time for longer
panic and madness
grows stronger and stronger
love is teased then blown away
no more sunshine
not one ray
lost in thoughts
too consumed to eat
head hung low
as I challenge the street
can't you see I'm in a mist?
sentence awaits
accepting my death
accepting my fate
a chink of light
a reason to elate
take the punishment
kick open the gate
embrace the air
look around
it's not so bad
with my feet on the ground

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Dec 14, 2014

Every time I catch your eye
mirrors search my soul
I feel the urge to stop and cry
as tumbleweed does roll
the filth and fury that lurks within
suggests I may be mad
I only see in black and white
just like my good ol' dad
BPD- oh yes that's me
or so it has been said
I'm not so sure
the label fits...
although it might when I am dead

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Dec 14, 2014

Flesh filled visions
brains burnt out
pariah desire disease
punctured heart
shifted gaze
inconsolable disbelief

Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
Nov 17, 2011

Its been seven long months since I kissed your lips
yet still I feel the pain
every day I reminisce
once more then twice again

I know we were not meant to be
I know you did me wrong
yet deep inside this heart of mine
I'll always play our song

until we met I never felt
the joy I felt with you
I never smiled with intent
in a life that was oh so blue

when we made love the stars did shine
heaven's angels danced with glee
my wanting love was satisfied
I was as happy as could be

alas the sun soon lost its warmth
cold winds and rains prevailed
and the dream I had dreamt for all my life
had crashed and burned and failed

I now find it very hard to cope
I guess you've long since moved on from this
but my heart still plays our loving song
and my lips still miss your lips

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