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With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay
You said, “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way”
With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay
You said, “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way”
P Julianna
P Julianna
Sep 9      Sep 10

We talk as if
Your hands have more wrinkles
And your eyes have seen
The world

As if
I don't deserve your
Time or effort because
You don't want to be seen with
An embarrassment like me, because
I haven't "lived"

But please don't forget
You once looked at me with
Eyes that didn't need
To see the world,
And once, your inexperienced
Hands were used for learning the curves
Of my body rather than illustrating
The journeys that have made you so
Cultured and wise

Darling, I'm so sorry, but
You've got it all wrong
As if you know what
It really means to

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Krusty Aranda
Krusty Aranda
Sep 7      Sep 7

Lay awake
Think of you
Close my eyes
See me too?
Hold your hand
Smile at me
Open heart
Do you see?
Silent kiss
Never comes
Still I wait
Hope not gone
Freezing wind
Warmth of home
In your arms
Not alone
Sit with me
Hear my song
Read my tale
Draw our love
One more time
Try again
On my lips
Yours remain

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Shall love be limited
To the bearer of true soul
Are you so afraid
To just let go

Embrace your heart
Control the beat
Fear not the reaper
Resolve your beast

The realm of all possibilities
Holds a constant flow
Through new days of uncertainty
In the benevolence of our role...

I'm swimming in the
You have tried to
Teach me, the ones
You were supposed to
Instill in
My upbringing, but then
You left and now I'm
In the words I can't
The words I will
Now have to teach
Myself, but my
Question is
Will these
Be the same as what
You tried to
Engrave in my
Impressionable mind
So long ago?

I can only
Hope to stay
Afloat in my
Journeys without

He calls me the "poster child"
Because he was never home the nights my parents
Had to convince me to stay, because
When he was out with friends, That
Was when I was at my worst

He called me the "poster child" one last time
And I don't know what he said to our father, but
I know it hurt because I have only
Seen my father cry
One other time.

Bye Bye Brother, I think you blocked my number
Weird how you let everything fall apart
Around you, and don't even flinch

Bye Bye Brother, if only you knew
There is no such thing as a "poster child"
In our parents eyes, if only
You were around the nights when
Nothing could please them; not you,
Not me

Bye Bye Brother, there is no going back now
Not after those words fired out of your
Mouth and strolled down our father's cheeks

Bye Bye Brother, I am no poster child
Time to grow up
Because neither of us
Are children any more after all

P Julianna
P Julianna
Dec 29, 2014

Sitting on the beach staring up at my
"High School" friends,
Isn't that weird, having to put the word
High School before so you know I'm not talking about
All the other people I've met since college

It may not seem like it matters but it does
Because these are the people I grew up with and now
Everything feels so different

They're lighting another joint, I watch their eyes
Go from open and alert to smiling and red
I blame this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach on the
Random drug tests that prevent me from joining in,
But it's not just that which makes me feel
So out of place

A white lie of feeling sick puts me back in my car
To send me back to the "comfort" of my home
But the only sickness I'm feeling is the
Depression deep in my stomach

I pull up to a red light and stare
Absent minded at the car in front of me

Happy Birthday to me. Green light.
I turn left and seriously contemplate
Driving my car head first into the stone wall ahead of me

Another red light
I tell myself I can't think like that
But am so surprised that college didn't make me
More normal. I expected it to change me
In so many more ways than it has

There are these paper dolls I used to play with
When I was younger and I can't get them out of my head
Another thing that may not seem important, but
I tore through my whole house looking
For these small pieces of cardboard with their
Cardboard dresses and suits
I don't know what that means but I couldn't find them
And cried

Pull into the drive way and
Carry myself up the same stairs I've been
Climbing since I was born
I don't think anyone should live in the same house
For nineteen years
There are memories hiding in the walls and
Secrets behind every closed door that can't escape me

Present Time
I'm in bed writing this meaningless poem
Thinking about him, and it's giving me this
Weird feeling in my fingertips

My computer has had this virus for the past two months
That I keep ignoring, too lazy to fix, too busy to find out
What exactly is wrong
I think my computer and I have a lot in common

So Happy Birthday to me
Nineteen seems like such a hollow age to be

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Jack Piatt
Jack Piatt
Nov 14, 2014      Nov 14, 2014

She complained about the sun thinning
Maybe it was on some sort of cosmic diet
She complained about me, to me
She loved me, but she didn’t love her
Self that is

She didn’t see what was easy for me to see
The little lies that fell from her mouth
Quickly morphing into truth out of respect
For the heart they used to sing with on mornings
When sleep wouldn’t stick around

She … She was something
Something to revel at
When she used the window for a TV screen
Buses and bikes gliding by quiet trees

She would blow me kisses but quickly suck them back in
Laughing at how quickly my smile fell into a frown

She loved me

(c) Nov 2014
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