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Someday you will find me..

ig: @isycm
Someday you will find me..

ig: @isycm
  9h  Isabelle

After many years of experimentation
I have found no reliable method for
imparting magic to my words.
Just like you, however
every once in a while
and in spite of myself
the magic just happens.

9 hours ago

Someone has stopped writing our love story
Are we too happy to be punished like this?

Why does it rains whenever I start to feel happy??
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  12h  Isabelle
Ladybug and Firefly

. o O 0 O o .

Once there was a little girl
who could not fall asleep
night after night she lay in bed
counting dozens of sheep

I asked her what the trouble was
and she said “Mommy, it seems
that I can’t fall asleep at night
because I have lost my dreams”

Oh dear, sweet girl, I said to her
that does sound serious to me
they must be here somewhere
I wonder where they could be

If you close your eyes little one
we’ll take a trip from here, in bed
round them up and bring them back
to rest inside your head

I know a few good hiding spots
where dreams will sometimes go
they’re full of fun and adventure
and even some danger you know

So if you’re feeling brave my girl
I’ll take you there with me
just bring your imagination
because this is where they’ll be

Let’s go visit the spring time fair
and seek out a clown named Dan
There he is, he's right over there
With balloons held in his hand

Go on over and ask him nicely
if you can have the bunch

“Of course my dear, here you go
now I’m free to go for lunch!”

But the balloons are just so many
lifting you up and carrying you away
floating above the cool white clouds
that are layered like a parfait

You’re drifting much too far from me
do you see the balloon that’s green?
I think you should pop it open now
inside you might find a dream


There it is mommy!  I found a dream!

She caught a tiny pink shaped cloud
tucked it snug inside her head
I kissed her on the cheek and nose
and left her sleeping in her bed

If tomorrow she still can't sleep
We'll find another dream
They're never far from our reach
Imagination is all that you need.

What a super surprise to find this selected as the Daily.  Firefly and I very much appreciate everyone's likes and comments!
  2d  Isabelle
Ed Coles
Ed Coles
Feb 17

Somewhere, amongst the debris
of cigarettes after sex,
chemicals to induce sleep,
I forgot what it means to love.

I forgot what it means to breathe,
to sit still, and just be.

Somewhere, beneath these hooded seams
of solitude and well-versed grief,
beats a heart less cynical,
less tamed by vague distraction.

My nervous ticks and bad habits,
line of best fit for a near-hit
of satisfaction:

This is not enough, I know.
This is not nearly enough
to cool the bray of life
that still rattles meaning in my bones.

I forgot what it means to love,
what separates a house from a home.

Somewhere beyond this thirst
for brand-new words
is a gratitude for all that has been.
Every cliché holds a truth.

Every sentiment, a cocoon,
that I should lie so still inside

until I am wholesome,
until I am new.

  3d  Isabelle
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
6 days ago

From the last scribble
To the last scrawl

The last storm which lasts
Beyond the last hope in all

Like a lasting song
Or the last lengthy drawl

Let the artist draw last
What is meant to be drawn

At the first moment... And the last. I will find smiles.
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  4d  Isabelle
6 days ago

I am the light
The light is mine
A thousand faces with no shine

Where darkness breaks
All that is true
I've found one light, it's made of you

On pages lost
Through words forlorn
Among the pure stars you were born

In endless glow
Of a bright dome
You've found the road, once torn from home

Road made of gleam
Not dust, wrong turns
Or rooms of unwanted returns

Made of hot suns
Whispering rains
& satellites as passing trains

I was the light
& you were mine
Yet it seems this time we won't shine


5 days ago

Hanggang dito na lang..

Mahal, hanggang dito na lang tayo
Ubos na ang mga luha
At namumugto na ang mga mata
Wala ng magbabago pa, wala na
(Wala na nga ba? Ako ay umaasa pa)
Dahil ikaw ay malayo na, ikaw ay malaya na

Trying hard sa tagalog poem
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