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Someday you will find me.. ig: @isycm Read more
Someday you will find me.. ig: @isycm Read more
Poetic Party Crew....   (143 followers)
This is a group for poets that want to have fun.   You can submit any type of poem. Enjoy life every day.  You only have one life so enjoy it.
Exceptional Poetry   (120 followers)
Unforgettable ink
You Make Me Laugh   (43 followers)
Sometimes things get too dark. Here's a place where you can literally share a smile! :)
A Storm of Words   (130 followers)
Great poems that need more reviews.. Feel free to add your own poems, or the ones written by your poetfriends, doesn't really matter, as long as they're amazing :)))
Impeccable Poetry   (154 followers)
Let Us Free Our Minds And Give Our Poetry Wings. You are most welcome to follow my other collection "Impeccable Poetry - Part II" Thank you most kindly. Rosalie - Lady R.F xxx
All Poetry You Write That You Really Like   (95 followers)
Please post the poems you write that you really like I would love to read them all. Please feel free to post your own.
The Good Stuff   (38 followers)
A collection of poems that are the best from HP
Worthy few words (haiku collection)   (33 followers)
Okay, I agree lengthy is sometimes boring. :) You can share your little poems, particularly haikus here with pride. Give it your shot.Welcome.
Screams louder my silence in the echo of my words.   (6 followers)
This world is freaking beautiful...just kidding. Only you can heal anybody you want, just try to fill their jar of life with a little comforting presence that they need. Pour your sadness and painful memories ...
Reminds Me of You   (92 followers)
Everything that you read/write that reminds you of someone. Happy or sad, both are welcomed. keep it classy. :)
Poetfreaks   (132 followers)
This is more like a family reunion, baby! haha.. How to add a poem to this collection: 1) Follow this collection 2) Visit your poem. 3) There's a + button a the bottom section. 4) ...
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