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BB Tyler Feb 2022
a feeling of the dark belying color
the tension of failure in romance
near unbearable distance between those closest to you
a quiet walk in a garden
broken words unsaid on the ground
that we pretend not to see
absorbed as we were in the flowers
we planted in a
storied bed
inspired by i. tête-à-tête by Melanii
BB Tyler Oct 2021
old hurts like river rocks
out all day in the sun
stay warm at night
under the star vigil
watching the water split
and come together
BB Tyler Oct 2021
and I kissed the leaves
traipsing wanton
loosing something into the night

when your storied words
curled my ear
turn my mind to knowing fright

I left my own understanding of love
in an overgrowth of
thorny lusts and
and in moonlight
healing at your voice

forever not
to be another
wanton traipsing
***** dreamer
but a man
to count his fingers in the dark
BB Tyler Sep 2021
tendrils of bathing mist
preceded steps
and out of the flushing warm to the
waiting, not-yet-waning moon
no pockets with which to keep a word
but on my lips
as locked eye
the moon and I
renewing vows

In the jingle-rattle
old friends
new fruits
and the same two feet
on cold stone
looking up at you and I
what it is to be
what I am
when what I am is
BB Tyler Sep 2021
harvest moon
hidden in the black oaks
on the hill crest
over the ridge-
pieces of a full moon
through the black oaks
reap that we may sow
that we may reap
that we may sow
over and around
the harvest moon comes again
watching us in deep equinox slumber
light to tend our dreamed beds
BB Tyler Sep 2021
strange medicine
not sick, never better
but different
thru induced confusion
out the other side
and ah!
the moon is out tonight
BB Tyler Sep 2021
What has been made is
of every lilting hand
a shape
of light in the

Dusted fingers
holding the clay particulate
mineral map of
star journeys to stretch
as a skin
on a drum
the path of water
in a bowl

Ringing children
tuffs of seed
a basket with bread
and fruit
and a glass jar of water

without pause or plan
the form finds itself
both the handle and the head
of an axe
to make an axe

Of a basket
of a string
such is the way
of being made
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