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Someday you will find me..

ig: @isycm
Someday you will find me..

ig: @isycm
15 hours ago

Cut loose the tie
Before everything ends to lie
Don't ever regret it
Some things are not worthy of it

From now on, i do not know you.
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1 day ago

•fig•ment : something made up or contrived
•re•al•i•ty : the quality or state of being real

Dreaming while sleeping, and sometimes awake
Whimsical fancies fueling escape

Wishing is for the uncertainties
Collecting more than three from genies

Checking out my daily horoscope
Astrology might give me some hope

Calling out all the deities I know
Bending my knees, blessings they might bestow

The magic still holds expectations
Of this world its seen from all views

But the signs are unclear, faded
It doesn't feel useful when put to use

And I still await, alone
For something that may just come passing by

Or maybe in the form of an angel
Dancing with howling clouds across the sky

Collaboration with my friend, NB. I'm so happy with this one, thank you for accepting my request!
  1d  Isabelle
Ola Radka
Ola Radka
6 days ago

We all paint our lives.
The mountains of challenges,
The rivers of tears,
The waterfalls of joy.

We mix the colours of sorrow and laughter
And add the colours of experience and the years that passed.
The souls we will always remember
And the moments we will never forget.

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  1d  Isabelle
Dec 26, 2016

S o m e t i m e s . . .
You can't help but look at
        P  I  C  T  U  R  E  S  
                Of Old Dead Tales. .

          "'Coz once upon a time,
 they were captured at the  m o m e n t . .

and it just suddenly  E N D E D,
w i t h o u t     s u b s t a n c e
          living a bad aftertaste,
               that doesn't even
­                            .

12 21 2016
start time: 5 56am
end time: 6 02am
  2d  Isabelle
Robert Haigh

The pen picked a fight with the paper
The four walls looked on in disdain
The pen broke its nib in the caper
But inflicted a horrible stain

The pen lay there battered and broken
The paper had two big black eyes
No words were written or spoken
Which surely should be no surprise

The writer looked downcast and grim
Frustration now welling within
His chair creaked slightly beneath him
His head was beginning to spin

The fly on the wall remained silent
It offered no friendly advice
The scene on the desk had been violent
And the poet was paying the price


  2d  Isabelle
The Faithful Dreamer

He whispered into my soul today,
on this warm Spring day
in January.
To live in the moment.
To enjoy Him in the now.
And not ask questions of the future,
which I do not yet need to know.
My life ahead is in His hands,
and therefore all will be good.
I do not need to see what lies
beyond the bend of this road.

Listen to the birds, He says to me.
Remember that they do not store
for the future or worry.
Feel My Presence in the warm
Winter breeze.
And in the chickadees hopping
within the trees.
Feel the warmth of My love
in the sun upon your face.
Take a deep breath.
Let go.
Live in the moment.
Enjoy Me in the moment,
He gently whispers to my heart.
Walk in step with Me in the present.
Upon the road called Now.
And let My peace and joy
Within you.

He whispered.
Into my soul.

  2d  Isabelle
2 days ago

I find myself staring into space
contemplating assumption of the unknown
A whisper within and my awareness extends
another aspect of my identity has shown

The unknown is not a lie it is simply unknown
Like the truth behind the eyes of a lover
Exclusively yours to cherish or deplore
-That is-
When ultimately the conclusions are discovered

Yet I can't help but believe that science deceives
And emptiness and nothing are lies
The only measurement of success is lost to death
For we are compelled by existence to strive

The ladder of evolution distorts our sights
From limited to limitless we climb by night
A simpleton above, a genius below
We are only limited by what we think we know

The mind may lie but the spirit knows
In dreams I've seen my lives of old
Imprinted attributes of all that I am
Angels, demons, lions and lambs

- In conclusion-
Beyond truth no question remains
Living and dying are one and the same...

Traveler Tim
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