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Someday you will find me.. ig: @isay_scribbles Read more
Someday you will find me.. ig: @isay_scribbles Read more
Apr 15, 2016

Buti pa ang bank at book may reconciliation
Samantalang tayo, wala naba talagang reconciliation?

the perks of being an accountant, kahit san may hugot talaga..

Her eyes are a metaphor,
   a conceit, fantasy

No shakespearean sonnet
   even a lyric, will suffice
   to describe the elegance she carries

Her smile, the greatest curve,
   all simile will be denied

Haikus and couplets
   even the long ones
   will not be enough

Her laughter is a song,
   a perfect harmony and melody

She is neither a hyperbole
   nor full of irony
   instead she is perfect rhyme

She is a walking poetry
   a personification of aesthetics

Almost an abstract
   unfathomable beauty
   out of the ordinary

So glad I'm able to write this one after a looonnngggg time.

OMG! OMG! I can't believe this was selected as a Daily!!! I am beyond happy!! Never did I expect this to happen. Thank you everyone for taking time to read and appreciate this piece of mine ❤

Again, my overflowing gratitude to all of you
Apr 18, 2016

Monday, oh Monday
How I hate Mondays
Lazy to leave my bed
That's why I came late
Could not keep up with my boss
Could not gather my thoughts
Start the week right,
never a motto of mine
So I guess my whole week be like
A 5 Mondays, and yeah, that doesn't sound fine.

Paradoxically. Happy Monday!
Apr 11, 2016

As the sun is setting
Another day has been endured
Another day has been "lived"
Another day becomes a past

The sunset, it tells us to rest
and tomorrow, let's do our best

As the sun is rising
A new page will unfold
A new flicker of hope
A new life will begin

The sunrise, it brings a ray of hope
promises a beautiful kaleidoscope

Stay positive.. Have a good day everyone ;)
#life   #hope   #positive   #sunset   #sunrise   #goodvibes  
Jun 21, 2016

Luscious lips
Your hands on my hips
My heart beats in skips
I feel your tongue slips

Your kiss
On my lips
On my cheek
Instantly I feel weak

Your kiss
Stop it
Unkiss me

(Unkiss me, untouch me, untake this heart- maroon5.)
Inspired by my chapped lips.
#kiss   #lips  
Jun 10, 2016


Kasalanan bang
Is it wrong,

Humingi ako sa langit ng
To ask the high heavens,

Isang himala..?
for a miracle?

OPm morning! Himala by Rivermaya.. Miracles do happen everyday :)
#song   #miracle   #filipino   #tagalog   #himala  
Jun 25, 2016

Love is the absence of Hate
And hate is the absence of Love
What happens when love and hate collide???

Love and hate. Hate and love.
#love   #hate  
May 5, 2016

Your love is like the sky
Up above so high
I can't even climb

You climb too high, you fall too hard.
You fall too hard, you'll crash into pieces.
#love   #sky  
Nov 21, 2016

I hate hating you
I love loving you

But sometimes,

I love hating you
I hate loving you

But most of the times

No matter how much I hate loving you
I still love loving you

#love   #hate  
Aug 2, 2016

It took me one hundred stupid acts
Before I finally realize that I was indeed stupid

Stupid enough.
Apr 13, 2016

Cupid must have shot me twice
For you have fooled me twice
Damn that arrow
Brings tears and sorrow
Oh stupid cupid
Please take back that damn arrow
And don't shoot my heart again, ever.

Yay. Oh Cupid!
#love   #tears   #sorrow   #cupid   #arrow  
May 4, 2016

Your love is like the sun
It gives me light and warmth
But I can't even come
Unless I choose to burn

Another short write.
#love   #sun  
Apr 10, 2016

Some people are bound to meet each other,
but never destined to be together..

We both thought that we will have a happy ending,
But it was just an "ending"
This ain't a fairy tale
I agree, that life isn't always fair

We may not be together now,
But memories of you, in my heart I still allow
As they always say,
Some people in our lives, are not meant to stay

Still, I am thankful
For I met a person like you
and experienced a once in a lifetime love
Witnessed by the sky and stars above
Our love story will forever linger in the winds
Our laughters will still echo in our minds
Our tears will still pour through the rains
And I will try to keep us, whatever remains
Even just in my memories

Cruel is the game of fate
#love   #together   #cruel   #bittersweet   #fate   #destiny  
Jul 23, 2016

Sa mga sinambit mong salita
Sa mga ngiting ipinakita
Unti-unti, ako'y nabiktima
Unti-unti ako'y nahulog na

Oo gusto kita, pinili pa nga kita
Minahal nga ata kita
Ayoko lang aminin sa sarili ko
Ayoko lang pakinggan ang puso ko

Takot ang nangibabaw

Takot masaktan
Takot maiwan
Takot na maging ikaw ang mundo
Takot na mahalin ka ng todo

Kasi sa pag-ibig, ganoon ako
Buo, buong-buo
Yung wala ng para sa sarili ko
Yung lahat ibibigay ko

Nagustuhan mo din naman ako diba?
Ikaw naman ang unang nagsabi diba?
Ikaw naman ang nagpakita ng interest diba?
Ikaw naman ang nauna diba?

May mga plano na nga ako
Para sa iyo
Para sa akin
Para sa atin

Kasi sa tingin ko handa na ako
Handa na ako

Pero wala
Bigla na lang nagbago
Wala na tayong magagawa
Wala pa ngang "tayo" ay naghiwalay na tayo

Sana totoong nagustuhan mo ako
Sana totoo lahat ng ipinakita mo
Sana totoo lahat ng sinabi mo
Sana, sana, sana

Hindi ako galit sa'yo
Galit ako sa sarili ko
Kasi pinili kita
Kasi nagustuhan kita

Ang huling hiling ko na lang sa'yo
ay sabihin mo na ginamit mo lang ako
baka sakali ay matauhan ako
at ako na mismo ang lumayo

Para sa'yo. Ikaw lang, alam mo yan. Kaya kong maghintay, sabihin mo lang.

Paalam sa ating huling sayaw,
may dulo pala ang langit,
kaya't  sabay tayong bibitaw...
Apr 8, 2016

My mind is wandering
Going to places I've never been
Trying to acquire wisdom
But all I've got is boredom

Procrastination is my enemy
And laziness is envy
I am chasing a dream
Should I wake up now or stay asleep??

May 7, 2016


Naging ngiwi



Wala ng tayo.

Wala lang, kung ano anong naiisip ko.
Apr 16, 2016

isinuot hindi sa ulo
kundi sa puso.

Kung sakaling maaksidente,
sa pag-ibig
di gaano ang sakit
di gaano ang sugat

para sa puso
para di mabasag
para di madurog

para sa puso

kailangan ko
yung matibay
yung di mababasag
para sa puso ko

Kung ano anong naiisip ko. Di makatulog.
Aug 9, 2016

If I run from the other side of the earth
And you run from the other half of it
And then we meet somewhere in between or in the end,
Does we prove that the world is round?

Love, i'd rather believe this,
So that you can't run away from me
My love will be just right inside the circle
No escape,  just a cycle, round and round


Imagine if the earth is flat,
If I walk away to the south
And you walk away to the north
How can we see each other again?
May 3, 2016

Little Star, shine
Show how bright you can be
Show how you light up the dark sky
Shine bright

#star   #cinquain  
Apr 13, 2016

Pain, pain go away
And don't come back the other day
I don't want to see your face again
I don't want to play with you again

Pain, pain go away
You're ruining my day
All I want is to be gay
Please don't come the other day

To the tune of rain, rain go away. Haha
#poem   #pain   #hurt  
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