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Not coming out
Except through
Your fingers ...
Through Your eyes ...
A rainbow,
arched over rice fields
Start croaking...

I Become a mother ...
In A bright Sunny day ...

Illinois cornfield...
too many fireflies at once
too many fireflies...

Oh my little black star!
I know the grooves between your hands...
Smelling you Among my bright motherly clothes
Oh white and free lily,
In my June ...!
The butterfly’s
flaming wings
on the rim of the birdbath...
You are the
Blooming in the wind ...
You are a fetus,
You have not been
In my femininity
womb ...
O my flesh!
O my spring!
And O beyond my
Rainbows dancing
In the glitter of your eyes ...
Oh, my flower of the moon!
Lala, Lala
Dahlia flowers...
The sun is gone
The night has come ...
Lala, Lala
Chrysanthemum flowers,
Coco's chicken will sing again
Lala, Lala Velvet flowers ...
A deer sleeps in the forest
Lala, Lala
The flower of Moonlight ...
A firefly is in the meadow
Lala, Lala
Tulip flowers...
The leopard moaning a lot
in the mountains...
Lala, Lala
Almond flowers ...
Sweet flowers, sleep quietly
Lala, Lala
Zinnia flowers...
My baby can wake up
Spring's entry... ⛅🌿
From a nearby tea grove...
A lady's song fills my cup...

Glass plate,
With apple blossoms 🌼🍎
and rose hips...
Cranes fly south...
To my mother's palm trees...
snowy garden
full of wild apples🍏❄
bare branches...

Apple season, 🍎🌸
The slow ripening
of my womb...

Apple pie,
smells like Muhammad’s hands

Second spring lockdown,
Gazing at the daffodils
From the first one...
Open window,
Under the Silver mulberry tree,
The voice of a srange woman...

Red grains,
From magnolia cones,🌺
Grandmother's beads...

Among the water of 🌊
a fish bowl, 🐟
My first apple blossoms...
🌸🍏🌿 🌸🍎🌼🌸
Disappear into the stars...
⭐🐟⭐🌊🐟⭐🐟🐟 ⭐
فَصلِّ سیب...
بُويِّ دَست هآيِ خوآهَرَم...
بُودِه اي...

۱۱ آذَر
Vomitting up
the words
in the dark...
From the night
That the mouth of
the room
Remained open...
Morning ,
A crow on my chest
was dead...
...خُو گرفت به تآریکي
...از وآپَسین جِرآحَتِ نُور
I pray that...
the smell of your flesh
reaching to me...
دُعآ مي کُنَم
بُويِ تَنَت به مَن بِرِسَد
I pray that...
the fragrance of your breath
reaching to me...
دُعآ مي کُنَم
عَطرِ نَفَس هآیَت به مَن بِرِسَد
And you are the beginning of my
وَ تُو آغآزِ جُنونِ مَن
I am free...
I do not have to obey 🕊☘
Your hair,
Smelling like the sun...
The taste of sweet summer cherries,
Still dancing in the aroma of your eyes...
And brightly colored lilac curtains in your room ...
putting a glass on your table.
The air,
Moving the clouds in your chest...

The light is on...!
The curtain, allows light to enter...

" My Jasmine...!? "
" I love you..."  ( With the sound of laughter ) "

Your voice,
Was a rainbow... 🌈
If the sound was colored...

You are a river...
passing through
my neck...
I have fallen...
Near the daffodil flowers in your eyes...
I will become a thousand small fish...
A thousand trembling goldfish in the pond...
🐟🌊 🐟🐟🐟🌊 🐟🌊

" Oh that blue whirligig!!!
The yellow....!
And the pink one...!
I'm seeing those shiny whirligigs
of your childhood... "
What was the sound of your blowing like?
Your eyes,
giving a thousand colors and memories...

You are floating...
passing through the sound of a woman's laughter...
I will never wear a wedding dress...
To paint on its whites...
I have no child !!!

Oh september!
The end of colored paper...
And the beginning of the blue sun...
You are my mother's breast cancer...
That Growing inside of me...
I thought I was pregnant...
Last night !!!
Touching the curvature of my belly...
From the top of my white knickers
With its bright pink flowers...
When my mother's scarf turns to twenty-nine years old again!

" My Jasmine...?! "
" I love you... "

In illusion,
The voice of a woman...
Calling you...
From afar...

You have reached near the window...
Looking at me...
turning to you...
White lace dress...
Laughter In The Sun....
From the sound of which woman's laughter, am I reaching to you now?
In your ear,
I become a thousand voices...
The play of the sun's rays, On the tip of my brown *******, getting hot...

Closing my eyes...
I always think If I was blind, How could I understand that  the sound of the sea is blue?!
The leaves of the trees are green!?
In glitter...
In the melancholy of the golden leaves of May...
Your face, dancing
Among the glitter of golden winds ...
And the grape leaf,☘
Greeting me...

Thinking of you...
From afar...
How are your hands moving?!
Does my mother's earrings have the yellowness of the sunflowers?
Every sound,
becoming your voice...
Cheese crystals...
Pieces of barbari bread on the table...
The pungent odor of tangerine,
In my mother's hands...
And a tomato...
I'm dying now...!
مَن الآن مي ميرَم...!
But I'm happy That I know you...
امّا خُوشحآلَم که تُو رآ...
In the past and the future...
دَر گُذَشته و آیَنده مي شِنآسَم...
You have been...!
بُودِه اي...!

Narrated by me in persian
:-) 🌸

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The smell of the apple's body...

The sun... ☀️

Dry smell of unripe persimmons
🍅🍁 🍅🍁☘

Among the buttons of my dress...

Folding the sun... ☀️
On the clothesline...
Like The whiteness of the Childhood hands...

A cloud, ☁️
At the top of the mountain...
⛰              ☁️🎈☁️☁️🎈

I'm the length of
the spike wheat... 🌾
And your eyes...
The time of harvesting...

spring equinox, ☘🌸
half the blossoms
already fallen...
I'm in love with a man
From May... ☘☘☀️☘
The sky was bluer than ever...
آسِمآن آبي تر از هَمیشه بُود...
  And I remember all the peach blossoms...
و مَن تَمآمِ شِکُوفِه هآيِ هُلو را به خآطِر دآرَم...
That golden glitter in your eyes...
آن بَرقِ رُوشَنِ چَشم هآیَت...

" You smell like the dust
and all blue jasmines...! "

And I always want spring...
وَ مَن دُوست دآرَم هَمیشه بَهآر بآشَد...
When the bud blooms...
زَمآني کِه شِکُوفِه گُل مي دَهَد...

Blue slickers,
Children growing
In the rain...

After seeing the red carnations ....
The dream of the
White breaths of a lily flower
In the old days of a man...

Being by your side,
Still carrying
The aroma of
Cherry blossoms...
🌸🍒 🌸🍒☘
Your forehead, All the fig trees...
🍑🌳🌳🍑🌳 🌳🌳🌳 ☘🍑

My hand, dropping you
Into the sky... 🎈
Will we get to the summer?
And I don't ask anymore...
Why does my cancerous mother lose her hair?
Why am I not pregnant?
Not feeling the fetus kicking in my womb...
My dress is not blue...?!
After Saadat Abad Street...
At that time,
When my mother's lily petals,
Falling down
On the iranian carpet...

You have been...!
بُودِه اي...!
I got your name
From wheats...
Getting your eyes
From poppy flowers and the sun...
My mother still sings
Over my head...
Over the threeyearold shirt...
Millions of stars and white almond blossoms,
Growing side by side in your black hair...
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh my eglantine flower!
We were created from dust...
Why don't we flourish?!
The walnut tree smiled at us...
The water is...
The air is...
Knitting my heart
In the middle of the wind...
My heart is suspended
With her moving red scarf...
The walnut tree smiled again
It had dried out...
We cried together...
Two teardrops from me...
Two teardrops from walnut tree...
We cried together...
Two teardrops from me...
Two teardrops from walnut tree...
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh my eglantine flower!
Knitting your dress
To play with white and fluffy clouds...
Dancing with rainbow...
Because I know
All the *****
Are fertilized in the
Same short moments of
I don't know about you...
But I will die one day,
With my young,
And beautiful *******...
The olive branches grew old...
They wore beautiful clothes
On me...
Clothes that were not for me anymore...
They have changed the color of the sky...
The thousands balloons
Of mine...
The thousands balloons
Of yours...
The balloons,
Popping among thighs...
Until the children are born sad...
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh eglantine flower!
Oh my eglantine flower!
Comb your hair...
They have not been braided for a long time...
You were running...
Running to the end of the blue scarf...
They have taken your picture
You were a photo...
Oh my eyes...!
My feelings are left somewhere...
In the circle of big rops that I jumped...
Spotted hair in the sunlight...
I didn't hear our laughter
The clothes were soft...
My sister and I will not die?!
Can we play as long as we want?!
And hot August is Autumn for me...
The Autumn winds,
Blowing in my flesh...
The Autumn clouds,
Moving inside myself...
Keeping your childhood's memory...
Your drawing book...
Your green balloons...
Stars and your alphabet
In my womb...
The seeds of your
White jasmine flowers
Are blossoming from my *******...
And I'm pregnant with
All your eyes...
Oh the eyes of the
Wild chrysanthemum!
Oh the eyes of the
Wild chrysanthemum!
Even death will not be my freedom...

نامت را از گندم ها گرفته ام
چشم هایت را
از گل های شقایق و خورشید
هنوز مادرم بالای سرم
آواز می خواند
...بالای پیراهن سه سالگی
از لا به لای موهای سیاهت
میلیون ها شکوفه ی سفید بادام و ستاره شکفته اند
!گل نسترن
!گل نسترن
!ای گل نسترن
از خاک آفریده شدیم
گل چرا ندهیم!؟
...درخت گردو به ما خندید
...آب روشن است
...هوا روشن
قلبم، را بافتم
در میان باد
در تکان خوردن های روسری خواهرم
روسری اش سرخ بود
درخت گردو خندید
او را دیدم
خشک شده بود
...ما باهم گریه کردیم
دو قطره اشک از من
دو قطره اشک از درخت گردو
...ما باهم گریه کردیم
دو قطره اشک از من
دو قطره اشک از درخت گردو
!گل نسترن
!گل نسترن
!ای گل نسترن
پیراهن ات را بافته ام
تا ابرهای سفید و پنبه ای بازی کنی
با رنگین کمان برقصی
چون می دانم تمام تخمک ها
در میان همان لحظه های
کوتاهِ شادمانی
...بارور می شوند
تو را نمی دانم
اما من، یک روز
با سینه های جوان، شاداب
و زیبایم خواهم مرد
...شاخه های زیتون پیر می شوند
لباس های زیبا به تنم کرده اند
لباس هایی که برای خودم نبود
...رنگ آسمان را عوض کرده اند
هزار بادکنک تو
هزار بادکنک من
،بادکنک ها
میان ران های پا می ترکند
...بچه ها غمگین به دنیا می آیند
!گل نسترن
!گل نسترن
!ای گل نسترن
موهایت را شانه کن
خیلی وقت است که دیگر گیس نمی شوند
...تو می دویدی
در انتهای شالی آبی رنگ
تصویرت را ثبت کرده اند
...عکس بودی
...احساس من جایی مانده است
...در دایره ی طناب های بزرگ که پریدم
...موهایی مقطع در نورِ خورشید
خنده هامان را نشنیدم
لباس ها لطیف بود
من و خواهرم می توانیم نمی ریم!؟
تا هروقت که دلمان خواست بازی کنیم!؟
...و مرداد گرم برای من پائیز است
در جسم من می وزد
...بادهای پائیز
در من حرکت می کنند
...ابرهای پائیز
در رَحِم خاطرات بچگی هایت را نگه می دارم
دفتر نقاشی و بادبادک های سبزت را
ستاره ها و حروف الفبایت را
،دانه ی گل یاست
...از نوک پستان هایم شکفته است
و تمام چشم هایت را باردارم
!آخ چشم های گل آهار
!آخ چشم های گل آهار
...حتی مرگ هم آزادی من نخواهد بود
Knitting your muffler
As childhood...
Your black dress smells of me
I can't see the white jasmine flower without you...
"You are a jasmine flower yourself"
"My jasmine flower..."
Oh, my sweet little friend !
Play with me
In the glimpse of childhood memory
Wanting your shoes
Crying to the sun...
Cut my black hair
Turning to a balloon for you
Reaching to the city of you...

شال گردنت را می بافم
...مثل بچگی
پیراهن سیاهت بوی مرا می دهد
نمی توانم گُلِ یاسِ سفید را بی تو ببینم
"تو خودت گُلِ یاسی"
..."تو گُلِ یاسِ منی"
!دوستِ کوچک و شیرینِ من
به یاد بچگی
با من بازی کن
کفش های تو را می خواهم
تا آفتاب گریه کنم
موهای سیاهم را بِبُر
بادبادکی برای تو می شوم
...به شهر تو می رسم
I was a bird
پرنده ای بودم
In the sky
From your eyes...
...در آسمانی از چَشمانِ تو
When you didn't see me flying
در آن هنگام
که پروازم را حس نمی کردی

Why are your eyes so beautiful?!
چرا چَشمانِ تو آنقدر زیباست!؟
That I released the lock of hair
To your wide blue sky...
که من موهایم را
...در آسمانِ پهنِ آبیِ تو رها کردم
Giving you my yellow bangles,
The books of the school to be read,
And painting your smiles blue...
So beautiful have you been,
Not wanting my nakedness,
Not wanting my hair.
Passing your hands
Through all of my dresses.
And blue earrings,
Having the sound of my smiles and yours...
And I only remember your teeth.

النگوهای زردم را به تو می دهم
کتاب های مدرسه خوانده می شوند
و خنده هایت را رنگ آبی می زنم
،تو آنقدر زیبا بوده ای
که برهنگی ام را نمی خواهند
موهایم را نمی خواهند
...چشم های تو زیباست
دست هایت را میان تمام لباس هایم کشیده ام
،گوشواره های آبی
صدای خنده های من و تو را می دهند
و من فقط دندان های تو را به خاطر می سپارم
Jul 2019 · 980
''Post Card''
Your sun is laughing in my heart...
...خورشید تو در قلب من می خندد
Your eyes laughing with me...
...چشم هایت با من می خندند
A light on your lips, maybe
شاید نوری روی لب هایت باشد
I don't know...
...نمی دانم
The sky doesn't smell of you
آسمان بوی تو را نمی دهد
Wanting my young and happy ******* with you
من سینه های جوان و خوشحالم را با تو می خواستم
The frenzy of my eyes, will make you fall in love?!
آیا شور چشم های من, تو را عاشق خواهند کرد!؟
The innocence of your eyes, will take me to my childhood?!
آیا معصومیت چشم های تو, مرا به کودکی هایم خواهند برد!؟
The only place that I can be a bird
تنها جایی که می توانم پرنده باشم
Learning the flying freely!
! آزاد پرواز کردن را یاد بگیرم
I've brought your hands
من دست های تو را آورده بودم
Your eyes laughing with me
چشم هایت با من می خندند
Feeling the greenness of the trees
درخت های سبز را احساس می کنم
leaves, laughing
برگ ها می خندند
and the wind,
،و باد
whispering woefullest season in my heart
غمگین ترین فصل را در قلب من نجوا می کند
The sun, should be yellow?!
خورشید، باید زرد باشد!؟
The white clouds, should be far away?!
ابرهای سفید، باید دور باشند!؟
The air is young for me...
...هوا برایم تازه است
Your hands have two jasmine flowers
دست هایت دو گل یاس دارد
and I will taste them till the end of my life
و من تا آخرعمرآن ها را خواهم چشید
Loving your eyes ''The God of jasmine flower''
'' چشم هایت را دوست دارم ''خدای گل یاسمن
I love your voice and your guitar, the God of jasmine flower...
...من صدای تو و گیتار تو را دوست دارم خدای گل یاسمن من
I will make a balloon for you...
My sister's eyes are smiling
Knowing you in all the rays of the sun
Being alive with you all the times
Giving me flight to the blue skies
with smiling jasmine flowers
with the whiteness of dandelions
and the rainbow of my sister's laughter
How people are more beautiful, there
I will make a balloon for you...
Putting on children's clothes,
We steal all the tears and smiles from them
I'm dreaming,
My sister
falling on the ground
from my father's and mother's hands
Running to her...
Cleaning the dust on her hat and dress
Taking her hands
Walking together
Finding her small hands
in the darkness of my heart, like a light
I'm crying,
Traveling, back to the past
Telling her : you don't know how much
you've grown up now!!!
A time that cannot be repeated anymore...
Friday morning,
Waking up with tears
I'm dreaming...
Siting alongside the flowers with you
I can kiss your lips for the first time
Your eyes are innocent till now, ''my God of jasmine flowers''
I love you
I love you
I love you
Giving your kind heart to God
and never leave you alone
Remembering a beautiful girl
Having black hair
in the scorching evenings of summer
wearing golden earrings
Siting on all the unhappy bicycles and
Making love to them
Not having the warmth of your eyes,''God of jasmine flower''
My mother, laughing at your hands
I love the song of birds...
I will make a balloon for you
under the shadow of the trees
which I've made my house
Somewhere that I've drawn eyes
Now, I'm seeing white clouds, round
Please, do not take pencil and paper from me...

...بادبادکی برایت خواهم ساخت
چشمان خواهرم خندیده اند
در تمام اشعه های خورشید
تو را می شناسم
در تمام زمان ها
با تو زنده خواهم بود
مرا به سوی آسمان های آبی پرواز بدهید
با گل های شاد یاسمن
با سفیدی قاصدک ها
...و رنگین کمان خنده های خواهرم
چقدر آدم ها آن جا زیباترند
...بادبادکی برای تو خواهم ساخت
لباس های کودکانه به تن می کنم
تمام اشک ها و لبخندهایشان را دزدیده ایم
خواب می بینم
از دست پدرومادرم
به زمین می خورد
من به سمت او دویده ام
خاک های روی کلاه و لباسش را پاک می کنم
دست هایش را گرفتم
با هم راه می رویم
دست های کوچکش مانند نور
در تاریکی قلبم پیدا می شوند
...دارم گریه می کنم
به زمان گذشته سفر کرده بودم
به او گفتم : تو نمی دانی
!!! الآن چقدر بزرگ شده ای
...زمانی که دیگر تکرار نمی شود
صبح جمعه
...با گریه از خواب می پرم
خواب می بینم
با تو در کنار گل ها نشسته ام
دیگر می توانم برای اولین بار
لب های تو را ببوسم
چشم هایت تاکنون معصوم بوده اند
'' خدای همیشه گل یاسمن من''
دوستت دارم
دوستت دارم
دوستت دارم
من قلب مهربان تو را به خدا می سپارم
و هیچوقت تنهایت نمی گذارم
دختری زیبا را به خاطر بیاور
که موهایی مشکی دارد
در عصرهای گرم تابستان
با گوشواره های طلایی در گوشش
روی تمام دوچرخه های ناراحت می نشیند
و هم آغوشی می کند
گرمای چشم های تو را ندارد
''خدای گل یاسمن''
مادرم به دست های تو می خندد
...صدای پرنده ها را دوست دارم
...بادبادکی خواهم ساخت
زیر سایه ی درختانی که خانه ام را ساخته ام
جایی که چشم ها را نقاشی کشیده ام
...دیگر ابرهای سفید را گرد می بینم
خواهش می کنم
مداد و کاغذم را از من نگیرید
God creates
The colors are beautiful
I lost the hands of God
Wearing my long blue skirt
My feelings become intense
I'm a young girl
with a round face
My eyes narrow at the corners when they smile
Smiles brought about by a girl and a boy
Passing through all his smiles
Having a smell of my childhood dresses
Similar to all paintings in my drawing book
of that river
Sharp mountain
and ugly crows
''I love you, God of jasmine flower''
No one knows the death of flowers
Just telling that flowers are beautiful forever
and time is the murderer
Wanting my mother's arms
Her ******* are beautiful
I smiled, knowing a pleasure
that will not be in my ****** relationship
The sky smells of death
Last night I dreamed that a flower was dead
I saw death  
Go out of my window
with white curtains
We are playing
Making songs and dancing
Humans didn't accept the dreams
''I love you so much, God of jasmine flower''
and beautiful
Innocent and depressed
His eyes, are
His hands will be for whom?!
Both his eyes flew
One day, all the birds in the sky will grow up
and will have no hands anymore
Your hands have two jasmine flowers
and I will taste them till the end of my life
His eyes are beautiful
I will see the sunset in whose eyes?!
Sewing all the floral white dresses of women, tender
Devoting my eyes to my mother
Giving my heart to my sister
''How much I love your eyes''
Eglantine flower has the most beautiful smiles
The sun is young for me
The God of jasmine flower is happy
A light has remained in my heart
with his leaving
I repeated it, endlessly
and keeping his soul in my heart
Now, he is a happy butterfly
has grown up
Fluttering, slowly
Sitting on all the flowers
It is happy and free
Children and rainbows always follow the butterflies
The death of each flower is not beautiful
''The God of jasmine flower''
Oh, beautiful flower !
Still wearing your childhood golden earrings?!
Your playmates calling you
among scorching summer grass
Do you hear the innocence in children's smiles?!
The jasmine's hair is long and dark
and gone...

خداوند می آفریند
رنگ ها زیبایند
دست های خدا را گم کردم
دامن بلند آبی ام را پوشیده ام
عواطف من زیاد شده است
دختر جوانی هستم
با صورتی پهن
چشمانی که وقتی می خندد
گوشه هایش نازک می شوند
خنده هایی که یک دختر و پسر می سازند
از میان تمام خنده هایش می گذرم
بوی پیراهن کودکی هایم را می دهد
شکل تمام نقاشی های دفترم را دارد
با آن رود
کوهی تیز
و کلاغ های زشت
''دوستت دارم خدای گل یاسمن''
...کسی مرگ گل ها را نمی داند
فقط می گویند برای همیشه زیبایند
و زمان قاتل است
آغوش مادرم را می خواهم
سینه های او زیباست
می خندم
لذتی که در رابطه ی جنسی ام نخواهم برد
آسمان بوی مرگ می دهد
دیشب خواب دیدم که یک گل مرده
مرگ را دیدم
که از پنجره ی اتاقم
با پرده های سفید بیرون رفت
بازی می کنیم
آهنگ می نوازیم و می رقصیم
انسان ها رؤیاها را نپذیرفتند
''من خیلی تو را دوست دارم خدای گل یاسمن''
چشم های او
و زیباست
معصوم و افسرده است
دست های او مال چه کسی خواهند بود!؟
تمام چشم هایش پرواز کردند
روزی تمام پرنده های آسمان بزرگ خواهند شد
و دیگر دست نخواهند داشت
دست هایت دو گل یاس دارد
''خدای گل یاسمن''
و من تا آخرعمر آن ها را خواهم چشید
چشم های او زیباست
غروب را در چشمان چه کسی خواهم دید!؟
تمام لباس های سفید گل دار زنان را لطیف دوخته ام
چشم هایم را به مادرم هدیه کنید
قلبم را به خواهرم بدهید
''چه قدر چشم های تو را دوست دارم''
زیباترین خنده ها را گل نسترن دارد
برایم تازه است
خدای گل یاسمن شاد است
با رفتنش
نوری در قلبم ماند
که مدام تکرارش کردم
و روحش را در قلبم نگه داشته ام
او الآن پروانه ای شاد است
بزرگ شده
که آرام بال می زند
روی تمام گل ها می نشیند
آزاد و شاد است
بچه ها و رنگین کمان ها همیشه به دنبال پروانه ها می گردند
مرگ هر گل زیبا نیست
''خدای گل یاسمن''
! ای گل زیبا
گوشواره های طلایی کودکی هایت را هنوز داری!؟
همبازی هایت
از میان چمن های داغ تابستان
صدایت می زنند
معصومیت خنده های کودکانه را می شنوی!؟
موهای یاسمن بلند و سیاه است
پروانه ها
و رفته اند
May 2018 · 622
Love, this is the home of craggy sorrow
Each bleak house hugs a solitary widow
Waiting more at a pale silent window
Which portends the dead empty path
This carry the northern cold winds
Of early mornings into the gloomy strath,
Folding time, impatience and wrath,
And all day long, become friends
Footsteps' echoes and pattering of little ones,
Nabbing illusions of joyful shades of tones,
And miserable hearts those endowed anxiety,
And eyes, lips and noses always ready to cry,
Yet how they are innocent, ignorant and pretty.
O love, how the untold words are never dry,
And never desert me like the green in a cedar
Everlasting homage to warmth of leaves,
I doubt that my absence should less differ;
I believe when time rashly counts and leaves,
I should feel your waiting when I disappear
Holding close to my soul your rich serenity,
I should roam your world like a dead star;
Long ago vanished, yet glistens bright and clear
Like your sad eyes when full of precious tears
Those guard your peace and banish your fears.

Written by
Jamal Abboud
I fondled you with my hands
I didn't remember my eyes
I forgot my stories
When I felt you in my little heart
I don't know...
The grain field was beautiful in my dreams
My ******* are be beautiful, too
When your lips become golden
I didn't want the sky...

با دست هایم
...تو را نوازش می کردم
چشم هایم یادم نبود
قصه هایم را فراموش می کردم
وقتی که تو را در قلب کوچکم احساس می کردم
...نمی دانم
در خواب هایم  گندم زار زیبا باشد
سینه هایم زیبا باشند
لب های تو طلایی باشد
...من که آسمان را نمی خواستم
Feb 2018 · 653
eyes see
moonly face
misses the knife
In hand
Good intentions
Change hell
Into heaven
Touches soft,
Rough, tough

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Feb 2018 · 482
I try to defend her love
For me against a predator
All she repay was labeling me
With words that pierce into me
As did sun onto a water

Written by
Martin Ijir
Feb 2018 · 483
Are you tired
Are you tired of killing us
Here I stand **** me
Are you tired of maltreating me
Here I stand devour me

How will you reap my flesh
How will you cook my bones
How will you drink my blood
How will you stop my tears

Here I stand presenting the cup of agony
The fountain of happiness flows as I revolt
Use my gift and fetch the drink for thyself
How sweet is the water I give

How bitter is my flesh to you ?
Did you eat my soul ?
Oh no! my soul is a brook of undying peace
Wallowing as daffodils adorned with loving gem

Exchanging hands of friendship beyond earthly rivals
Beyond your evilness and injustice
Your heart is oppressed by our thoughts
Wouldn't you drink our blood again

Wouldn't you **** us again?
Are you tired of your corrupt thoughts?
I thought you prefer to live in the dark
What makes love resides in your heart

Written by
Martin Ijir
Feb 2018 · 486
Pearls of Night
As you come closer to me
I feel the sun so closer to me
The heat is calm by the pearls of night
As volcanoes is extinguished by your warmness sight
Everything becomes transient as moon

For my heart follows heaven's mandate
As everything is chaotic in nature
Where is the sun early in the morning
When its shadow cast as deep in my heart
Hurricanes and earthquakes my heart will stand

Love stings in my heart as fire beetles
As I seek for the water that quench my thirst
The sun is up it is time for we go down
For thy sake I have no place to stay in the heaven
Nor on earth for peace and love resides in heart as light

Written by
Martin Ijir
Feb 2018 · 325
Fresh summer, fresh winter soar in agony
My heart bears grief as a delight song
Out of day and night my plight spray
Trembling in the blood of an innocent being
The joy that flown at night
Came back as sadness at day light
Soaring and roaring like seven market days
Feasting as I tried to reclaim my lost steps
O world, o time o life
I was standing here before

Written by
Martin Ijir
Feb 2018 · 323
Summer ghost
Sweet companion as we always had
The balcony echoed talks as said
Our heart close-keep as we sings
Viewing the universe with wine praises
For we're going to be as less and lad

The summer vanish it is time to go
As my heart dwell as lonely house I know
Your presence furnish my cellar walls
And protect me against my ill falls
Only your heart embrace me as berries brow

Heal my footpath in thy breast shield
And prowl me as your mowing field
For I give my heart as an orchard copse
Waiting for you to reside and water my cups
In this I gain sanity for I shall be healed

The summer star shines at night
Tumble as black bat on my heart
**** the nectar to pollinate a being
As I embrace you as my endless ring
Your thoughts chase me as a ghost

Written by
Martin Ijir
The blue necklace...
The sun
is laughing and shining
Oh God,
Why are you so powerless ?
I implant the fish in the sea
The whales implant the trees in the oceans
My golden earrings were lost
His eyes were not blue
My blue necklace is beautiful
My mother's eyes are more beautiful
for knowing Gandhi as a good leader
And ****** as a bad one
and I'm just scared of fame
The poet stacks on the words
in such a way
that even he himself
doesn't know what is he saying
The society is always colorful
But my eyes are black and white
I was praying for the death of
my mom,
my sister
or me ''Jasmine''
Are The Clouds whiter up there in the sky?!

گردنبند آبی
می خندد و می درخشد
تو چرا هیچ قدرتی نداری!؟
من ماهی ها را در دریا می کارم
نهنگ ها در اقیانوس درخت می کارند
گوشواره های طلایی من گم شد
چشمان او آبی نبود
گردنبند آبی من زیباست
چشم های مادر من زیبا تر است
که گاندی را
رهبری خوب می دانند
و هیتلر را بد
و من فقط از شهرت می ترسم
آنقدر کلمات را
روی هم می چیند
که حتی خودش هم نمی داند چی می گوید
جامعه همیشه رنگارنگ است
و چشم های من سیاه و سفید
دعا می کردم
کاش مادرم مرده بود
یا خواهرم
اون بالا
تو آسمون
ابرها سفید تراند!؟
Jan 2018 · 653
Story of our love
Two young lovers lie facing the moon
As they read lines of my muse passion
In other to discern the secret of my heart
Air of warm kisses kissed their thought
For they never parted not like we're fated to part

As petals of rose withered from my heart
Yet I am sorry to say I love you
For my mind is hungry and wait to devour you
as storm choruses your name into my heart
Maybe dead will be one to separate us at last

As the lilies attract so my love for you shine
jealousy flown away your love for my shrine
No deception for I filled your dream with kisses
As spinning ***** you reoccurred in my heart
I decide to go for the tree of passion will bear no fruit

In my heart I solely love you as a decorated thorns
Running still as water towards a turbine
Generating bewildered lights in our souls
As the energy continues to revamp our love
The springtide will make us fly as doves

Written by
Martin Ijir
Jan 2018 · 12.3k
The Lonely Persian Jasmine
Rivers of Babylon flows on biceps
Hairly face, pin nose of unmade make up
Sparks beauty in her lonely sky face
Which suitors commit adultery in words

For wishes of closeness, I wish in millions in one day
Time only divide us, but our soul are conjugated
On a plain of misty air, how beautiful and sad it is
Our wishes drown us onto the path of loneliness

Did you see loneliness my love ?
But why I can't see it my love ?
How about our God ?
I am in your vast blue sky,
and every night I am sleeping in your warm heart

Filling the gap that resides in me
For all my breathe belongs to you
My days of soil and unsoiled cloaks you in me
I love your hands...دست های تو را دوست دارم for they are divine

In it does the words of love burn like the sun
Making the lonely persian jasmine smile
As the gulf waves secret writing on your heart
I Belteshazzar love the writing till the end of my life

Solemn steel avouch with sun and water
Yet the loose their beauty crying to the air for help
Humans without their eyes are still beautiful
So their loneliness become a persian jewelry

Written by
Martin Ijir
this poem is a collaboration of me with Martin Ijir
he is a real friend for everyone :-) <3
by the way i chose the title ;-)
Jan 2018 · 399
We have found a new land
Come on everyone it is time to go
For our soul will face eternity song
As our strength waxes in pain
We have to be a garland in other's throng
As foxes devour our eyes as did lion

Come on everyone it is time to go
Where social strata and color
Of our skin does not matter
For our religion is buried on the marsh
In this our strength makes us fresh

Come on everyone it is time to go
For our dress shall become sullen as a snow
The best company is strange faces we befriend now
As familiar faces envy my mosaic prowess
As the disregard my plan and hinder the progress

As they stay aback in the land of slavery
For we have no place to reside but be in liberty
Our chrysalis body wipe the blood from our palms
As we sing redemptive songs as David psalms
Come on everyone it is time to go

We shall march in the wilderness of joy
Sweating in sorrow as we build our city
For our wall is build for humanity sake
We solely deserved this without water or cake
Come on everyone it is time to go

We have found a new land
Where God reside with love
For our soul will sing eternity songs
A songs that are undying as hallelujah hymns
Wherewithal our body becomes as cave

Our lips shall sing till earth's evil wall crumble down
For the water shall baptised us as crystal gem
Our dying hope shall grow like date Palm
As stars shall show us the path at night we won't be drown
Come on everyone it is time to go

For moon will provide meal at the day
The magic others abstain shall we practised
The wisdom our father's deprived shall we embraced
For our land shall waxed as honey everyday
Come on everyone it is time to go

A paradise of love our land nourish
Spreading its wings as eagle unleash
Eating the spoils that will habits our land
As peace spray so all embraced
Come on everyone it is time to go

We have found a new land
Where our soul will face eternity song
As our strength waxes in pain
Our social strata and color does not matter
Come on everyone it is time to go

Written by
Martin Ijir
Jan 2018 · 720
I look your face
full of silence commune
Offered by your soul

I watch your hands
Full of the prayers
Offered by your lips

The scent of love
Penetrates deep
Into every cell
Of my body,
Awakening silence,
And I begin to hear
The wonderful music
Of the only song
Sung by God

The silence unites us
And I feel you here
Smelling the kisses
That you left one day
On my forehead !!!

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Jan 2018 · 256
One winter night
You came in my life
when I was cold and alone

you are a gift to me
without any oasis
without any river
without any Orions light
without any sun
you are melting the ice
you're all the music
all the poems and
all the foods
Taste buds
after some guilty pleasures
illicit seduction stunning display
you make me king of your kingdom
Ever since
I have never been the same

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Jan 2018 · 791
I kissed your virgin Mouth
I kissed your ****** mouth
blood came through veins
as river meeting ocean
leaving behind delta in
memorial poetry that
clothed your body

penultimate breaths
touch golden rays of fire
burn words floating on lips
a voice whispers the last prayer
on the mortal barren existence
enveloping warm blood enters in an ear

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Jan 2018 · 222
Gone with the wind
waving good bye
watching tears
Silent tears
So many wishes
I wish he was there
I wish she was there
Soaring chamber
Crying within burning flames
For a moment
laughter changing to sweats
Boiling consciousness
Pleading with the air
Angry with the rain
Searching for a glance of laughter
Impalpable dark shadow
The stars in the blue
Sweet angels will bless
your soul

Written by
Jean C Bertrand
Jan 2018 · 245
Take my heart to the moon
I'll be there I'll be right there
Romantic passion night
Chemistry of night
Bouquets of beauteous roses
At heaven's gate
Waiting for you

Take me before solitude
Let my heart lead the way to the moon
Eagle's eye watching the mystery
Kisses evening romantic essence
Its fragrance illuminating heart dancing
Now I can fly with grandeur
Will you fly with tenderness

Rivers breath sparkling the night
Summers friendly flowers glowing
With pleasure of the rain
A heart filled with love
O take me take me tonight
The stars will shine our hearts
Let my heart takes you to the moon

Written by
Jean C Bertrand
Jan 2018 · 696
So much pain
The river flowed fast in its shallow shadow
Cluster of primroses and wild daffodil waves
As they bloom in undying joy and awful laughter
Caressing breeze forms a ripple in my body

As my eyes caught the shining leaves
as a glass in the sun my ears listen to my heart
How beautiful, beauty clarifies one heart desire to fall
As I walk on the shape, color and texture of her skin

The quiet sound of rippling water screamed
Her mind stirred thoughts of happy love
Is this the lost rib, my heart so inclined
That lifted the river of warm thought in me

Silver sheen of admiration
grows like ***** willows
As I leaned out of the water of thoughts
love sheltered the valley as winter sun

****** of first flowering green so visible
love introduces so much pain in my heart
For it is an empty path that tempts a heart
To climb so fastly instead of slowly

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 464
I met a lady today
Whose face I see in my dreams
Her name is fortune
She wears a beauty that men and
gods becomes confuse

Her virtue is like a torrential river
With an enraging eye and behavior
Her nose inundates the lowland
Her breast brings down trees and buildings

She creates havoc when she passes
Her legs cleanse the land on one bank
And deposit debris on another
Many flees to her direction

As she calms a heart as levees
She drifts heart in stormy weather
Makes you think she is yours
Her deceptive lips makes you hers

As she tease you with glaring beauty
you succumb to her desire hoping she
gives a hand, but she takes the help
for her advantage as she sauntered
away into the dark with her beauty

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 522
Drunken journey
Shocks of ecstasy arouses
My demurring face as a camel
Walking into the storm of desert

The undulating paths swing in agony
As we embraced the brim of Niger sea
The journey to the point of no return

Gnarled us and crooked us in a shackles
Of chained poverty and shared corruption
Locked in a **** of one man's handbags

We still imbue courage as we walk
On the greenish infertile land
Control by family, friends and concubines

Woe to our stool of mystery
As we hope the secret of better life
relies on a selected messiah

It is I, it is we and it is you
That must prevail to slaughter
What imprison us

With a cast of casking ***
The long queues of twenty nineteen
Where our drunken journey ends

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 234
Open Your Heart
Semblance of reality culls
as new cell forms new species curl
The sea side shines beneath
The seashore, laughter fills
An agony heart as a slap on one's face as sun shine

I wish you come out of your pain
And share your heart with me again
For life ends when happiness stops
and death begins when sorrow starts

The rowdy path of marines lifestyle
Moaning the blue sea with calmness
As a cloistered clip I dive out of the box
Breaking the locks of my captivity

Open your heart and feel the fresh air
For you're missing the light that resides
In the dark, extend your heart so I can hold
It is never to late for you to love again

Written by
Martin Ijir
Relish, nourish and Cherish life
Wishes are many but want is one
nobody can replace what you have done
It's all in your mind if you think about it
everyone exists
but still, I feel to know your desire
if I came back
will you understand the depth of thoughts buried in my heart?

mermaid is bearing all the pressures of oceanic water
only to live better before her death
where have gone the rest of world
when I have so mush to breathe to live
where have gone all the songbirds
will you share the oxygen of your lungs
to save the gasping fish before death?

I love to ask you my each question
a pure mixture of prompts that can't take all the credits
since you are a hero to save their lives who come to you
will you teach me to your newborns to swim?

you may fight sharks
but kindness sparks light to come on the surface
will your heart spreads for ice fishing and beer
auspicious sign of love for a cute hen who cannot fly nicely

so touch me not with hands and not with your fingers too
but touch me with your spiritual sacred heart
if I come back
will you understand the depth of thoughts buried in my heart?

memories of dreams often become forgotten in busy life
a nameless thing follows me around like worries of world war

on my mind, voices haunt with its lies like purple twilight
a group of sunset admires left alone in cold winter at a coast
glad you are still here as a brief on the lips of my wish

big dog loves the small dog happily and licks his face
will you forget the past to accept me, all we need is your love
because words are only fruitful if you make me smile brightly

look up the moon and realize how the stars are shining there
allowing each moment to flourish, relish, nourish and cherish life

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Dec 2017 · 248
Speak When Needed
Speak when needed
Silence is language of God,
but does not always mark wisdom

must speak when needed
sunburns, moon smiles
bird encages
trespass boundaries
when heart bleeds
time hard and mean
deer gets frightened
remembering taste in music

when wild wolves race through veins
weave an intricate tapestry against your name

separate gold from gild
friendship is to build
gold never gets tarnished

the strange mind plays anonymous games
so don't allow anyone to take your pictures

disclose Temple
enclose worship and prayer

mercurial muse shouldn't fix in lines
talent is a knowledgeable foundation
you are divine Wordsmith,

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
Dec 2017 · 293
~A warm place
~But the streets await our feet
~Stardust - on our boots
~A soft armchair, checkered plaid,
~A sunny day - in dazzling dreams

~Blood type - on my sleeve,
~My serial number - on my sleeve,
~Wish me luck in battle, wish for me:
~That I do not remain lying in the grass,
~That I do not remain lying in the grass
~Wish me luck, wish me luck!

~And there is a price you pay, but I do not want
~Victory at any cost
~I don't want to put my foot on his chest
~I would like to stay with you,
~Just stay with you,
~But the star high in the sky calls me away
here is the song  ''Gruppa Krovi (Blood type)'' about the Soviet-Afghan War by Soviet band ''Kino''
Dec 2017 · 149
our shifting

Written by
Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Dec 2017 · 175
In her waters
I drop words-ships...
And I travel with them

Written by
Antoaneta Pavlova
Dec 2017 · 193
stars in the river
between them
the lonely moon

Written by
Ivanka Yankova
Dec 2017 · 185
autumn river
the paddle swings
into a sigh

Written by
Srinivasa Rao Sambangi
Dec 2017 · 245
following the sun
beyond the river

Written by
Mihail Buraga
Dec 2017 · 182
noon heat
even a fish in the brook
staying in a shadow

Written by
Tomislav Maretic
Dec 2017 · 170
down the river
scattering among stars
my mom's ashes

Written by
Cristina Apetrei
Dec 2017 · 191
familiar tune
my children's laughter follows
the mountain stream

Written by
Marion Clarke
Dec 2017 · 181
Pregnant Sky
Shady light enslave the world
As mortals seek liberation in the void
Rots of angst hollow in my skull
My extricate goals fail on the podium of time

I am an extricate phenomenon of dismay
Igniting war of starvation as leaves on treetops
The twilight of grass dance swiftly
as my freedom filled the open space of the sky

I am the lost opportunity of future of yesterday
I hardly recall the last day I feed with my family
For sorrow covers my face as a pregnant sky
hoping to give birth to a child without delay

I am a ghost out of a broken coven
Overly speaking words for a new heaven

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 386
How long
How long will I be happy
That I am alive
When injustice
Deprived me of living

I am a living death
For I am a tool of dependency

How long will I be happy
That I am alive
When I cant cater for my life

When my fellow mortals
Cheat and deprived me
Of better live as they trade
My soul on poverty lines

It is better to die
than to fiend on
Path of long pains
Hoping everyday hope
that never comes

Accomplishing nothing
By inflicting pains
To fellow beings
and nature as well

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 460
Life is beautiful
I was in tomb
Engraved with
Beauty I need to
find my way out
Out of the crystal gem
That enchant me

I am in your cocoon tomb
My tombstone needs to be rolled
So I resurrect at the sight of light
That encrust me in the quiet void
I need to encrypt my name in your mind

To unleash the rain in your heart
As I taste the buds that lies in you
You entice me in your tomb
As I stare at you life is beautiful

Written by
Martin Ijir
Dec 2017 · 343
The land is soaked with blood
The sand is soaked with tears
How many barrels of blood must be spilled
to know that so many souls are gone?
How many basins of tears does it take
to have more than enough tears?

I am the voice of the little child
crying in the wilderness
I want to caress the flowers that spring
out of the ground of my homeland
I want to watch the ripples when rain falls
I want to play with my mates on the sand
along Chu Ngoke street
I want to sit at home and watch my parents
returning from a bountiful yam harvest
I want to stand at the playground and watch the
traditional wrestling
I want to hear the sounds of Egelege and Egoni
talking drums reminding me of yesterday
and a great future ahead
I want to chase away goats from eating the
maize in my mother's garden
I want to open my mother's ***
and pick a meat out of the soup
I want to see my homeland
Sweet little home of ours
Please take me back to Alode
Please take me back to Alode

I am the voice of a man
Whose hope lies in shackles
Whose homeland lies in broken images
A town deserted and forgotten
I am tired of begging for crumbs
When my barn is filled with yam
Mudskippers can still be found in our swamps
Please take me back to Alode
I don't want to die in another man's land
I want to die in Alode, somewhere in Eleme
I want to be buried near the grave of my father
and see my ancestors usher
me home with a shining crown
Take me back home
Take me back home

Take me back to Alode
Let me see beautiful women that
toss about the streets
Let me admire their buttocks
Let me stare at their *******,
those two round objects protruding out
of their clothes, ******* that
could make me feel like a child again
Let me kiss Nyime Owa Eleme, that beautiful
lady of my dream
Let me lay her down on my bedside and
make life worthwhile
I want to go back home and see
the sunshine with it's illuminous rays
and the tender droplets of the rain
Oh Please take me back to Alode
Please take me back to Alode

Take me back to Alode
Let me touch your borders
From Alesa to Ogale
From Echieta to Onne and
From Ebubu to the Onu Nmu where they say
the hands cannot reach
I want to touch the land of Alode
I want to touch the Eleme soil
I want to touch the soft green grasses of home

Written by
Jonah Okpabi
Dec 2017 · 339
Heaven loose
My love for you is heaven loose
Chasing me like a tempest breeze
Chasing feverish clime as a quiet sand
I am into you like moon in the sky

Bid and bond me in a blurred by
So I see the star that stir your heart
As I climbed the stairs ignition start
revving the engine of my heart

To publish your thoughts
As it looms me as ghosts
The holy grail thrill my soul
Like pomegranate I need you

Written by
Martin Ijir
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