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Yhinyhin Tan Jun 2019
Everything beautiful
             I showed to them TRANSPARENTLY.
Everything hideous
            I intentionally UNDISCLOSED to them.

           Brutally following
           The TREND of this world,
     But their JUDGEMENT continues
           As if I transgressed
           The DOMINION of the kingdom they ruled.

All I ever wanted is to be ACCEPTED
       All I ever needed is to feel the LOVE,
              but this world DENIED my EXISTENCE
              and they marks my life BELITTLED.

They UNDERSTAND only my songs
       and HELPLESSLY UNHEARD my inner voice.
      They APPRECIATED only my talents
       and couldn't see my TREMENDOUS efforts.

I might have the FAME,
           the WEALTH and the POWER
           But still my soul longs for
           PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and a LOVER.
    Inside of me was full of INSECURITY,
          ANXIETY and SELF-PITY
          and SHOOT! I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE!

The AFTERLIFE awaits me,
              Maybe there, I can find SERENITY.
       A place where no people to please,
              No more hurting feelings
              And geez! No more of me

As the night begin to passby
              I could finally get some REST.
        To all perfectionist out there,
              be GLAD, cause you won't see either
              hear me anymore, ADIOS!

Written by: Yhin2x (Ate Yhin)
All right reserved © 2019

© posted on my wattpad account @ Yhin2x
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Yhinyhin Tan Jan 2017
Hope is unwatchable;
but why we can see it?

Joy is unexplainable;
but why we can share it?
Dream is impossible;
but why some of us can reach it?

Life isn't simple;
but why some of us easily make it?
(They say) Temptation is unavoidable;
but why others overcame it?

Pain is unforgettable;
but why others can forgive it?
Alibi is reasonable;
but why others couldn't trust it?

Evil Things is unacceptable;
but why most of us doing it?
JESUS CHRIST did was remarkable;
but why many of us don't believe it?

062116 / 10:00 pm / Yhin2x
Yhinyhin Tan Jan 2017
A woman without her man.

Is like...
           ... A lyrics without a tone.
           ... A poem without it's  rhyme.
           ... A flower without it's smell
           ... A moon without the stars.

A woman without her man

is the same as...
           ... A math problem without it's  formula.
            ... A sun without its sunlight.
            ... And crying without  any tears at all.

The essence of a woman can be found in the presence of her man.

And here I am,
I'm just a woman without her man.

012017- Yhin2x
  Sep 2016 Yhinyhin Tan
Kit McCartney
It’s a **** shame to keep the fire waiting
Like near rotten lemons and yellow butterflies it turns a distasteful eye
From the former mirrors of rainbow and sunny skies
Making one smell the burn-out as such nuisance to the nostrils that long for the daffodils

Why would someone be dull like the squeaking floor,
That reflects a free bird flying away in the middle of hard rain
Spraying from its wings, droplets of water that one would slip
And fall, that the fire one seek was under one’s feet because of neglect

Then one would say ‘stand up’, but when faced with someone’s back
It would rather seem appropriate to wish the bird goodbye
Or wave and tell yourself a lie,
That it’s truly a **** shame to watch the fire grow small
But more chilling as winter creeps into your forgotten daffodils

And as a coward as one would be, would point a finger to the burn-out
That butterflies within one’s self can only endure as much
Asking whether one’s eyes would leak or crumple the pump that waters your whole

Have someone ever wondered why charcoal looks so dark?
And not the fiery red that it once was
That like the blackhole is ***** the smell of spring or the near rotten lemons of hard rain

Why can’t it be yellow after asunder, or blue like the ocean
As when the fire was still warm
Is it because it’s white like throwing the towel
Or gray, as one just simply closes one’s eyes and feels nothing
From the spaces and the gaps that compresses one’s air

Someday, a bird may fly no more as the flames threatens no more
That the bird would wait for the box as the daffodils wither and die like the fire that waited
And shameful are the horizon that showed no spark to keep it burning
Because the feet slipped and are equally shameful for showing only one’s back
To the flames growing smaller

That while cowardice walks away from the cold
The fire may then rekindle from a different rock, making shame ever so odorous from the former loss
And the butterflies or the daffodils would smell different then
Yhinyhin Tan Apr 2016
I hate myself for wanting you
I hate myself for missing you
I hate myself for letting you go
And I hate myself for leaving you alone.

Because of you, I've learnt to love myself
Because of you, I've learnt to trust myself
Because of you, I have changed for the better
And take the risk even it means of  loosing one another.

And now, everything was gone
It seems like I was shot by a gun.
You're the one who made me feel complete
Yet the reason , why in love -- we skipped.
Yes, I'd rather hide it than to express it.
Ain't gonna lose you, I'd rather lose them than to lose you.
Yhinyhin Tan Mar 2016
"I am from a deep ocean
while you, from the highest mountain.

Your beauty obviously inspired other
While mine, still need to search under the darkness of water.

That sun keeps you more beautiful
and me, I am nothing- I'm just a fool.

That sun got your all attention
for you, she was the best description of a perfection.

And now you fell in love to that sun
that's why, you don't even want her to go down.

Her sunshine keep you no harm
and her presence keep you feel warm.

In a deepest sea, I'm just an ordinary stone,
While she, is like a princess sitting on a throne.

You believe, you destined to be with her and she is to be with you.
but how about my feelings, Will you consider it too?

I must stop now, comparing myself to her.
Cause whatever I do, to you- I don't matter.

So I'd rather stay down in this cold and sorrow sea.
And wait for that someone who will take the risk to pick and see me."

Yhinyhin / 03-16-16 2:16 am
I'll be happy if you and her will be together till the end, I am happy to both of you Basty and Ms. Irah. </3 ^_^ (though its really hurt)
Yhinyhin Tan Dec 2015
Dear my husband to be,
Watch out for those girl who attempts you to be with,
Never let your eyes be blinded because of their sweet kisses.
Never let your body reacted because of their playful touch.
Remind me at all times, be reminded that I am faithfully waiting for you
And keep praying that you may not fall from their beautiful appearance
But yet, they heart and mind is full immoralities.

My husband to be,
I can't wait to see you face to face.
And to meet you in unexpected place.
I hope, we are the same.
Excited to fulfill a thing that is called
Dream wedding.
Pray for me, so I will stay faithful
And I will pray for you,
so that you will remain pure.

That's all!
Sincerely Yours,
So not perfect soon to be wife.
Ano daw? Ewan ko din ba, may maisulat lang eh haha.
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